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BUCLD 31: Proceedings of the 31st annual
Boston University Conference on Language Development

edited by Heather Caunt-Nulton, Samantha Kulatilake, and I-hao Woo

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Front cover image   ix + 715 pages (2-volume set)
publication date: April 2007

ISBN 978-1-57473-074-6 paperback, $60.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-174-3 library binding, $125.00


The 31st annual Boston University Conference on Language Development was held November 3-5, 2006, in Boston, MA. The proceedings contains 60 of the papers presented at the conference, including the keynote address by Roberta Michnick Golinkoff and Kathy Hirsh-Pasek and the plenary address by Jürgen M. Meisel.

The posters from the conference are not included in the printed proceedings, but many are being published by the conference in an on-line proceedings supplement.

Volume 1

Language Development: The View from the Radical Middle
    Roberta Michnick Golinkoff and Kathy Hirsh-Pasek      1-25

On Autonomous Syntactic Development in Multiple First Language Acquisition
    Jürgen M. Meisel      26-45

Global Foreign Accent and the Effectiveness of 
a Prosody-Oriented Approach in EFL Classrooms
    Mamiko Orii Akita      46-57

Discourse-Based Movement Operations in Russian-Speaking Children with SLI
    Maria Babyonyshev, Jodi Reich, 
    Lesley Hart, and Elena Grigorenko      58-69

Preschool Children Can Assess Common Ground: 
Effect of (In)definiteness Status of Referential Terms
    Sevda A. Bahtiyar and Aylin C. Küntay      70-80

Compositionality and Statistics in Adjective Acquisition: 
4-year-olds Interpret Tall and Short According to 
the Typical Sizes of Novel Noun Referents
    David Barner and Jesse Snedeker      81-92

Boosting Unsupervised Grammar Induction 
by Splitting Complex Sentences on Function Words
    Jonathan Berant, Yaron Gross, Matan Mussel, 
    Ben Sandbank, Eytan Ruppin, and Shimon Edelman      93-104

German 4-Year-Olds' Comprehension of Sentences Containing 
the Focus Particle auch ('also'): Evidence from Eye-Tracking
    Frauke Berger, Anja Müller, 
    Barbara Höhle, and Jürgen Weissenborn      105-116

Resolving Grammatical Category Ambiguity in Acquisition
    Erin Conwell and James Morgan      117-128

Infants' Use of Lexical-Category-to-Meaning Links in Object Individuation
    Kathleen Corrigall, Mijke Rhemtulla, and D. Geoffrey Hall      129-140

Infants' Recognition of Vowel Contrasts in a Word Learning Task
    Suzanne Curtin, Christopher Fennell, and Paola Escudero      141-152

Differential Processing of Language and Music Learned During Development 
    Colin Dawson and LouAnn Gerken      153-159

On Intermediate Traces in English-French Grammar and Sentence Processing
    Laurent Dekydtspotter and Claire Renaud      160-171

What's Hidden in the Hands? 
How Children Use Gesture to Convey Arguments in a Motion Event
    Özlem Ece Demir and Wing Chee So      172-183

On the Felicity Conditions for Long-Distance Questions in L1 Acquisition
    Hamida Demirdache and Magda Oiry      184-195

The Prosodic (Re)organization of Determiners
    Katherine Demuth, Elizabeth McCullough, and Matthew Adamo      196-205

With Referential Cues, Infants Successfully Use Phonetic Detail in Word Learning
    Christopher T. Fennell, Sandra R. Waxman, 
    and Adriana Weisleder      206-217

Word Segmentation as Word Learning: 
Integrating Meaning Learning with Distributional Cues to Segmentation 
    Michael C. Frank, Vikash Mansinghka, 
    Edward Gibson, and Joshua B. Tenenbaum      218-229

Prosodic Transfer and Determiners in Turkish-English Interlanguage
    Heather Goad and Lydia White      230-238

Distributional Cues to Word Boundaries: Context Is Important
    Sharon Goldwater, Thomas L. Griffiths, and Mark Johnson      239-250

Children's Recognition of Novel Derived Words
    Laura M. Gonnerman      251-261

Shared Information and Argument Omission in Turkish
    Özge Gürcanli, Mine Nakipoglu, and Asli Özyürek      262-273

Acquisition of Tense in Xhosa: The Long and the Short of It
    Sandile Gxilishe, Jill G. de Villiers, and Peter A. de Villiers      274-285

(Un)successful Subordination in French-speaking Children and Adolescents with SLI
    Cornelia Hamann, Laurice Tuller, Cécile Monjauze, 
    Hélène Delage, and Célia Henry      286-297

Children's Acquisition of Exhaustivity in Clefts
    Tanja Heizmann      298-309

Gap-filling and Sentence Comprehension in Children with SLI
    Arild Hestvik, Richard G. Schwartz, and Lidiya Tornyova      310-320

