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BUCLD 46: Proceedings of the 46th annual
Boston University Conference on Language Development

edited by Ying Gong and Felix Kpogo

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Front cover image   xi + 959 pages (2-volume set)
publication date: 2022

ISBN 978-1-57473-077-7 paperback, $96.00 (shipping October 2022)


This two-volume set includes presentations from the 46th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development, held November 2021.

The entire proceedings is also available directly from this page with open access. The pdf file for each paper is identical to the printed edition. You can search the entire proceedings here using Google.

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Volume 1

    Ying Gong and Felix Kpogo
    xi (complete pdf)

The Developmental Trajectory of Grammatical Gender: Evidence from Arabic
    Hawra Alali
    1-15 (complete pdf)

Frequency of Passive Voice in Children's Books
    Ruth Altmiller, Kathleen Corriveau, and Sudha Arunachalam
    16-33 (complete pdf)

Habla Conmigo Papá: Fathers' Language Input to Latinx Infants
    Josie Andert, Melissa Baralt, and Naja Ferjan Ramírez
    34-47 (complete pdf)

An Automated Classifier for Child-Directed Speech from LENA Recordings
    Janet Y. Bang, George Kachergis, Adriana Weisleder, and Virginia A. Marchman
    48-61 (complete pdf)

The Recursive Set-Subset Ordering Restriction Overrides Adjective Ordering Restrictions: Evidence from Romanian 4-Year-Olds and Adults
    Adina Camelia Bleotu and Tom Roeper
    62-75 (complete pdf)

Children's Acquisition of Variable Differential Object Marking in Spanish
    M. Cole Callen and Karen Miller
    76-89 (complete pdf)

Children's Understanding of Entailment in Conditionals
    Irene Canudas-Grabolosa, Elena Pagliarini, Gennaro Chierchia, and Luca L. Bonatti
    90-102 (complete pdf)

Is It Easier for Children to Learn English If Their Native Language Is Similar to English?
    Jocelyn Chan and Joshua K. Hartshorne
    103-114 (complete pdf)

Non-uniformities in the Development of Presupposition Projection in if-Conditionals
    Sherry Yong Chen, Cindy Torma, and Athulya Aravind
    115-127 (complete pdf)

"I Know What They Will Do Next!": Evaluating Contributions of Theory of Mind to Reading Comprehension in School-Aged Children
    Danielle DeNigris, Rita Obeid, and Patricia J. Brooks
    128-141 (complete pdf)

Sensitivity to Fine-Grained Phonetic Details in Childhood: Differences between First- and Second-Language Learners
    Félix Desmeules-Trudel, Elizabeth K. Johnson, and Craig G. Chambers
    142-152 (complete pdf)

Cross-linguistic Influence Online: An Eye-Tracking Study on Pronoun Resolution in Simultaneous Bilingual Turkish-Dutch Children
    Chantal van Dijk, Anna Aumeistere, Susanne Brouwer, Ton Dijkstra, and Sharon Unsworth
    153-166 (complete pdf)

Definitional Skills in Children with Developmental Language Disorder: Delayed or Deviant?
    Ifigeneia Dosi and Zoe Gavriilidou
    167-179 (complete pdf)

Domino Effects of Bilingualism in Autism Spectrum Disorders? Executive Functions, Complement Clauses and Theory of Mind
    Stephanie Durrleman, Ianthi Maria Tsimpli, and Eleni Peristeri
    180-193 (complete pdf)

From Insubordination to Subordination in Child Language Acquisition: A Pragmatic and Constructional Bootstrapping Account
    Seiko Fujii
    194-202 (complete pdf)

Kind-Relevant Information Supports the Fast-Mapping of Novel Labels
    Cristina I. Galusca, Krisztina Andrási, and Gergely Csibra
    203-215 (complete pdf)

Investigating Overt Subjects in Topic Continuity: An Online Study on the Effects of Language Dominance and Length of L2 Residence in Late L1 Attrition
    Dobrinka Genevska-Hanke
    216-229 (complete pdf)

Comprehension-Production Asymmetry in Bilingual Children's Acquisition of Subject-Verb Agreement
    Michele Goldin
    230-241 (complete pdf)

Big Round Clocks and Blue Square Tables: Adjective Ordering Preferences in Elicited Child and Adult Production
    Lydia Grohe and Petra Schulz
    242-255 (complete pdf)

Syntactic Constraints and Medial Wh-questions in Child Brazilian Portuguese
    Elaine Grolla
    256-269 (complete pdf)

Changing Facts in Children's Counterfactual Reasoning
    Ioana Grosu and Ailís Cournane
    270-283 (complete pdf)

