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BUCLD 45: Proceedings of the 45th annual
Boston University Conference on Language Development

edited by Danielle Dionne and Lee-Ann Vidal Covas

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Front cover image   ix + 859 pages (2-volume set)
publication date: 2021

ISBN 978-1-57473-067-8 paperback, $88.00


This two-volume set includes presentations from the 45th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development, held November 2020.

The entire proceedings is also available directly from this page with open access. The pdf file for each paper is identical to the printed edition. You can search the entire proceedings here using Google.

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Volume 1

    Danielle Dionne and Lee-Ann Vidal Covas
    ix (complete pdf)

What Are You Looking At? Using Eye Tracking Glasses to Monitor Toddler Attention in Natural Learning Situations
    Nicole Altvater-Mackensen
    1-13 (complete pdf)

Sentence Repetition Task as a Measure of Language Dominance
    Maria Andreou, Jacopo Torregrossa, and Christiane Bongartz
    14-25 (complete pdf)

German Stop Contrasts Are Hypoarticulated in Infant-Directed Speech
    Dinah Baer-Henney and Charlotte von Kries
    26-39 (complete pdf)

Number Mismatch and Intervention in the Absence of Lexical Restriction: An Investigation of celui/celle Headed Relatives in French
    Anamaria Bentea and Stephanie Durrleman
    40-51 (complete pdf)

Infant Temperament and Parental Aggravation Predict Vocabulary Growth through Age Nine
    Zachary Bergson and Patricia J. Brooks
    52-65 (complete pdf)

Small Big Flowers or Small and Big Flowers? Simple Is Better and Roll-Up Is Too Complex for Romanian 5-Year-Olds
    Adina Camelia Bleotu and Tom Roeper
    66-79 (complete pdf)

Associations between Manual Dexterity and Language Skills Persist into Adulthood
    Patricia J. Brooks, Rita Obeid, and Alexandria Garzone
    80-93 (complete pdf)

Characterizing Developmental Trajectories in L1 Production of Bangkok Thai Tones
    Francesco Burroni, Praneerat Panpraneet, and Chutamanee Onsuwan
    94-107 (complete pdf)

Does Bilingual Education Benefit the Social and Cognitive Development of Monolingually-Raised Children? Evidence from a Longitudinal Study
    Gloria Chamorro and Vikki Janke
    108-119 (complete pdf)

Maternal Repetition and Expansion of Child Utterances at the Outset of Combinatorial Speech Promote Growth in MLU
    Elizabeth S. Che and Patricia J. Brooks
    120-133 (complete pdf)

Quantifier-Spreading under Negation
    Fulang Chen, Leo Rosenstein, and Martin Hackl
    134-145 (complete pdf)

Processing Factors and Syntactic Choice in Mandarin Child and Caregiver Speech
    Jidong Chen, Gan Fu, Shu Yang, and Bhuvana Narasimhan
    146-156 (complete pdf)

Language Development in Southern Varieties of American English
    Christiana Christodoulou and Ianthi Maria Tsimpli
    157-170 (complete pdf)

Phonologically Cued Lexical Anticipation in L2 English: A Visual World Eye-Tracking Study
    Katrina Connell, M. Gabriela Puscama, Joana Pinzon-Coimbra, Julia Rembalsky, Gloria Xu, Jorge R. Valdés Kroff, María Teresa Bajo Molina, and Paola E. Dussias
    171-183 (complete pdf)

Effects of African American Mothers' Language to Their Preschool Children on Later Reading Outcomes
    Peter de Villiers, Ran Yan, Lissandra Camacho, Asha Reed-Jones, Braina Peter's, Shabathyah Charles, Nyla Conaway, Ellory Doyle, and Dorithy Barnieh
    184-190 (complete pdf)

Infants' Rule Generalization Is Governed by the Tolerance Principle
    Emeryse Emond and Rushen Shi
    191-204 (complete pdf)

Relation of Infants' and Mothers' Pointing to Infants' Word Comprehension and Latency to Find Referents
    Sura Ertaş, Sümeyye Koşkulu, Ebru Ger, and Aylin C. Küntay
    205-216 (complete pdf)

