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BUCLD 33: Proceedings of the 33rd annual
Boston University Conference on Language Development

edited by Jane Chandlee, Michelle Franchini, Sandy Lord, and Gudrun-Marion Rheiner

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Front cover image   x + 657 pages (2-volume set)
publication date: April 2009

ISBN 978-1-57473-094-4 paperback, $60.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-194-1 library binding, $125.00


The 33rd annual Boston University Conference on Language Development was held October 31 to November 2, 2008, in Boston, MA. The proceedings contain 51 of the papers presented at the conference, including the keynote paper by Barbara Landau and the plenary paper by Tom Roeper.

All 3-day registrants for BUCLD 33 received the paperback proceedings as part of registration. The cost of the proceedings for students is generously covered by grants from the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health.

The posters from the conference are not included in the printed proceedings. Many of the posters have been published by the conference in an on-line proceedings supplement.


Volume 1

Spatial Language, Spatial Cognition: Origins, Development, Interaction
    Barbara Landau      1-23

The Minimalist Microscope: How and Where Interface Principles Guide Acquisition
    Tom Roeper      24-48

Spatial Frames of Reference and Perspective Taking in Tseltal Maya
    Linda Abarbanell and Peggy Li      49-60

The Role of Categorical Proximity for Referent Identification in a Preferential Looking Task
    Natalia Arias-Trejo      61-72

Schwa Syllables Facilitate Word Segmentation for 9-month-old German-learning Infants
    Sonja Bartels, Isabelle Darcy, and Barbara Höhle      73-84

Structural Biases in Phonology: Infant and Adult Evidence from Artificial Language Learning
    Elika Bergelson and William J. Idsardi      85-96

ELL Vocabulary Acquisition: More Evidence from Quality Input during Storybook Reading
    Molly F. Collins      97-108

Sesotho Passives: The Long and Short of It
    Jean Crawford      109-120

Acquisition of Relevance Implicatures in Typically-Developing Children and Children with Autism
    Peter A. de Villiers, Jill G. de Villiers, D'Jaris Coles-White, and Laura Carpenter      121-132

Accessibility and Topicality in Children's Use of Word Order
    Christine Dimroth and Bhuvana Narasimhan      133-138

Lighten Up: The Acquisition of Light Verb Constructions in Persian
    Neiloufar Family      139-150

Weighted Constraints and Faithfulness Cumulativity in Phonological Acquisition
    Ashley Farris-Trimble      151-162

Expanding Locative Case Marking beyond Spatial Contexts in Child Hungarian
    Ashley Fidler and Anna Babarczy      163-174

Can We Predict When Dying Will Be Difficult? Progressive Achievements in L2 English
    Alison Gabriele, Junko Maekawa, and José Alemán Bañón      175-186

Syntactic Frames and Morphological Cues in the Acquisition of Adjectives in Child English and Child Russian
    Elena Gavruseva      187-198

Processing Figures and Grounds in Dynamic and Static Events
    Tilbe Göksun, Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, and Roberta M. Golinkoff      199-210

Finiteness and Subject-Auxiliary Inversion in Child English
    John Grinstead, Valissa Warren, Cara Ricci, and Sarah Sanderson      211-222

Acquiring (Hebrew) Compositional Telicity: When Is It Ever Complete?
    Aviya Hacohen      223-232

Maternal Challenges in Mother-Child Reminiscence
    Julia M. Hayden      233-244

Children's Restrictions on the Meanings of Novel Determiners: An Investigation of Conservativity
    Tim Hunter and Anastasia Conroy      245-255

Cross-Linguistic Biases in the Semantics and Acquisition of Spatial Language
    Megan Johanson, Stathis Selimis, and Anna Papafragou      256-265

Eye Movements during the Processing of Ambiguous Sentences with a Focus Particle 'Only'
    Soyoung Kim      266-277

Native-Like Attainment of the Lexicon-Syntax Interface in the L2: Converging Evidence from Different Methodologies
    Tihana Kraš      278-289

Fluency in Using Morphosyntactic Cues to Establish Reference: How Do Native and Non-Native Speakers Differ?
    Casey Lew-Williams and Anne Fernald      290-301

Two in One: Evidence for Imperatives as the Analogue to RIs from ASL and LSB
    Diane Lillo-Martin and Ronice Müller de Quadros      302-312

L2 Syntax Meets Information Structure: Word Order at the Interfaces
    Cristóbal Lozano and Amaya Mendikoetxea      313-324

