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BUCLD 39: Proceedings of the 39th annual
Boston University Conference on Language Development

edited by Elizabeth Grillo and Kyle Jepson

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Front cover image   vii + 443 pages (2-volume set)
publication date: September 2015

ISBN 978-1-57473-056-2 paperback, $64.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-156-9 library binding, $140.00


The proceedings contain papers from the 39th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development, held November 7-9, 2014. The proceedings include a write-up of the poster symposium "Linguistics for Everyone."

All 3-day registrants for BUCLD 39 receive the paperback proceedings as part of registration.

The posters from the conference are not included in the printed proceedings. Many of the posters will be available in an on-line proceedings supplement from BU.


Volume 1

Left-Right Language and Perspective Taking in Tseltal Mayan Children
    Linda Abarbanell and Peggy Li    1-13

On the Relation between Implicit and Explicit Measures of Child Language Development: Evidence from Relative Clause Processing in 4-Year-Olds and Adults
    Flavia Adani and Tom Fritzsche    14-26

The Role of Varied Input in the Divergent Outcomes of Heritage Language Acquisition
    Abdulkafi Albirini    27-39

More Vowels Are Not Always Better: Australian English and Peruvian Spanish Learners' Comparable Perception of Dutch Vowels
    Samra Alispahic, Paola Escudero, and Karen E. Mulak    40-51

Perceptual Characteristics of Spontaneous Speech in Autism: Are We Discriminating Listeners?
    Mary V. Andrianopoulos, Elena Zaretsky, Carlene McGuigan, and Rachel Warshaw    52-61

On the Nature of the Substantive Bias
    Dinah Baer-Henney, Frank Kügler, and Ruben van de Vijver    62-74

A Child Specific Compensatory Mechanism in the Acquisition of English /s/
    Hye-Young Bang, Meghan Clayards, and Heather Goad    75-87

Explaining Children's Wh-In Situ Questions: Against Economy
    Misha Becker and Megan Gotowski    88-100

Accessing Morphosyntactic Information in L1 and L2 Word Recognition: A Masked Priming Study
    Sina Bosch and Harald Clahsen    101-112

18-Month-Olds Compensate for a Phonological Alternation
    Adam J. Chong and Megha Sundara    113-126

Revisiting the Epistemic Gap: Evidence for a Grammatical Source
    Ailís Cournane    127-140

A Mechanism for Linguistic Relativity in Child Memory
    Marc Ettlinger and Jennifer A. Lanter    141-151

Potential Phonological Markers for SLI in Bilingual Children
    Sandrine Ferré, Christophe dos Santos, and Laetitia de Almeida    152-164

Tracking Reference in Space: How L2 Learners Use ASL Referring Expressions
    Anne Therese Frederiksen and Rachel I. Mayberry    165-177

Pointing and Eye-Gaze in Bimodal Bilingual Language Development
    Kadir Gökgöz, Ronice Quadros, Janine Oliveira, and Diane Lillo-Martin    178-190

Picking Up after Sloppy Children: What Pronouns Reveal about Children's Analysis of English Comparative Constructions
    Vera Gor and Kristen Syrett    191-203

Question-Answer (In)Congruence in the Acquisition of Only
    Martin Hackl, Ayaka Sugawara, and Ken Wexler    204-217

The Impact of Pronoun Type and Grammatical Skills on Children's Processing of Object Relative Clauses
    Yair Haendler, Reinhold Kliegl, and Flavia Adani    218-230

Volume 2

Cognitive Limitations Impose Advantageous Constraints on Word Segmentation
    Kasia Hitczenko and Gaja Jarosz    231-243

How Early Do Children Understand Different Types of Iconicity in Gesture?
    Leslie E. Hodges, Seyda Özçaliskan, and Rebecca A. Williamson    244-253

The Linguistic and the Learner Default May Converge in Some Null-Subject Languages
    Maialen Iraola Azpiroz    254-265

On-line Comprehension of Russian Case Cues in Monolingual Russian and Bilingual Russian-Dutch and Russian-Hebrew Children
    Bibi Janssen, Natalia Meir, Anne Baker, and Sharon Armon-Lotem    266-278

Acquisition of the Korean Reflexive Pronouns in Intra-sentential Binding and Extra-sentential Binding
    Kum-Jeong Joo, Kamil Ud Deen, and William O'Grady    279-288

How Dutch Children Preferably Interpret Elk and How English Children Preferably Understand Every
    Margreet van Koert, Aafke Hulk, Olaf Koeneman, and Fred Weerman    289-300

Does Negative Feedback Have an Effect on Language Acquisition?
    Elena Kulinich, Phaedra Royle, and Daniel Valois    301-310

Real-Time Processing of Classifier Information by L2 Speakers of Chinese
    Elaine Lau and Theres Grüter    311-323

Abstract Representation of Feature Agreement across Grammatical Categories in Infants
    Andréane Melançon and Rushen Shi    324-336

The Linguistic Proximity Model: The Case of Verb-Second Revisited
    Roksolana Mykhaylyk, Natalia Mitrofanova, Yulia Rodina, and Marit Westergaard    337-349

False Belief Reasoning and the Acquisition of Relativization and Scrambling in Russian Children
    Mari Ovsepyan and Usha Lakshmanan    350-360

Statistical Aggregation and Hypothesis Testing Mechanisms Interact during Word Learning
    Alexa R. Romberg and Chen Yu    361-373

Infants Are Sensitive to Asynchronous Audiovisual Speech
    Kathleen Shaw and Heather Bortfeld    374-384

Acquisition of the New Impersonal Construction in Icelandic
    Sigríður Sigurjónsdóttir    385-397

Mapping Properties to Individuals in Language Acquisition
    Kristen Syrett    398-410

Acoustic Correlates of Information Structure in Adult and Child Speech
    Jill C. Thorson and James L. Morgan    411-423

Searching for Absolute and Relative Readings of Superlatives: A Second Experiment
    Lyn Tieu and Zheng Shen    424-436

Linguistics for Everyone: Engaging a Broader Public for the Scientific Study of Language
    Barbara Zurer Pearson, Jeffrey Lidz, Cecile McKee, Elizabeth A. McCullough, Leslie C. Moore, Colin Phillips, Shari R. Speer, Laura Wagner, and Elly Zimmer    437-443

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