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BUCLD 30: Proceedings of the 30th annual
Boston University Conference on Language Development

edited by David Bamman, Tatiana Magnitskaia, and Colleen Zaller

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Front cover image   ix + 724 pages (2-volume set)
publication date: April 2006

ISBN 978-1-57473-064-7 paperback, $60.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-164-4 library binding, $125.00


The 30th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development was held November 4-6, 2005, in Boston, MA. The proceedings contains 62 of the papers presented at the conference.

The posters from the conference are not included in the printed proceedings, but many are available from the conference in an on-line proceedings supplement.

Volume 1

Global Foreign Accent and Classroom Input
in L2 Perception and Production
    Mamiko Akita      1-14

Subject-Object Asymmetry and Specificity Effects:
Children's Comprehension of Scalar Implicatures
    Sharon Armon-Lotem      15-23

Does the Face Say What the Mouth Says?
A Study of Infants' Sensitivity to Visual Prosody
    Megan Blossom and James Morgan      24-35

One-for-One and Two-for-Two: Anticipating Parallel Structure
between Events and Language
    Amanda Brandone, Dede A. Addy, Rachel Pulverman,
    Roberta M. Golinkoff, and Kathy Hirsh-Pasek      36-47

Aspectual Properties of Root Infinitive Verbs in Child Russian
    Dina Brun and Maria Babyonyshev      48-59

Constrained Flexibility in the Acquisition of Causative Verbs
    Ann Bunger and Jeffrey Lidz      60-71

Syntactic and Discourse Features of Subjects in Child Spanish:
Evidence from Spanish/English Bilingual Acquisition
    Eugenia Casielles, Jean Andruski,
    Sahyang Kim, Geoff Nathan, and Richard Work      72-83

ELL Preschoolers' Rare Vocabulary Learning:
The Effect of Storybook Reading on Word Classes
    Molly F. Collins      84-95

The Effect of Priming on Preschooler's Extension
of Novel Words - How Far Can 'Dumb' Processes Go?
    Eliana Colunga      96-106

The Role of Semantic Generality in Verb Acquisition
    Erin Conwell      107-118

The Seeds of Spatial Grammar: Spatial Modulation
and Coreference in Homesigning and Hearing Adults
    Marie Coppola and Wing Chee So      119-130

Flex Those Muscles: The Variety of Skills that
Developing Bilingual Children Use When They Read
    S. Hélène Deacon, Lesly Wade-Woolley, and Kathleen Kelly      131-141

The Influence of Production on the Perception of Speech
    Rory A. DePaolis      142-153

Something Different (in English and Japanese)
    Nigel Duffield, Ayumi Matsuo, and Gary Wood      154-165

The Role of L1 Verb Bias in L2 Sentence Parsing
    Paola E. Dussias and Tracy R. Cramer      166-177

Infants of 14 Months Use Phonetic Detail
in Novel Words Embedded in Naming Phrases
    Christopher T. Fennell      178-189

Learning to Express Causal Events across Languages:
What do Speech and Gesture Patterns Reveal?
    Reyhan Furman, Asli Özyürek, and Shanley Allen      190-201

Variable Input and the Discovery of Lexical Tones in Infants:
A Connectionist Approach
    Bruno Gauthier, Rushen Shi, and Yi Xu      202-212

Prosodic Transfer: L1 Effects on the Production of L2 Determiners
    Heather Goad and Lydia White      213-224

Multiple Interrogatives in Child Language
    Lydia Grebenyova      225-236

Intonational Patterns and Word Structure in Early Child German
    Angela Grimm      237-248

By the Way, Children Don't Know By
    Christopher Hirsch and Ken Wexler      249-261

Nonword Repetition Assesses Phonological Development and Predicts Vocabulary Size in One-Year-Olds
    Erika Hoff and Cynthia Core      262-268

Phonological Specificity of Early Lexical Representations
in German 19-Month-Olds at Risk for SLI
    Barbara Höhle, Ruben van de Vijver,
    Sonja Bartels, and Jürgen Weissenborn      269-280

Subject-Object Ambiguities in L2 Parsing
    Holger Hopp      281-292

A Discourse-Pragmatic Analysis of Subject Omission in Child English
    Mary Hughes and Shanley Allen      293-304

On the Logophoric Long-Distance Binding Interpretation
of the Korean Local Anaphor 'Caki-casin' by Early Bilinguals
    Ji-Hye Kim, Silvina Montrul, and James Yoon      305-315

Age Effects in the L2 Acquisition of the Lexicon-Syntax Interface
    Tihana Kras      316-327

Reconstruction Effects in Child Language
    Erin M. Leddon and Jeffrey L. Lidz      328-339

Language and Object-Substance Construal
    Peggy Li, Yarrow Dunham, and Susan Carey      340-351

