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BUCLD 32: Proceedings of the 32nd annual
Boston University Conference on Language Development

edited by Harvey Chan, Heather Jacob, and Enkeleida Kapia

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Front cover image   viii + 609 pages (2-volume set)
publication date: April 2008

ISBN 978-1-57473-084-5 paperback, $60.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-184-2 library binding, $125.00


The 32nd annual Boston University Conference on Language Development was held November 2-4, 2007, in Boston, MA. The proceedings contain 51 of the papers presented at the conference, including the keynote paper by Ellen Bialystok and the plenary paper by William O'Grady.

For the first time, all 3-day registrants for BUCLD 32 are receiving the paperback proceedings. The cost of the proceedings for students is generously covered by grants from the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health.

The posters from the conference are not included in the printed proceedings, but many have been published by the conference in an on-line proceedings supplement.


Volume 1

Cognitive Effects of Bilingualism across the Lifespan
    Ellen Bialystok      1-15

Does Emergentism Have a Chance?
    William O'Grady      16-35

Modeling Doubly Marked Lags with a Split Additive Model
    Adam Albright, Giorgio Magri, and Jennifer Michaels      36-47

Explicit Instruction vs. Linguistic Competence in Adult L2-Acquisition
    Alyona Belikova      48-59

Metrical Stress in Comprehension and Production of Dutch Children at Risk of Dyslexia
    Elise de Bree, Petra van Alphen,
    Paula Fikkert, and Frank Wijnen      60-71

Syntax and the Lexicon in Early Omission of Spanish Clitics
    Anny P. Castilla, Ana T. Pérez-Leroux,
    and Alice Eriks-Brophy      72-83

Intermediate Traces and Anaphora Resolution in the Processing of English as a Second Language
    Laurent Dekydtspotter, Bora Kim, Hyun-jin Kim,
    Yi-Ting Wang, Hye-Kyung Kim, and Jong Kun Lee      84-95

Optionality in L2 Grammars: The Acquisition of SV/VS Constrast in Spanish
    Laura Domínguez and María J. Arche      96-107

The Changing Shape of Prepositional Meanings
    Michele I. Feist      108-119

The Role of the Input in a Connectionist Model of the Accessibility Hierarchy in Development
    Hartmut Fitz and Franklin Chang      120-131

Influence of Prosody on the Production of Determiners and Adjectives in Two-year-old Children's Sentences
    Roseline Fréchette and Marie Labelle      132-142

Distinguishing between the Present and the Past: Against a Critical Period for Tense in L2 Acquisition
    Alison Gabriele, Junko Maekawa,
    Lindsay Ignatowsi, and Erik Christensen      143-154

Acquiring Rhythm: A Comparison of L1 and L2 Speakers of Canadian English and Japanese
    Izabelle Grenon and Laurence White      155-166

The Acquisition of Noun Class Marking in Xhosa: Early Sensitivity to Form and Function
    Sandile Gxilishe, Claire Denton-Spalding,
    and Peter A. de Villiers      167-176

Exaggerated Prosody in Infant-Directed Speech? Intonational Phonological Analysis of Japanese Infant-Directed Speech
    Yosuke Igarashi and Reiko Mazuka      177-188

L1 Acquisition of Bulgarian Object Clitics: Unique Checking Constraint or Failure to Mark Referentiality
    Ivan Ivanov      189-200

There is Hope for Japanese Learners of English: The Case of Telicity
    Keiko Kaku, Juana M. Liceras, and Nina Kazanina      201-212

Age-of-Acquisition Effects in the Development of a Bilingual Advantage for Word Learning
    Margarita Kaushanskaya and Viorica Marian      213-224

The Processing Role of the Article Choice Parameter: Evidence from L2 Learners of English
    Kyoungsook Kim and Usha Lakshmanan      225-238

Requestive Speech Leads to Referential Clarity in Turkish Preschool Children
    Aylin C. Küntay, Sevda A. Bahtiyar,
    Hande Sungur, and Özlem Özdamar      239-250

Cross-linguistic Influence from Stronger to Weaker Language in Unbalanced Bilingual Development
    Tanja Kupisch      251-262

Graded Sensitivity to Mispronunciations of Vocalic Features in Early Words
    Nivedita Mani and Kim Plunkett      263-274