Does Meaning Specificity Affect Verb Learning and Extension?
    Weiyi Ma and Wilkey Wong      325-332

Volume 2

Acquisition of Split-Ergativity in Kurmanji Kurdish
    Laura Mahalingappa      333-342

Generalisation of Word-Object Associations: A Modelling Account
    Julien Mayor      343-354

Semantic Factors in Young Children's Comprehension and Production of Passives
    Katherine Messenger, Holly Branigan, Janet McLean, and Antonella Sorace      355-366

The Role of Faces in Segmentation: Visual Integration in a Statistical Learning Task
    Aaron D. Mitchel and Daniel J. Weiss      367-378

The Delay of Italian Past Participle Agreement
    Vincenzo Moscati and Roberta Tedeschi      379-390

The Nature of Childhood Language Memory: Korean Adoptees Learning Korean as Adults
    Janet S. Oh, Terry Kit-fong Au, and Sun-Ah Jun      391-397

On the Semantic Properties of Implicit Objects in Young Children's Elicited Production
    A.T. Pérez-Leroux, Mihaela Pirvulescu, and Yves Roberge      398-409

Child Spanish Comprehension of Verbal Tense Morphology
    Teresa Pratt, Dan McCurley, John Grinstead, and Laura Wagner      410-419

ERP Correlates of Syntactic Focus Structure Processing: Evidence from L1 and L2 French
    Robert V. Reichle      420-431

Induction of Phonotactics from Word-types and Word-tokens
    Peter T. Richtsmeier, LouAnn Gerken, and Diane Ohala      432-443

Noun-raising and Adjectival Interpretative Reflexes in the L2 Spanish of Germanic and Italian Learners
    Jason Rothman, Pedro Guijarro-Fuentes, Michael Iverson, and Tiffany Judy      444-455

Segmental and Prosodic Aspects in the Acquisition of Elision in Brazilian Portuguese
    Raquel S. Santos      456-467

Carving up Referential Space: A Priming Account of Pronoun Use in Italian
    Ludovica Serratrice      468-479

Mechanisms of Segmentation and Morphological Learning in Infants
    Rushen Shi and Alexandra Marquis      480-491

Factors Contributing to Infants' Vocabulary Size at 19 and 25 Months
    Jae Yung Song      492-503

The Developmental Profile of Editing and Repair Strategies in Narrative Structure: A Cross-sectional Study of Primary School Children
    Lesley Stirling, Graham Barrington, Susan Douglas, and Kerrie Delves      504-515

Statistical Learning of Hierarchical Phrase Structure in 18-Month-Old Infants
    Eri Takahashi      516-527

Snapshots of Grammaticalization: Differential Electrophysiological Responses to Grammatical Anomalies with Increasing L2 Exposure
    Darren Tanner, Lee Osterhout, and Julia Herschensohn      528-539

On vs. Above: Lexical Semantics and Syntactic Factors Affecting Spatial Acquisition
    Arhonto Terzi and Vina Tsakali      540-551

Discriminating Linguistic Analyses with Child Data: The Case of Noun-drop in French
    Daniel Valois, Phaedra Royle, and Nicolas Bourguignon      552-562

From Group Results to Individual Patterns in Pronoun Comprehension
    Jacolien van Rij, Petra Hendriks, Jennifer Spenader, and Hedderik van Rijn      563-574

Acquisition of Relevance Implicatures and Modularity
    Anna Verbuk      575-586

Phonological Development: Typical Children vs. Late Talkers
    Marilyn M. Vihman, Tamar Keren-Portnoy, Rory A. DePaolis, and Ghada Khattab      587-598

Manners and Goals in Pre-Linguistic Thought: The Origins of Aspectual Construal
    Laura Wagner      599-610

Real-time Processing of Postnominal Adjectives by Latino Children Learning Spanish as a First Language
    Adriana Weisleder and Anne Fernald      611-621

Restrictions on Definiteness in L2 English
    Lydia White, Alyona Belikova, Paul Hagstrom, Tanja Kupisch, and Öner Özçelik      622-633

Antecedent Preferences for Anaphoric Demonstratives in L2 German
    Frances Wilson, Antonella Sorace, and Frank Keller      634-645

Understanding a Speaker's Communicative Intent: Bilingual Children's Heightened Sensitivity to Referential Gestures
    W. Quin Yow and Ellen M. Markman      646-657

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