"No Positive Evidence" and a Less Innatist Account
of Causative Alternation Errors
    Jean-Philippe Marcotte      352-364

Volume 2

The Effect of Variable Input on Comprehension:
Evidence from Spanish
    Karen Miller and Cristina Schmitt      365-376

Maximality and Plurality in Children's Interpretation of Definites
    Alan Munn, Karen Miller, and Cristina Schmitt      377-387

Language-Specific Properties Influence
Children's Acquisition of Argument Structure
    Letitia R. Naigles, Aylin C. Küntay,
    Tilbe Göksun, and Joanne N. Lee      388-398

Children's Overregularizations and Irregularizations
of the Turkish Aorist
    Mine Nakipoglu and Nihan Ketrez      399-410

Follow Your Nose:
Non-Native Nasal Consonant Discrimination in Infancy
    Chandan R. Narayan      411-422

Kernel Vocabulary and Zipf's Law
in Maternal Input to Syntactic Development
    Anat Ninio      423-431

Preschoolers Attend to a Speaker's Knowledge
when Learning Adjectives
    Erika Nurmsoo      432-440

Long Passives are Understood by Young Children
    Karen O'Brien, Elaine Grolla, and Diane Lillo-Martin      441-451

The Impact of Morphological Markers
on Infants' and Adults' Speech Processing
    Lydia Pelzer and Barbara Höhle      452-463

The Role of Phonetic Naturalness in Phonological Rule Acquisition
    Sharon Peperkamp, Katrin Skoruppa, and Emmanuel Dupoux      464-475

Foundations of Verb Learning:
Labels Promote Action Category Formation
    Shannon M. Pruden and Kathy Hirsh-Pasek      476-488

Introduing Phon: A Software Solution for
the Study of Phonological Acquisition
    Yvan Rose, Brian MacWhinney, Rodrigue Byrne, Gregory
    Hedlund, Keith Maddocks, Philip O'Brien, and Todd Wareham      489-500

The Added Value of Gesture in Predicting Vocabulary Growth
    Meredith Rowe, Seyda Özçaliskan, and Susan Goldin-Meadow      501-512

Child Language Imperatives:
Questioning the 'Imperative as an RI-Analogue' Hypothesis
    Dominik Rus and Pritha Chandra      513-524

Word Stress Acquisition:
A Comparison between Brazilian Portuguese and Dutch
    Raquel S. Santos      525-536

Evidence for Wh-Scope Marking
in Advanced Japanese-English Interlanguage
    Barbara Schulz      537-548

Segmentation and Representation of Function Words
in Preverbal French-Learning Infants
    Rushen Shi, Alexandra Marquis, and Bruno Gauthier      549-560

Effects of Word Familiarity on Word Recognition in Infancy
    Leher Singh, Sarah S. Nestor, and Heather Bortfeld      561-571

Caregiver and Child in the Acquisition
of (Socio)linguistic Norms in a Scottish Dialect
    Jennifer Smith, Mercedes Durham, and Liane Fortune      572-583

Whole-Word versus Part-Word Phonotactic Probability/
Neighborhood Density in Word Learning by Children
    Holly L. Storkel and Jill R. Hoover      584-594

Biological and Psychosocial Factors Affect Linguistic
and Cognitive Development Differently: A Twin Study
    Karin Stromswold      595-606

The Effect of Familiarity and Semantics
on Early Acquisition of Japanese Numeral Classifiers
    Hiromi Sumiya and Eliana Colunga      607-618

Testing for OO-Faithfulness in Artificial Phonological Acquisition
    Anne-Michelle Tessier      619-630

Children's Developing Ability to Interpret
Adjective-Noun Combinations
    Kirsten Thorpe, Heidi Baumgartner, and Anne Fernald      631-642

Children's Representation of Verbs:
Evidence from Priming during Online Sentence Comprehension
    Malathi Thothathiri and Jesse Snedeker      643-652

Differentiating Interfaces: L2 Performance
in Syntax-Semantics and Syntax-Discourse Phenomena
    Ianthi Tsimpli and Antonella Sorace      653-664

Give = CAUSE + HAVE/GO: Evidence for Early Semantic
Decomposition of Dative Verbs in English Child Corpora
    Joshua Viau      665-676

Speech Segmentation in a Bilingual Environment
    Daniel J. Weiss and Chip Gerfen      677-688

"Really? He Blicked the Cat?":
Two-Year-Olds Learn Distributional Facts
about Verbs in the Absence of a Referential Context
    Sylvia Yuan and Cynthia Fisher      689-700

Acquisition of Voicing Neutralization and Alternations in Dutch
    Tania S. Zamuner, Annemarie Kerkhoff, and Paula Fikkert      701-712

Competing Grammars and Parametric Shifts in Second Language
Acquisition and the History of English and Spanish
    Helmut Zobl and Juana M. Liceras      713-724

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