English-Speaking Children's Early Passives: Evidence from Syntactic Priming
    Katherine Messenger, Holly Branigan,
    Janet McLean, and Antonella Sorace      275-286

Maximal Trouble in Free Relatives
    Nadya Modyanova and Ken Wexler      287-298

Incomplete Acquisition in Spanish Heritage Speakers: Chronological Age or Interfaces Vulnerability?
    Silvina Montrul      299-310

Volume 2

Transfer in the C-Domain: Word Order and Focus in Andean Spanish
    Antje Muntendam      311-322

Early Sensitivity to Information Structure in Japanese
    Jun Nomura      323-334

An Experimental Study of Children's Comprehension of Null Subjects: Implications for Grammatical/Performance Accounts
    Robyn Orfitelli and Nina Hyams      335-346

Rapid Word-Action Mapping in French- and English-Speaking Children
    Yuriko Oshima-Takane, Jillian Satin, and Ami Tint      347-359

When and How the Brain Learns to Use Grammatical Morphemes
    Lee Osterhout      360-367

The Acquisition of Evidentiality and Source Monitoring
    Ozge Ozturk and Anna Papafragou      368-377

Bilingual Children's Acquisition of English Inflection: The Role of Language Dominance and Task Type
    Johanne Paradis, Antoine Tremblay, and Martha Crago      378-389

Putting the Emphasis on Unambiguous: The Feasibility of Data Filtering for Learning English Metrical Phonology
    Lisa Pearl      390-401

Foundations of Verb Learning: Comparison Helps Infants Abstract Event Components
    Shannon M. Pruden, Wendy L. Shallcross,
    Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, and Roberta M. Golinkoff      402-414

The Hierarchical Acquisition of Second-Language Consonant Sounds in Bilingual Kindergarten Students
    Laura B. Raynolds and Joanna Uhry      415-426

Processing Gender in L2 Spanish
    Nuria Sagarra and Julia Herschensohn      427-437

Is Exposure Enough? Narrative Development in Internationally Adopted Children
    Jillian M. Schuh, Inge-Marie Eigsti, Julia Evans,
    Seth Pollak, and Jon Miller      438-449

Prosodic Cues to Noun and Verb Categories in Infant-Directed Speech
    Rushen Shi and Annick Moisan      450-461

Twenty-two Month Olds Detect Verb-Noun Exchanges in Fluent Speech: Evidence for Category Preferences for Familiar Content Words
    Melanie Soderstrom and James L. Morgan      462-468

Prenatal Glucocorticosteroids Selectively Impair Language Development
    Karin Stromswold      469-480

The Structure of Nominals and Binding in Child Thai
    Napasri Timyam and Kamil Ud Deen      481-491

Acquisition of English (Primary) Stress by French Canadian L2 Learners: Non-target-like Foot Alignment
    Annie Tremblay      492-503

The Processing of Subject and Object Wh-Questions in Children with Specific Language Impairment: An ERP Study
    Baila Tropper, Arild Hestvik, Valerie L. Shafer, and Richard G. Schwartz      504-515

Children's Comprehension of the Spanish Existential Determiners unos and algunos
    Marissa Vargas-Tokuda, Javier Gutiérrez-Rexach,
    and John Grinstead      516-524

A Dynamic Learning Model for Categorizing Words Using Frames
    Hao Wang and Toben H. Mintz      525-536

Colliding Cues in Word Segmentation: The Role of Cue Strength and Individual Differences
    Daniel J. Weiss, Chip Gerfen, and Aaron Mitchel      537-549

Definiteness Effects in the L2 English of Mandarin and Turkish Speakers
    Lydia White      550-561

Statistical Cross-Situational Learning in Adults and Infants
    Chen Yu and Linda B. Smith      562-573

Knowing More than One Can Say: The Early Regular Plural
    Jennifer A. Zapf and Linda B. Smith      574-585

A Tough Test of the Locality Requirement for Reflexives
    Andrea Zukowski, Rebecca McKeown, and Jaiva Larsen      586-597

The Function of Children's Iconic Co-speech Gestures: A Study with French-Japanese Bilinguals and French Monolinguals
    Meghan Zvaigzne, Yuriko Oshima-Takane,
    Patricia Groleau, Kayo Nakamura, and Fred Genesee      598-609

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