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FAQ list for Cascadilla Press

The following are answers to frequently asked questions for Cascadilla Press. We've divided the questions into general sections, and we will continue to add FAQ pages to our site. If you have a question which isn't answered here, please let us know!

General information about Cascadilla Press

How do I contact Cascadilla Press?
How should Cascadilla Press books be cited in publications?
What is your privacy policy?
What is your federal ID number?
Is Cascadilla Press an independent company?
Where does the name "Cascadilla" come from?

Buying from Cascadilla Press

What's the best way to place an order?
Do you offer discounts?
Do you offer examination copies for possible course adoption?
What are your shipping rates?
Why are your shipping rates different from the actual postage on the package?
When will my order be shipped?
When will my order arrive?
What if I need my order shipped overnight?
Can I pick up my order?
How do I return an item?
What's the best way to pay for something?

Information for resellers

Do you accept purchase orders, or do you require prepayment?
How should we send you our purchase order?
Can resellers order through your web site?
What is your discount schedule for resellers?
How do you ship items to resellers?
How quickly do you process orders from resellers?
Do you accept returns from resellers?
Do you accept advance orders for books not yet published?
Do you accept standing orders for book series?
What should we do if we receive a defective item?
What should we do if we receive a damaged item?
What should we do if an order does not arrive?

Submitting a manuscript to Cascadilla Press

What sorts of book manuscripts are you looking for?
Do you publish textbooks and workbooks?
Do you publish books written in languages other than English?
Are you looking for new software or games?
What information should I put in my proposal?
Where should I send my proposal?
Will you consider a manuscript submitted to other publishers?

About conference proceedings

What are the differences between conference proceedings and fully edited books?

Copyrights and coursepacks

What does the year on a copyright notice mean?
Who owns the copyright on a work published by Cascadilla Press?
Who should I ask for permission to quote from a book published by Cascadilla Press?
Can I include part of a Cascadilla Press book in a coursepack?
Will Cascadilla Press pay copyright fees on behalf of authors?
What is fair use?

Cascadilla Press web site

Is your web site searchable?
Does your web site use cookies?
Is your web site secure?
Why don't you have more graphics?
How should I make a suggestion regarding your web site?

Viewing and printing PDF files

Should I use local fonts when viewing a PDF file?
Why are there white lines across a PDF file on screen?
Why is the PDF file printing at a different size than I expected?
How else can I try to fix printing problems?


How to host a book exhibit

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