From Babbling to First Words: Phonological or Lexical Selection?
    Suzanne V.H. van der Feest, Hoyoung Yi, and Barbara L. Davis
    217-230 (complete pdf)

How L1 Acquisition in Situations of Contact Drives Long-Term Language Change
    Hannah Forsythe and Grant Rodgers Kemp
    231-244 (complete pdf)

Parser Immaturity and the Processing of Ambiguous Relative Clauses in Brazilian Portuguese
    Iolanda Góes and Elaine Grolla
    245-258 (complete pdf)

Children's Comprehension of Two-Level Possessives in Japanese and English
    Diego Guerrero, Terue Nakato, Joonkoo Park, and Thomas Roeper
    259-275 (complete pdf)

Acquisition of Numerals, the Natural Numbers, and Amount Comparatives
    Martin Hackl, Ella Apostoaie, and Leo Rosenstein
    276-289 (complete pdf)

Acquisition of Belief Reports by Mandarin-Speaking Children
    Valentine Hacquard, Yu'an Yang, and Jeffrey Lidz
    290-303 (complete pdf)

Interaction of Lexical and Morphological Aspect in L1 English L2 Spanish
    Jeanne Heil
    304-317 (complete pdf)

DLD and ALI Language Profiles Are Not the Same: Evidence from Mandarin Wh-Words
    Rui Huang, Jeannette Schaeffer, and Xiaowei He
    318-331 (complete pdf)

Norm-Based Expectations Affect Children's Understanding of Verbal Irony
    Vera Hukker, Simone Sprenger, and Petra Hendriks
    332-345 (complete pdf)

How Do Construction Frequency Effects Modulate L2 Priming?
    Irati Hurtado and Silvina Montrul
    346-359 (complete pdf)

Parents' and Children's Production of English Negation
    Masoud Jasbi, Annika McDermott-Hinman, Kathryn Davidson, and Susan Carey
    360-373 (complete pdf)

Is Categorical Perception for Phonemes Adult-Like by 6 Years of Age? Phoneme Identity and Reaction Time in the Flower Crown Task for Multilingual Children in Singapore
    Han Ke, Lei Pan, Beth Ann O'Brien, and Suzy J. Styles
    374-385 (complete pdf)

Exhaustive Pairing Errors in Passives
    Jelle Kisjes, Bart Hollebrandse, and Angeliek van Hout
    386-398 (complete pdf)

Genericity Signals the Difference between each and every in Child-Directed Speech
    Tyler Knowlton and Jeffrey Lidz
    399-412 (complete pdf)

Volume 2

Lexical Priming as Evidence for Language-Nonselective Access in the Simultaneous Bilingual Child's Lexicon
    Elly Koutamanis, Gerrit Jan Kootstra, Ton Dijkstra, and Sharon Unsworth
    413-430 (complete pdf)

Learning ASL as a Late Second Language Depends on the Strength of the First Language Foundation
    Kaj Kraus and Deanna Gagne
    431-448 (complete pdf)

Children's Interpretation of Additive Particles mo 'also' and also in Japanese and English
    Hisao Kurokami, Daniel Goodhue, Valentine Hacquard, and Jeffrey Lidz
    449-461 (complete pdf)

The Acquisition of Recursive Possessives in Child Tamil
    Usha Lakshmanan
    462-470 (complete pdf)

The Distributional Learning of Recursive Structures
    Daoxin Li, Lydia Grohe, Petra Schulz, and Charles Yang
    471-485 (complete pdf)

Unaccusativity in Mandarin Child Language
    Kai-ying Lin and Kamil Ud Deen
    486-498 (complete pdf)

The Development of Object Shift in Icelandic Child Language
    Filippa Lindahl and Sigríður Sigurjónsdóttir
    499-512 (complete pdf)

Non-Actional Passives Can Be Comprehended by 4-Year-Olds
    Adam Liter and Jeffrey Lidz
    513-527 (complete pdf)

Iconic Sentences Are Not Always Easier: Evidence from Bilingual Greek-German Children
    Christos Makrodimitris and Petra Schulz
    528-541 (complete pdf)

Referential Pacts with Preschoolers Maximize Testable Words and Reveal Changes in Construal
    Kristie McCrary Kambourakis and Sarah Creel
    542-553 (complete pdf)

