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BUCLD 44: Proceedings of the 44th annual
Boston University Conference on Language Development

edited by Megan M. Brown and Alexandra Kohut

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Front cover image   ix + 758 pages (2-volume set)
publication date: 2020

ISBN 978-1-57473-057-9 paperback, $84.00


This two-volume set includes talks and posters from the 44th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development, held November 7-10, 2019.

The entire proceedings is also available directly from this page with open access. The pdf file for each paper is identical to the printed edition. You can search the entire proceedings here using Google.

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Volume 1

    Megan M. Brown and Alexandra Kohut
    ix (complete pdf)

Language Assessment of Bilingual Arabic-German Heritage and Refugee Children: Comparing Performance on LITMUS Repetition Tasks
    Lina Abed Ibrahim, Cornelia Hamann, and István Fekete
    1-17 (complete pdf)

Understanding Is (Understanding by) Seeing: Visual Perception Verbs in Child Language
    Norielle Adricula and Bhuvana Narasimhan
    18-27 (complete pdf)

Anaphoric that: Difference between Adults and Children
    Dorothy Ahn and Sudha Arunachalam
    28-39 (complete pdf)

The Impact of Bilingualism on Theory of Mind and Executive Functions in TD and ASD
    Eleni Baldimtsi, Eleni Peristeri, Ianthi Maria Tsimpli, and Stephanie Durrleman
    40-52 (complete pdf)

Parents as Partners: The Early Identification of Children at Risk of Developmental Language Disorders Using Valid Parent Questionnaires
    Roxanne Bélanger, Chantal Mayer-Crittenden, and Michèle Minor-Corriveau
    53-62 (complete pdf)

Delayed Language Exposure Has a Negative Impact on Receptive Vocabulary Skills in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children despite Early Use of Hearing Technology
    Emily Carrigan and Marie Coppola
    63-76 (complete pdf)

The Acquisition of Mandarin Relative Clauses and Binding by Heritage Speakers and Second Language Learners
    Chung-yu Chen
    77-90 (complete pdf)

Comprehending and: The Acquisition of English Conjunction in Child Language
    Sherry Yong Chen, Filipe Hisao Kobayashi, Loes Koring, Cory Bill, Leo Rosenstein, and Martin Hackl
    91-104 (complete pdf)

Pronoun Advantage in L2 Relative Clause Processing
    Jinsun Choe and Kamil Ud Deen
    105-113 (complete pdf)

Grammatical Principles Guide Infants' Interpretation of Noun Phrase References
    Emeryse Emond and Rushen Shi
    114-127 (complete pdf)

Second Language Learning in Early Childhood: Creating a Language Intervention for Infant Education Centers in Madrid
    Naja Ferjan Ramírez and Patricia K. Kuhl
    128-139 (complete pdf)

Resolving Pronouns with Multiple Cues: Children Use Pragmatics before Morphology
    Hannah Forsythe
    140-153 (complete pdf)

Investigating the Hypothesis Space for Children's Interpretations of Comparatives
    Megan Gotowski and Kristen Syrett
    154-167 (complete pdf)

Bayesian Analysis as Alternative to Frequentist Methods: A Demonstration with Data from Language-Impaired Children's Relative Clause Processing
    Yair Haendler, Romy Lassotta, Anne Adelt, Nicole Stadie, Frank Burchert, and Flavia Adani
    168-181 (complete pdf)

Long-Distance Wh-questions in French Children: Revisiting Computational Complexity
    Bart Hollebrandse, Stéphanie Durrleman, Luigi Rizzi, and Angeliek van Hout
    182-190 (complete pdf)

Singing Facilitates Word Learning and Memory
    Dominique Horn, Peyton Jennings, Tatiana Mcgraw, Peng Zhou, and Weiyi Ma
    191-195 (complete pdf)

Examining the Effect of Structural Priming on Three Different Populations: Spanish Native Speakers, Spanish L2 Learners, and Spanish Heritage Speakers
    Irati Hurtado and Silvina Montrul
    196-209 (complete pdf)

Word Order and Information Structure in Russian as a Heritage or Second Language
    Tania Ionin, Maria Goldshtein, Tatiana Luchkina, and Sofya Styrina
    210-223 (complete pdf)

