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BUCLD 29: Proceedings of the 29th annual
Boston University Conference on Language Development

edited by Alejna Brugos, Manuella R. Clark-Cotton, and Seungwan Ha

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Front cover image   ix + 685 pages (2-volume set)
publication date: April 2005

ISBN 978-1-57473-054-8 paperback, $60.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-154-5 library binding, $125.00


The 29th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development was held November 5-7, 2004, in Boston, MA. The proceedings contains 59 of the papers presented at the conference, including the keynote address by Elizabeth Spelke.

The posters from this conference are not included in the printed proceedings, but are available from the conference in an on-line proceedings supplement.

Volume 1

Language and Core Knowledge
    Elizabeth S. Spelke      1-11

Acquisition without a Language Model:
The Case of Mauritian Home Sign
    Dany Adone      12-23

The Effectiveness of a Prosody-Oriented Approach
in L2 Perception and Production
    Mamiko Akita      24-36

Relative Clause Acquistion in Hebrew:
Towards a Processing-Oriented Account
    Inbal Arnon      37-48

Object Clitics in Child Romanian
    Maria Babyonyshev and Stefania Marin      49-60

The Syntactic Encoding of Individuation
in Language and Language Acquisition
    David Barner and Rebecca McKeown      61-72

From V2 to V2: Swedish Learners of German
    Ute Bohnacker      73-84

Vulnerable Morphemes in Imperfect Bilingual L1 Acquisition
    Agnes Bolonyai      85-96

Acquisition of Mood Distinctions in L2 Spanish
    Claudia Borgonovo, Joyce Bruhn de Garavito,
    and Philippe Prévost      97-108

A Blue Cat or a Cat that is is Blue? Evidence for
Abstract Syntax in Young Children's Noun Phrases
    Holly P. Branigan, Janet F. McLean, and Manon Jones      109-121

Prosodic Constraints and the Syntax-Phonology Interface:
The Phonology of Object Clitics in L2 French
    Meaghen Buckley      122-133

Acquisition of a Natural vs. an Unnatural Stress System
    Angela C. Carpenter      134-143

Abstract and Object-Anchored Deixis: Pointing and
Spatial Layout in Adult Homesign Systems in Nicaragua
    Marie Coppola and Wing Chee So      144-155

Productive Agreement in Swahili: Against a Piecemeal Approach
    Kamil Ud Deen      156-167

The Status of Ostensibly Nonfinite Matrix Verbs in Child French:
Results from a New Corpus
    Cristina Dye      168-179

Learning Syntactic Constructions from Raw Corpora
    Shimon Edelman, Zach Solan, David Horn, and Eytan Ruppin      180-191

Generalizing Argument Structure in the Third Year of Life
    Keith J. Fernandes, Gary F. Marcus,
    Jennifer A. DiNubila, and Athena Vouloumanos      192-203

Rhymes as a Window into Grammar
    Paula Fikkert, Marieke van Heugten,
    Philo Offermans, and Tania S. Zamuner      204-215

Representational 'Deficits' in L2: Syntactic or Phonological?
    Heather Goad and Lydia White      216-227

Two Disjunctions for the Price of Only One
    Takuya Goro, Utako Minai, and Stephen Crain      228-239

18 Month Old Infants' Sensitivity to
Number Agreement inside the Noun Phrase
    Ana Gouvea, Gabriela Aldana, Todd Bell,
    Kate Cody, Cy de Groat, Charlotte Johnson,
    Devon McCabe, Lindsey Zimmerman, and John J. Kim      240-247

Distinctions in Past-Time Marking in
Child African American English
    Lisa Green, Rebecca Quigley, and Nikki Seifert      248-259

How a Poverty-of-the Stimulus Problem Can Be
Overcome in SLA: Identifying L2 Trigger Input
    Masahiro Hara      260-271

Noun Bias in Chinese Children: Novel Noun and Verb
Learning in Chinese, Japanese, and English Preschoolers
    Etsuko Haryu, Mutsumi Imai, Hiroyuki Okada,
    Lianjing Li, Meredith A. Meyer, Kathy Hirsh-Pasek,
    and Roberta Michnick Golinkoff      272-283

Understanding the Link between Complexity and Regularization:
What Counts as Complex?
    Carla L. Hudson Kam      284-293

Pied-Piping in Child French: An Experimental Study
    Miwa Isobe      294-305

Age Differences in Perceptual Sensitivity to New Speech Sounds:
The Younger the Better?
    Gisela Jia, Winifred Strange,
    Yanhong Wu, Julissa Collado, and Qi Guan      306-319