Two Roles for Development in Language Change: The Case of English of and -s Possessives
    Erin Hall and Ana T. Pérez-Leroux
    284-297 (complete pdf)

On the Acquisition of Scalar and Additive Inferences: Evidence from Spanish incluso 'even' and ni siquiera 'not even'
    Elizabeth Heredia Murillo, Angeliek van Hout, and Hamida Demirdache
    298-311 (complete pdf)

Sibs and Bibs: Older Siblings and Infant Vocabulary Development
    Lindsay Hippe and Naja Ferjan Ramírez
    312-324 (complete pdf)

Lexical Richness and Syntactic Complexity in Children's Story Writing
    Yaling Hsiao, Nicola Dawson, Nilanjana Banerji, and Kate Nation
    325-337 (complete pdf)

Learning Subcategorization Properties of Attitude Verbs in Wh-in situ Languages
    Nick Huang, Yu'an Yang, Valentine Hacquard, and Jeffrey Lidz
    338-350 (complete pdf)

Word Learning Ability in 24-Month-Olds: Interaction of Mother's Work Status and Education Level
    Rong Huang, Tianlin Wang, Wenqian Robertson, and Ayla Minhas
    351-363 (complete pdf)

Children's Comprehension of Possessive and Adversative Passives in Japanese: Examining Alternating Hypotheses
    Megumi Ishikawa and Utako Minai
    364-377 (complete pdf)

Reassembly of Uninterpretable Features in L2 Acquisition: Evidence from Wh-questions
    Takayuki Kimura
    378-389 (complete pdf)

L2 Acquisition of the Japanese Associative Plural Marker -tati
    Keisuke Kume and Heather Marsden
    390-400 (complete pdf)

Tamil Children's Comprehension of Recursive Locatives and Relativized Sentences
    Usha Lakshmanan
    401-413 (complete pdf)

Pointing in Parent Input during Interactions with Deaf Children in American Sign Language
    Julia Leary, Paris Gappmayr, and Amy M. Lieberman
    414-427 (complete pdf)

Syntactic Bootstrapping Mental Verbs and Perception Verbs with Limited Morphosyntactic Cues
    Daoxin Li
    428-441 (complete pdf)

Distributional Learning of Syntactic Categories
    Kevin Liang, Diana Marsala, and Charles Yang
    442-455 (complete pdf)

The Child Acquisition of Voice in Paiwan
    Kaiying Lin, Yu-Tzu Chang, and Kamil Ud Deen
    456-468 (complete pdf)

Prevalence of Long Passives in Child Mandarin: Input and Intervention Effects
    Minqi Liu
    469-482 (complete pdf)

Volume 2

The Interpretation of Chinese Plurals: Experimental Evidence by Chinese Children and Adults
    Yi Liu and Kook-Hee Gil
    483-496 (complete pdf)

Wearing Causation on Its Sleeve: Overt cause in Child French Causatives
    Fabienne Martin, Yining Nie, Artemis Alexiadou, and Maria Teresa Guasti
    497-510 (complete pdf)

Production of Russian /i/ and /i/ by Russian-English Bilingual Children: Effects of Language Experience
    Evgeniya Maryutina, Suzanne V.H. van der Feest, and Valerie L. Shafer
    511-523 (complete pdf)

Object Wh-questions with Psych Verbs Are Easy in Child Spanish
    Victoria Mateu
    524-537 (complete pdf)

Tolerance for Distributivity? Children's Interpretation of Plural Expressions in Dutch
    Irene Mognon, Else Hagen, Anna de Koster, and Petra Hendriks
    538-551 (complete pdf)

Narrative Profiles of Individuals with Typical Development and Down Syndrome
    Isabel Neitzel and Martina Penke
    552-562 (complete pdf)

Modeling the Acquisition of Question Variants in English
    An Nguyen and Colin Wilson
    563-573 (complete pdf)

Cortical Oscillations in Pre-verbal Infants Track Rhythmic Speech and Non-speech Stimuli
    Áine Ní Choisdealbha, Adam Attaheri, Sinead Rocha, Natasha Mead, Helen Olawole-Scott, Perrine Brusini, Samuel Gibbon, Panagiotis Boutris, Declan Hines, Christina Grey, Sheila Flanagan, and Usha Goswami
    574-585 (complete pdf)

Sluicing in the L2 English of L1 Japanese Speakers
    Akari Ohba and Bonnie D. Schwartz
    586-599 (complete pdf)

L2 Acquisition of Singular/Plural Interpretation of Japanese Bare Nouns
    Tokiko Okuma
    600-614 (complete pdf)

The Acquisition of Antonymous Dimensional Adjectives by Italian Preschoolers
    Elena Pagliarini, Alice Barlassina, and Emanuela Sanfelici
    615-628 (complete pdf)