No Revision Required, Still Difficult to Interpret: Japanese Children's Comprehension of Verb-Initial Passives
    Megumi Ishikawa, Takane Ito, and Takuya Goro
    224-237 (complete pdf)

The L1 Acquisition of Dislocation in French: A Usage-Based Analysis of Information Structure
    Morgane Jourdain, Emmanuelle Canut, and Karen Lahousse
    238-251 (complete pdf)

A Multiple Cue Explanation of Collective Interpretations with each
    Anna de Koster, Jennifer Spenader, Jakub Dotlačil, and Petra Hendriks
    252-265 (complete pdf)

The Emergence of Full and Reduced Clefts in French L1
    Karen Lahousse and Morgane Jourdain
    266-279 (complete pdf)

Speech Rates Differentiate Nouns and Verbs in Child-Surrounding and Child-Produced Speech: Evidence from Chintang
    Nicholas A. Lester, Balthasar Bickel, Steven Moran, and Sabine Stoll
    280-293 (complete pdf)

Acquisition of Recursion in Child Mandarin
    Daoxin Li, Xiaolu Yang, Thomas Roeper, Michael Wilson, Rong Yin, Jaieun Kim, Emma Merritt, Diego Lopez, and Austin Tero
    294-307 (complete pdf)

Learning Words with Lexical Tone: Is Manipulation of Attentional Focus Beneficial?
    Wenyi Ling and Theres Grüter
    308-321 (complete pdf)

Late Intervention Effects in the Acquisition of Mandarin Sluice-like Constructions
    Minqi Liu, Nina Hyams, and Victoria Mateu
    322-335 (complete pdf)

Environmental Factors and Sentence Complexity in Child Second Language Acquisition
    Susan Logue, Christina Sevdali, Raffaella Folli, and Juliana Gerard
    336-348 (complete pdf)

Parental Language, Functional Utterance Type, and Play Context Impact Children's Usage of an Endangered Ancestral Language
    Cass Lowry, Peri Yuksel, and Patricia J. Brooks
    349-362 (complete pdf)

Volume 2

How Do Children Become Flexible in Their Use of Grammatical Categories? The Aspect Hypothesis Revisited
    Jekaterina Mažara and Sabine Stoll
    363-375 (complete pdf)

The Interaction of Morphological Cues in Bilingual Sentence Processing: An Eye-Tracking Study
    Natalia Meir, Olga Parshina, and Irina A. Sekerina
    376-389 (complete pdf)

Mandarin-Learning Two-Year-Olds' Online Processing of Classifier-Noun Agreement
    Miao Miao, Xiaolu Yang, and Rushen Shi
    390-401 (complete pdf)

The Meaning of Case: Morphosyntactic Bootstrapping and Icelandic Datives
    Iris Nowenstein, Sigríður Sigurjónsdóttir, Charles Yang, Anton Karl Ingason, and Joel Wallenberg
    402-415 (complete pdf)

Using SEM to Identify Direct and Indirect Influences on Cognitive and Language Development of Toddlers from Low-Income Families
    Teresa M. Ober and Patricia J. Brooks
    416-429 (complete pdf)

Acquisition of Perspective and Empathy Verbs in Japanese
    Akari Ohba and Kamil Ud Deen
    430-443 (complete pdf)

L2 Acquisition of the Specificity of Japanese Numeral Quantifiers
    Tokiko Okuma
    444-456 (complete pdf)

The Input to Verb Learning in Japanese: Picture Books for Syntactic Bootstrapping
    Naho Orita, Asumi Suzuki, and Yuichiro Matsubayashi
    457-464 (complete pdf)

The Ergative Subject Preference in the Acquisition of Wh-questions in Tongan
    Koichi Otaki, Manami Sato, Hajime Ono, Koji Sugisaki, Noriaki Yusa, Soana Kaitapu, 'Ana Heti Veikune, Peseti Vea, Yuko Otsuka, and Masatoshi Koizumi
    465-478 (complete pdf)

The Relative Scope of Connectives and Negation in Japanese Children
    Shuki Otani, Andreea C. Nicolae, Mana Asano, Yoichi Miyamoto, and Kazuko Yatsushiro
    479-491 (complete pdf)

The Development of a Sense of an Ending
    Raymond Patt, Laura Wagner, and Sudha Arunachalam
    492-502 (complete pdf)

