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BUCLD 37: Proceedings of the 37th annual
Boston University Conference on Language Development

edited by Sarah Baiz, Nora Goldman, and Rachel Hawkes

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Front cover image   vii + 507 pages (2-volume set)
publication date: May 2013

ISBN 978-1-57473-085-2 paperback, $60.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-185-9 library binding, $125.00


The 37th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development was held November 2-4, 2012, in Boston, MA. The proceedings contains 41 of the papers from the conference.

All 3-day registrants for BUCLD 37 receive the paperback proceedings as part of registration.

The posters from the conference are not included in the printed proceedings. Many of the posters will be available in an on-line proceedings supplement from BU.


Volume 1

Which Account of Wh-/Quantifier Interaction Should Everyone Adopt? A New Take on a Classic Developmental Puzzle
    Asya Achimova, Christa Crosby, Kristen Syrett, Viviane Déprez, and Julien Musolino    1-12

Effects of Pre-exposure to Object and Label during Word Learning
    Nicole Altvater-Mackensen and Nivedita Mani    13-23

Effect of Bilingualism on the Perception of Lexical Stress in 6-Month-Old French-Learning Infants
    Ranka Bijeljac-Babic, Josette Serres, Barbara Höhle, and Thierry Nazzi    24-35

Processing and Production of Verb Inflection in Dutch Monolingual Children with SLI
    Elma Blom, Nada Vasić, and Jan de Jong    36-48

Cross-Domain Perception of Pitch in Early Infancy
    Ao Chen and René Kager    49-61

Learning Manner and Path Verbs from the Serial Verb Construction in Korean
    Youngon Choi and Sudha Arunachalam    62-73

The Meanings of the Wh-word shenme in the L2 Chinese of English and Korean Speakers
    Wei Chu and Bonnie D. Schwartz    74-86

Gender Concord and Semantic Processing in French Children: An Auditory ERP Study
    Émilie Courteau, Phaedra Royle, Alex Gascon, Alexandra Marquis, John E. Drury, and Karsten Steinhauer    87-99

Literate Language: A Predictive Measure of Narrative Language in Low-Income Hispanic Preschoolers
    Peter A. de Villiers and Lillian Masek    100-109

The Neural Correlates of Childhood Linguistic Isolation
    Naja Ferjan Ramírez, Matthew K. Leonard, Eric Halgren, and Rachel I. Mayberry    110-121

Representation of Multimorphemic Words in the Mental Lexicon: Implications for Second Language Acquisition of Morphology
    Ayşe Gürel and Serkan Uygun    122-133

Processing of Spanish-English Code-Switches by Late Bilinguals
    Rosa E. Guzzardo Tamargo and Paola E. Dussias    134-146

Restrictions on Clitic Solidarity in L2 Spanish and Adult UG Accessibility
    Becky Halloran and Jason Rothman    147-159

Pupillometry in Six-Month-Old Infants
    Jean-Rémy Hochmann    160-164

Priming Cross-linguistic Interference in Spanish-English Bilingual Children
    Lisa Hsin, Géraldine Legendre, and Akira Omaki    165-177

Interpretation of Ambiguous Subject Pronouns in Croatian by People with Down Syndrome and Typically Developing Children
    Tihana Kraš and Tanja Stipeć    178-190

Relationships between Lexical and Grammatical Development: Does Statistical Learning Play a Role?
    Jill Lany    191-205

The Gradual Acquisition of English /l/
    Susan Lin and Katherine Demuth    206-218

Capturing Developmental Patterns in Intonation Acquisition: A Target-Oriented Parametric Approach
    Britta Lintfert and Bernd Möbius    219-230

How Bilingualism Alters Non-Tone-Learning Infants' Tone Perception in the First Year of Life
    Liquan Liu and René Kager    231-240

Age of Acquisition Effects on Mental Rotation: Evidence from Nicaraguan Sign Language
    Amber Martin, Ann Senghas, and Jennie Pyers    241-250

Volume 2

Grammatical Knowledge and Its Immediate Processing during Online Comprehension by Infants
    Andréane Melançon and Rushen Shi    251-264

Crosslinguistic Influence in Scope Ambiguity: Evidence for Acceleration
    Luisa Meroni, Sharon Unsworth, and Liz Smeets    265-279

Gesture Handedness and Language Development in Young Infants
    Katherine Hannah Mumford and Sotaro Kita    280-289

Ditransitives in Slavic: Evidence from Russian and Ukrainian Acquisition
    Roksolana Mykhaylyk, Yulia Rodina, and Merete Anderssen    290-305

When Children Are as Logical as Adults: The Interpretation of Numerals in Child Language
    Daniele Panizza, Anna Notley, Rosalind Thornton, and Stephen Crain    306-318

Dative Word-Order Alternations with Respect to Givenness in Adult L2 Korean
    Kyae-Sung Park and Bonnie D. Schwartz    319-331

Word-Mapping in Autism: Evidence for Backwards Bootstrapping of Social Gaze Strategies
    Kristina E. Patrick, Felicia Hurewitz, and Amy E. Booth    332-344

The Effects of Syntax on the Acquisition of Evidentiality
    Jessica Rett, Nina Hyams, and Lauren Winans    345-357

Comprehension of Complex Wh-Questions in Pre-school French-Speaking Typically Developing Children and Children with SLI
    Anne-Dorothée Roesch and Vasiliki Chondrogianni    358-370

Spontaneous and Elicited Production of European Portuguese Clefts
    Ana Lúcia Santos, Maria Lobo, and Carla Soares-Jesel    371-383

Language Development in the Age of Baby Media: What We Know and What Needs to Be Done
    Clare E. Sims and Eliana Colunga    384-396

L2 Regular and Novel Metonymy: How to Curl Up with a Good Agatha Christie in Your L2
    Roumyana Slabakova, Jennifer Cabrelli Amaro, and Sang Kyun Kang    397-409

Long vs. Short QR: Evidence from the Acquisition of ACD
    Ayaka Sugawara, Hadas Kotek, Martin Hackl, and Ken Wexler    410-422

The Ban on Adjunct Ellipsis in Child Japanese
    Koji Sugisaki    423-432

Linguistic and Conceptual Representations of Inference as a Knowledge Source
    Ercenur Ünal and Anna Papafragou    433-443

On the Development of the Productivity of Plural Suffixes in German
    Ruben van de Vijver and Dinah Baer-Henney    444-455

Exploring Language and Thought Relation in Learning How Stuff Counts
    Jinjing Wang, Peggy Li, and Susan Carey    456-468

Ostensive and Referential Object Labeling Helps Infants Learn Generalizable Sound Patterns
    H. Henny Yeung and Thierry Nazzi    469-481

Monolingual and Bilingual Children's Use of Gestures and Grammatical Agreement in Pronoun Interpretation
    W. Quin Yow    482-494

The Logic of Double Negation in Child Language
    Peng Zhou, Rosalind Thornton, and Stephen Crain    495-507

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