Grammatical Gender and Early Word Recognition in Dutch
    Elizabeth K. Johnson      320-330

A Learnability Puzzle in Scrambling
    Bosook Kang      331-340

Volume 2

Overcoming Polysemy in First Language Acquisition:
The Case of with
    Evan Kidd and Thea Cameron-Faulkner      341-352

When Does Many Mean a Lot?
Discourse Pragmatics of the Weak-Strong Distinction
    Irene Krämer      353-364

The Acquisition of Focus Constructions in
American Sign Language and Língua de Sinais Brasileira
    Diane Lillo-Martin and Ronice Müller de Quadros      365-375

Who Can You Trust? A Closer Look at Preschoolers'
Developing Sensitivity to Epistemic Expressions
    Tomoko Matsui, Taeko Yamamoto, and Peter McCagg      376-388

Young Children Understand some Implicatures
    Karen Miller, Cristina Schmitt,
    Hsiang-Hua Chang, and Alan Munn      389-400

Effects of Phonetic Variation on Early Word Learning
    Sarah S. Nestor and Leher Singh      401-412

Linguistic Proficiency of the Deaf Bilingual Child
in French Sign Language and Written French:
What is the Relation between the Two?
    Nathalie Niederberger and Ulrich H. Frauenfelder      413-423

Event Realization and Default Aspect:
Evidence from Children with Specific Language Impairment
    Diane A. Ogiela, Michael W. Casby, and Cristina Schmitt      424-435

Children's Acquisition of Benefactives and Passives in Japanese
    Reiko Okabe      436-447

Swedish Tone Accents in Early Production Revisited
    Mitsuhiko Ota      448-458

Semantic Bias in the Acquisition of Relative Clauses in Japanese
    Hiromi Ozeki and Yasuhiro Shirai      459-470

Morphological Cues in Children's Processing of Ambiguous
Sentences: A Study of Subject/Object Ambiguities in Greek
    Despina Papadopoulou and Ianthi Tsimpli      471-481

Learning a Stratified Grammar
    Joe Pater      482-492

Bare Participles Are Not Root Infinitives:
Evidence from Early Child Slovenian
    Dominik Rus and Pritha Chandra      493-503

Anaphora Resolution in Monolingual
and Bilingual Language Acquisition
    Ludovica Serratrice      504-515

Learning Argument Structure in an Argument Dropping Language
    Nitya Sethuraman      516-527

The Acquisition of Tense and Aspect in Child Korean
    Kyung Sook Shin      528-539

The Different Properties of Root Infinitives
and Finite Verbs in the Acquisition of Icelandic
    Sigríður Sigurjónsdóttir      540-551

Integration of Content and Form
in Normal and Pragmatically Impaired Populations
    Leher Singh      552-563

Lexical Growth and Acquisition of Morphological Forms
    Filip Smolík      564-573

A Toy Can't Be Stoof if It's Not Really a Toy:
Object Knowledge and Adjective Acquisition
    Laura Steenberge and Toben H. Mintz      574-581

Early Acquisition of Basic Word Order:
New Evidence from Japanese
    Koji Sugisaki      582-591

Verb Position and Verb Form in English-speaking
Children's L2 Acquisition of German
    Jennie Tran      592-603

On the Status of Determiner Fillers in Early French:
What the Child Knows
    Annie Tremblay      604-615

Wh-movement in Japanese-English Interlanguage:
Evidence from Scope and Reconstruction
    Mari Umeda      616-626

Overcoming the Poverty-of-the-Stimulus:
Scrambled Indefinites in English-Dutch Interlanguage
    Sharon Unsworth      627-638

Children's Use of Pointing to
Anchor Reference during Story-telling
    Laura Wagner, Edward Kako,
    Emily Amick, Emily Carrigan, and Kris Liu      639-650

When is a Dar a Car? Effects of Mispronunciation and
Referential Context on Sound-Meaning Mappings
    Katherine S. White, James L. Morgan, and Lauren M. Wier      651-662

Novelty and Regularization:
The Effect of Novel Instances on Rule Formation
    Elizabeth Wonnacott and Elissa L. Newport      663-673

What Transfers? Word Integrity and Assimilation
in Korean-English Interlanguage
    Elizabeth C. Zsiga and Hyouk-Keun Kim      674-685

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