On the Generality of the Agent-First Strategy
    Tetsuya Sano
    503-507 (complete pdf)

Resultative Event Representations in Dutch Children and Adults: Does Describing Events Help Memory?
    Miguel Santín, Ciara Hobbelink, Monique Flecken, and Angeliek van Hout
    508-521 (complete pdf)

Child Cross-linguistic Influence and Adult L1 Transfer: Same or Different?
    Jeannette Schaeffer, Sanne Berends, Aafke Hulk, and Petra Sleeman
    522-532 (complete pdf)

A Noisy Channel Model for Systematizing Unpredictable Input Variation
    Jordan J. Schneider, Laurel Perkins, and Naomi H. Feldman
    533-547 (complete pdf)

Children Are Sensitive to the Default Verb Order in German Subordinate Clauses: Evidence from 'because' Clauses in Spontaneous Speech
    Petra Schulz and Emanuela Sanfelici
    548-561 (complete pdf)

Tense and Finiteness in Contemporary Child Pidgin (Hawai'i Creole): Distinguishing between Developmental Language Disorder and Language Difference
    Bethany Faye Schwartz, Christine E. Fiestas, and Theres Grüter
    562-571 (complete pdf)

Hierarchical Structure Dependence in Infants at the Early Stage of Syntactic Acquisition
    Rushen Shi, Emeryse Emond, and Sophia Badri
    572-585 (complete pdf)

The Agent-First Strategy and Word Order: Children's Comprehension of Right Dislocations and Clefts in Japanese
    Hiroyuki Shimada, Yuko Masaki, Rika Okada, Akari Ohba, Kanako Ikeda, and Kyoko Yamakoshi
    586-595 (complete pdf)

Children Need More Information for Comprehension: Limits on the Agent-First Preference in Korean
    Gyu-Ho Shin, Kamil Ud Deen, and William O'Grady
    596-605 (complete pdf)

Contact without Contact: English Digital Language Input and Its Effects on L1 Icelandic
    Sigríður Sigurjónsdóttir, Iris Nowenstein, Thorbjörg Thorvaldsdóttir, and Dagbjört Guðmundsdóttir
    606-619 (complete pdf)

Socioemotional Wellbeing Influences Bilingual and Biliteracy Development: Evidence from Syrian Refugee Children
    Adriana Soto-Corominas, Johanne Paradis, Redab Al Janaideh, Irene Vitoroulis, Xi Chen, Katholiki Georgiades, Jennifer Jenkins, and Alexandra Gottardo
    620-633 (complete pdf)

Are Universal Quantifier Errors and Errors with only Related?
    Jennifer Spenader, Anna de Koster, Bart Hollebrandse, and Petra Hendriks
    634-647 (complete pdf)

The Acquisition of Prosodic Focus-Identification: The Role of Variation in Focus-Marking
    Balázs Surányi and Lilla Pintér
    648-661 (complete pdf)

Are Infants Sensitive to Informant Reliability in Word Learning?
    Alayo Tripp, Naomi Feldman, and William Idsardi
    662-676 (complete pdf)

The Pragmatics of Wh-in-situ Questions in Brazilian Portuguese: Data from Child and Adult Language
    Clariana Vieira and Elaine Grolla
    677-690 (complete pdf)

Scalar Implicatures and Children's Logical Reasoning
    Renato Caruso Vieira
    691-702 (complete pdf)

The Task Clears the Path for Comprehension: The Acquisition of Case in Russian
    Sofja Volkova, Raffaella Folli, Christina Sevdali, and Juliana Gerard
    703-716 (complete pdf)

Spontaneous Production of Adjectival Resultatives and N-N Compounds in Child English
    Shuyan Wang, Yasuhito Kido, and William Snyder
    717-723 (complete pdf)

Not Everything Needs to Be Big or Small: Evidence from Children's Interpretation of Vague Adjectives
    Merle Weicker and Petra Schulz
    724-737 (complete pdf)

Development of Syntax-Discourse Interface Knowledge in 3- to 6-Year-Old Mandarin Chinese Speaking Children
    Yuan Xie, Sergey Avrutin, and Peter Coopmans
    738-748 (complete pdf)

The Acquisition of Argument-Roles in Nominalizations
    Kazuko Yatsushiro and Artemis Alexiadou
    749-758 (complete pdf)

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