Children's Comprehension of Completive and Inceptive Particle Verbs
    Liane Jeschull      321-332

Child Acquisition of Unaccusativity: 
Evidence from the Russian Locative Inversion Construction
    Elena Kallestinova      333-344

Volume 2

Statistical Induction in the Acquisition of Auxiliary Inversion
    Xuân-Nga Cao-Kam      345-357

The Development of Peripheral Positions in Early Child Grammar 
    Konstantia Kapetangianni      358-369

Acquiring Subject-Verb Agreement in French: 
Evidence for Abstract Knowledge from Comprehension
    Géraldine Legendre, Thierry Nazzi, Isabelle Barrière, 
    Jennifer Culbertson, Monica Lopez-Gonzalez, Louise Goyet, 
    and Erin Zaroukian      370-381

How First and Second Language Learners Use Predictive Cues 
in Online Sentence Interpretation in Spanish and English 
    Casey Lew-Williams and Anne Fernald      382-393

Prosody in Syntactic Disambiguation in English-French Interlanguage
    Audrey Liljestrand Fultz      394-405

Weak Representation Bias: 
A Statistical Approach to Modeling Early Phonological Acquisition
    Ying Lin      406-417

Getting More Action: Fewer Exemplars Facilitate Children's Verb Extensions
    Mandy J. Maguire      418-429

Underspecified Inflection in Comprehension: Evidence from L2 Spanish
    Corrine McCarthy      430-440

Argument Representation in Japanese/English Simultaneous Bilinguals: 
Is There a Crosslinguistic Influence?
    Satomi Mishina-Mori      441-450

Do 6-month-olds at Risk for Autism Display an Infant-directed Speech Preference?
    Aparna Nadig, Sally Ozonoff, Leher Singh, 
    Gregory Young, and Sally J. Rogers      451-461

Bi-clausal? Mono-clausal? The Acquisition of Japanese Causatives
    Reiko Okabe      462-473

First Language Vocabulary Loss in Early Bilinguals during Language Immersion: 
A Possible Role for Suppression 
    D. Kimbrough Oller, Linda Jarmulowicz, 
    Todd Gibson, and Erika Hoff      474-484

Lexical and Structural Cues for Acquiring Motion Verbs Cross-Linguistically
    Anna Papafragou and Stathis Selimis      485-496

French-English Bilingual Children's Acquisition of the Past Tense
    Johanne Paradis, Elena Nicoladis, and Martha Crago      497-507

The L2 Acquisition of the Unaccusative-Unergative 
Distinction in English Resultatives
    Kyae-Sung Park and Usha Lakshmanan      508-519

Gesture and the Acquisition of Verb Agreement in Sign Languages
    Ronice Müller de Quadros and Diane Lillo-Martin      520-531

Revisiting the Critical Period: Age of Onset or Length of Exposure?
    Sebastian M. Rasinger      532-542

The Acquisition of Tense and Agreement in Early Grammars 
and Early Root Nonfinites (in Child Slovenian) Revisited
    Dominik Rus      543-554

Combining Syntactic Frames and Semantic Roles to Acquire Verbs
    Rose M. Scott and Cynthia Fisher      555-566

Is Gradience of Mapping between Semantics and Syntax Possible in L2 Acquisition?
    Chuan-Kuo Shan and Boping Yuan      567-575

Scalar Implicatures in L2 Acquisition
    Roumyana Slabakova      576-584

Motion Events in L2 Acquisition: A Lexicalist Account
    David Stringer      585-596

The Configurationality Parameter in the Minimalist Program: 
A View from Child Japanese
    Koji Sugisaki      597-608

Does Maternal Input Affect the Language of Children with Autism?
    Lauren D. Swensen, Letitia R. Naigles, and Deborah Fein      609-619

Racing to Segment? Top-Down vs. Bottom Up in Infant Segmentation
    Elena Tenenbaum and James Morgan      620-631

Root Infinitives in Early Child Polish: The Syntactic and Interpretive Properties
    Marta Tryzna      632-643

Intervention Effects in L2 Grammars: Full Access at the Syntax-Semantics Interface
    Mari Umeda      644-655

Lexical and Grammatical Abilities in Williams Syndrome: 
Evidence from Past Tense and Plural Inflection 
    Spyridoula Varlokosta and Victoria Joffe      656-667

Online Processing of Subject-Verb Agreement in English 
by First and Second Language Speakers
    Zhijun Wen      668-679

Integration of Morphosyntactic and Semantic Information in L2 Learners
    Frances Wilson      680-691

Cross-Linguistic Differences in Cognitive Effects due to Bilingualism: 
Experimental Study of Lexicon and Executive Attention 
in Two Typologically Distinct Language Groups
    Sujin Yang and Barbara Lust      692-703

Discourse Anaphora and Referent Choice in L2 Writing Development
    Colleen Zaller, Joshua Lawrence, and Elizabeth Daigle	704-715

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