Regular and Irregular Noun Plurals in German-Speaking Individuals with Down Syndrome
    Martina Penke
    629-642 (complete pdf)

Existential Constructions in Bilingual Catalan and Bilingual Spanish: Different Types of Crosslinguistic Influence
    Sílvia Perpiñán and Adriana Soto-Corominas
    643-656 (complete pdf)

Do Language Models Learn Position-Role Mappings?
    Jackson Petty, Michael Wilson, and Robert Frank
    657-671 (complete pdf)

The Acquisition of Case Systems in Typologically Diverse Languages: Children Gradually Generalize Grammatical Rules
    Olivier Rüst, Marco Baroni, and Sabine Stoll
    672-685 (complete pdf)

Paternal and Maternal Parentese: A Longitudinal Corpus Analysis
    Kaveri K. Sheth and Naja Ferjan Ramírez
    686-699 (complete pdf)

Testing Intervention Effects in Acquisition of Wh-argument Questions by Mandarin-Speaking Preschoolers
    Deming Shi and Xiaolu Yang
    700-712 (complete pdf)

The Optimal Period for Learning New Function Words in Children
    Rushen Shi and Sarah Massicotte-Laforge
    713-725 (complete pdf)

Do Japanese Children Randomly Place the Theme Argument of Unaccusative Verb in the Subject Position and the Object Position?
    Hiroyuki Shimada and Tetsuya Sano
    726-740 (complete pdf)

The Effect of Cognates on Bilingual Infant Vocabulary Trajectories: A Study Using Bilingual CDIs of English and One Additional Language
    Serene Siow, Nicola A. Gillen, Irina Lepadatu, Daniela S. Avila-Varela, Gonzalo Garcia-Castro, Nuria Sebastian-Galles, and Kim Plunkett
    741-753 (complete pdf)

Unlearning L1 Options and Incomplete Acquisition: The Case of CLLD in Italian and Romanian
    Liz Smeets
    754-767 (complete pdf)

A Full Parse or a Shallow Structure in L2? An ERP Study of Anaphora in Successive-Cyclic Wh-movement in L1-Mandarin/L2-English
    Kyle Swanson and Laurent Dekydtspotter
    768-782 (complete pdf)

Are Non-native Speakers Sensitive to Microvariation in Anaphora Resolution? The Case of Italian Learners of European Portuguese
    Joana Teixeira, Alexandra Fiéis, and Ana Madeira
    783-796 (complete pdf)

A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Speech Category Acquisition
    Craig Thorburn, Ellen Lau, and Naomi Feldman
    797-811 (complete pdf)

Children's Interpretation of Superlatives in Full and Fragment Answers
    Lyn Tieu and Zheng Shen
    812-822 (complete pdf)

Not-Or versus Neither: Logical Inferences in Child Greek
    Vina Tsakali, Marina Mastrokosta, and Despina Oikonomou
    823-836 (complete pdf)

Detecting Definiteness: On the L2 Acquisition of the Mandarian Plural Marker –men
    Jue Wang and Bonnie D. Schwartz
    837-850 (complete pdf)

Learning Morphology with Inductive Bias: Evidence from Infixation
    Colin Wilson
    851-861 (complete pdf)

Strengths in Comprehending Grammatical Aspect among Mandarin-Exposed Preschool Children with ASD
    Qianqian Xie, Yi (Esther) Su, and Letitia R. Naigles
    862-875 (complete pdf)

The Acquisition of Verb Argument Realization in Mandarin Chinese
    Shu Yang and Jidong Chen
    876-889 (complete pdf)

Children's Wh-questions across Languages: Some Preliminary Results
    Kazuko Yatsushiro, Chiara Dal Farra, Aurore Gonzalez, Johannes Hein, Silvia Silleresi, Alicia Avellana, Aijun Huang, Johnson F. Ilori, Gayathri G. Krishnan, Lilla Pintér, Maria Teresa Guasti, and Uli Sauerland
    890-903 (complete pdf)

Cross-modal Referential Acts and Information Status in Mandarin-Speaking Five-Year-Old Children's Conversation
    Kanyu Yeh and Chiung-chih Huang
    904-916 (complete pdf)

Principle C in L2 Acquisition: Reconstruction Effects
    Mayuko Yusa and Bonnie D. Schwartz
    917-930 (complete pdf)

Is Developmental Language Disorder Associated with Slower Processing Speed across Domains?
    Nicole M. Zapparrata, Patricia J. Brooks, and Teresa M. Ober
    931-945 (complete pdf)

Resumption Facilitates L1-Koreans' L2 Production of English Relative Clauses
    Fred Zenker and Bonnie D. Schwartz
    946-959 (complete pdf)

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