Children's Asymmetrical Responses and the Incorrect Association of Focus Particles in Japanese Right Dislocation
    Riho Mochizuki, Hiroyuki Shimada, and Kyoko Yamakoshi
    554-567 (complete pdf)

Adaptation to Atypical Contrastive Accent: The L2 Advantage
    Chie Nakamura, Jesse A. Harris, and Sun-Ah Jun
    568-583 (complete pdf)

The Development of DATIVE Arguments: Evidence from Modern Greek Clitics
    Despina Oikonomou, Elena Anagnostopoulou, and Vina Tsakali
    584-597 (complete pdf)

Changes in Parental Input Patterns of Wh-Questions
    Yuriko Oshima-Takane and Polina Titova
    598-611 (complete pdf)

Studying a Bilingual Population's Production and Comprehension of Relative Clauses Longitudinally: Preliminary Results
    David Öwerdieck, Cornelia Hamann, and Lina Abed Ibrahim
    612-625 (complete pdf)

Positive Effects of Bilingualism on Social Cognition in Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Study of Social Exclusion and Theory of Mind
    Eleni Peristeri, Ianthi Maria Tsimpli, and Stephanie Durrleman
    626-638 (complete pdf)

Repairing Word-External Onsetless Syllables during Late Childhood
    Gemma Repiso-Puigdelliura
    639-651 (complete pdf)

The Late Acquisition of Brazilian Portuguese Subject Bare Singulars
    Raíssa Santana and Elaine Grolla
    652-665 (complete pdf)

Pragmatic Effects on the Learnability of Evidential Systems
    Dionysia Saratsli and Anna Papafragou
    666-678 (complete pdf)

A Bayesian Simulation of Clause-Level Constructional Knowledge in Child Language Development: Active Transitives and Suffixal Passives in Korean
    Gyu-Ho Shin and Seongmin Mun
    679-692 (complete pdf)

The Relationship between Second-Language Learners' Production and Perception of English Vowels: The Role of Native-Like Acoustic Correlates
    Jae Yung Song and Fred Eckman
    693-706 (complete pdf)

Children's Sensitivity to Prosody and Ostension in Answers to Wh-Questions
    Bethany Stoddard and Jill de Villiers
    707-720 (complete pdf)

The Developmental Interplay of OR and AND
    Vina Tsakali
    721-734 (complete pdf)

Asymmetry between Person and Number Features in L2 Subject-Verb Agreement
    Shigenori Wakabayashi, Takayuki Kimura, John Matthews, Takayuki Akimoto, Tomohiro Hokari, Tae Yamazaki, and Koichi Otaki
    735-745 (complete pdf)

Grammatical Gender Acquisition in German: Three-Year-Old Children Use Phonological Cues to Learn the Gender of Novel Nouns
    Annie Walter, Tom Fritzsche, and Barbara Höhle
    746-760 (complete pdf)

The Acquisition Path of 'High' Negation in English
    Rebecca Woods and Tom Roeper
    761-775 (complete pdf)

Complement Control in Early Child Grammar: A Study of Mandarin-Speaking Two-Year-Olds' Comprehension
    Jingying Xu, Xiaolu Yang, and Rushen Shi
    776-789 (complete pdf)

Are Refugee Bilingual Children Disadvantaged in Their Cognitive and Linguistic Abilities?
    Özlem Yeter, Hugh Rabagliati, and Duygu Özge
    790-804 (complete pdf)

Structures of Function Words Guide Mandarin-Learning 19-Month-Olds in Backward Syntactic Categorization
    Yuanfan Ying, Xiaolu Yang, and Rushen Shi
    805-817 (complete pdf)

Processing Causatives in First Language Acquisition: A Computational Approach
    Guanghao You, Moritz M. Daum, and Sabine Stoll
    818-828 (complete pdf)

4- and 5-Year-Olds Use Mental Models of Events in Online Reference Resolution
    Amanda Rose Yuile and Cynthia Fisher
    829-844 (complete pdf)

Caregiver-Reported Pronominal Errors Made by Children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Emily Zane, Sudha Arunachalam, and Rhiannon Luyster
    845-859 (complete pdf)

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