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BUCLD 38: Proceedings of the 38th annual
Boston University Conference on Language Development

edited by Will Orman and Matthew James Valleau

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Front cover image   vii + 496 pages (2-volume set)
publication date: May 2014

ISBN 978-1-57473-095-1 paperback, $64.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-195-8 library binding, $140.00


The 38th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development was held November 1-3, 2013, in Boston, MA. The proceedings contains 40 of the papers from the conference.

All 3-day registrants for BUCLD 38 receive the paperback proceedings as part of registration.

The posters from the conference are not included in the printed proceedings. Many of the posters are available in an on-line proceedings supplement from BU.


Volume 1

Processing of Lexical Stress at the Phonological Level in French Monolinguals and Bilinguals at 10 Months
    Nawal Abboub, Ranka Bijeljac-Babic, Josette Serres, and Thierry Nazzi    1-11

Is Bilectalism Similar to Bilingualism? An Investigation into Children's Vocabulary and Executive Control Skills
    Kyriakos Antoniou, Maria Kambanaros, Kleanthes K. Grohmann, and Napoleon Katsos    12-24

Child Comprehension of Intonationally-Encoded Disbelief
    Meghan E. Armstrong    25-38

Specifying Event Reference in Verb Learning
    Sudha Arunachalam and Kristen Syrett    39-50

Computational Cycles in (Second) Language Processing: Cyclic versus Non-cyclic Integration in French
    Mark Black, Rodica Frimu, Amber Panwitz, Laurent Dekydtspotter, and Amandine Lorente-Lapole    51-63

Do Bilingual Turkish-Dutch Children Show Working Memory Benefits despite Lower Linguistic Proficiency?
    Elma Blom, Aylin Küntay, Marielle Messer, Josje Verhagen, and Paul Leseman    64-76

The Effect of Recent L1 Exposure on Spanish Attrition: An Eye-Tracking Study
    Gloria Chamorro    77-89

Children Seem to Know Raising: Raising and Intervention in Child Language
    Jinsun Choe    90-102

Phonological Memory and Phonological Acquisition in Bimodal Bilingual Children
    Carina Rebello Cruz, L. Viola Kozak, Aline Lemos Pizzio, Ronic Müller de Quadros, and Deborah Chen Pichler    103-115

The Performance of Internationally-Adopted Children from China on Sentence Recall: A Detailed Analysis
    Audrey Delcenserie and Fred Genesee    116-128

Factivity in Three-Year-Olds' Understanding of know and think
    Rachel Dudley, Naho Orita, Morgan Moyer, Valentine Hacquard, and Jeffrey Lidz    129-141

Going beyond One's Current Grammar
    Lyn Frazier    142-157

Revealing Early Comprehension of Subject-Verb Agreement in Spanish
    Nayeli Gonzalez-Gomez, Lisa Hsin, Jennifer Culbertson, Isabelle Barrière, Thierry Nazzi, and Géraldine Legendre    158-170

How the Parser Helps and Hinders Language Acquisition
    Helen Goodluck    171-178

The Role of Discourse-Level Expectations in Non-native Speakers' Referential Choices
    Theres Grüter, Hannah Rohde, and Amy J. Schafer    179-191

The Processing of Pronominal Subjects by Near-Native L1 Persian-L2 Spanish Adult Bilinguals
    Tiffany Judy and Jason Rothman    192-204

Specific Effects of Joint Attention on Language Development in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Emma Kelty-Stephen, Saime Tek, Deborah Fein, and Letitia Naigles    205-215

Islands and Non-islands in Heritage Korean
    Boyoung Kim and Grant Goodall    216-228

Fast Syntactic Mapping
    Chae-Eun Kim, William O'Grady, Kamil Ud Deen, and Kitaek Kim    229-239

Children's Representation of Unaccusatives
    Loes Koring, Pim Mak, and Eric Reuland    240-252

Volume 2

Null Arguments in Bimodal Bilingualism: Code-Blending (and the Lack of) Effects in American Sign Language
    Elena Koulidobrova    253-265

A Same-System View of L2 Processing: Evidence from Long-Distance Syntactic Dependencies in L2 Spanish
    Tania Leal Méndez, Thomas A. Farmer, and Roumyana Slabakova    266-278

Real-Time Processing of ASL Signs: Effects of Linguistic Experience and Proficiency
    Amy M. Lieberman, Arielle Borovsky, Marla Hatrak, and Rachel I. Mayberry    279-291

30-Month-Olds Use Verb Agreement Features in Online Sentence Processing
    Cynthia Lukyanenko and Cynthia Fisher    292-305

Clitic Omission in Spanish-Speaking Children: Evaluating the Roles of Competence and Performance
    Victoria E. Mateu    306-318

ASL Dominant Code-Blending in the Whispering of Bimodal Bilingual Children
    Vanessa Petroj, Katelyn Guerrera, and Kathryn Davidson    319-330

The Trouble Children Haven't Got with NOT
    William Philip and Andrea Westerik    331-341

Accessing Cross Language Categories in Learning a Third Language
    Page Piccinini and Amalia Arvaniti    342-354

Emergence of Natural Language Lexicons: Empirical and Modeling Evidence from Homesign and Nicaraguan Sign Language
    Russell Richie, Marie Coppola, and Charles Yang    355-367

Past Tense Productivity: Comparing Bilingual Children and Children with SLI
    Judith Rispens and Elise de Bree    368-379

Morphological Cues in the Comprehension of Wh-questions in German-Speaking Simultaneous and Early Sequential Bilingual Children
    Anne-Dorothée Roesch and Vasiliki Chondrogianni    380-392

The Lack of Nominative-Orientation for a Japanese Anaphor zibun in L1 Acquisition and Its Implications
    Tetsuya Sano, Hiroyuki Shimada, and Yoshiki Fujiwara    393-402

Personal Pronoun Avoidance in Deaf Children with Autism
    Aaron Shield and Richard P. Meier    403-415

Re-assembling Objects: A New Look at the L2 Acquisition of Pronominal Clitics
    Elena Shimanskaya and Roumyana Slabakova    416-427

Auditory Preferences in Toddlers at Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Elizabeth Schoen Simmons, Gerald McRoberts, and Rhea Paul    428-437

Scalar Inferences in 5-Year-Olds: The Role of Alternatives
    Dimitrios Skordos and Anna Papafragou    438-450

The Use of Gender Information in Lexical Processing in Czech 23-Month-Olds: An Eyetracking Study
    Filip Smolík    451-462

Acquisition of Tagalog Relative Clauses
    Nozomi Tanaka, William O'Grady, Kamil Ud Deen, Chae-Eun Kim, Ryoko Hattori, Ivan Paul M. Bondoc, and Jennifer U. Soriano    463-470

Variable Binding and Coreference in Nonnative Pronoun Resolution
    Helena Trompelt and Claudia Felser    471-483

Effects of Statistical Learning on the Acquisition of Grammatical Categories through Qur'anic Memorization: A Natural Experiment
    Manaar Zuhurudeen and Yi Ting Huang    484-496

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