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Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Bilingualism

edited by James Cohen, Kara T. McAlister, Kellie Rolstad, and Jeff MacSwan

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publication date: May 2005

ISBN 978-1-57473-210-8 CD-ROM, $85.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-107-1 library binding (5 volumes), $2150.00


The 4th International Symposium on Bilingualism was held from April 30 to May 3, 2003, at Arizona State University. The proceedings includes 190 papers from the conference (see the table of contents below).

The papers in the ISB4 Proceedings examine bilingualism around the world, discussing the nature and effects of bilingualism in individuals and families, classrooms, communities, and countries. The authors come from a wide range of fields: linguistics, education, psychology, sociology, biology, medicine, and public policy. Topics include linguistic development in bilingual children, codeswitching, language policy and ideology, bilingualism and the brain, language impairments, sociolinguistic studies of bilingual communities and migration, language shift and attrition, second language acquisition among children and adults, bilingualism in school settings, and much more.

The CD-ROM contains the entire proceedings in PDF format, so you can easily browse or search the entire proceedings and print the papers that you want to read. The proceedings is also available as a 5-volume set in library binding. The papers are identical in both editions.

New as of February 2008: By special arrangement with the conference organizers, we are pleased to offer searchable access to the complete proceedings on the web. Each paper has a link below to the complete pdf file for that paper. The pdf file for each paper is identical to the CD-ROM and printed edition, with an added cover sheet at the end containing the information from the title page and copyright page of the proceedings. You can also search the entire ISB4 Proceedings here using Google.

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     Jeff MacSwan, Kellie Rolstad, Kara T. McAlister, and James Cohen
     xxi-xxiv (complete pdf)

1. Contact and Attitudes towards Bilingualism in Canada
     Margaret Adsett and Michael Morin
     1-17 (complete pdf)

2. National and Official Languages in Nigeria:
     Reflections on Linguistic Interference and the Impact
     of Language Policy and Politics on Minority Languages
     Emmanuel Aito
     18-38 (complete pdf)

3. Functional Categories and Clause Structure in a Greek-English Speaking
     Bilingual Patient with Broca's Aphasia: Evidence from Adverb Placement
     Artemis Alexiadou and Stavroula Stavrakaki
     39-57 (complete pdf)

4. Vocabulary Size and Accuracy
     of Monolingual and Bilingual Preschool Children
     Bohdana Allman
     58-77 (complete pdf)

5. Prueba de Español
     Walter Rudolfo Archuleta
     78-83 (complete pdf)

6. Did Our Ancestors Code-switch? Inferring from Written Records
     Joan A. Argenter
     84-93 (complete pdf)

7. Code Switching in a Spanish-English Bilingual Child:
     A Communication Resource
     Raquel Arias and Usha Lakshmanan
     94-109 (complete pdf)

8. Late Second Language Learners: What Predicts Good Outcomes?
     Terry Kit-fong Au and Janet S. Oh
     110-122 (complete pdf)

9. Official Bilingualism in Cameroon: Instrumental or Integrative Policy?
     Isaiah Munang Ayafor
     123-142 (complete pdf)

10. Verb Movement Phenomena in Spanish:
     "Mixed Languages" and Bilingualism
     Dalila Ayoun
     143-162 (complete pdf)

11. The Interaction of the Bilingual's Two Phonetic Systems:
     Differences in Early and Late Korean-English Bilinguals
     Wendy Baker
     163-174 (complete pdf)

12. What Happened to the Linguistic Rights
     of Second Language Learners in California?
     Marta P. Baltodano
     175-185 (complete pdf)

13. Code-switching and Preference Marking:
     Disagreement in Persian/Azerbaijani Bilingual Conversation
     Helena Bani-Shoraka
     186-198 (complete pdf)

14. Strategies for Linguistic and Cultural Continuity
     in Spanish based Catholic Religious Education Programs (Doctrina)
     Patricia Baquedano-López, Rosa Leticia Leyva, and Tanya Barretto
     199-209 (complete pdf)

15. Language Ideologies, Discriminatory Practices and
     the Deaf Community in Hungary
     Csilla Bartha
     210-222 (complete pdf)

16. Language Brokering in a Middle School Science Class
     Robert Bayley, Holly Hansen-Thomas, and Juliet Langman
     223-232 (complete pdf)

17. Language Attitudes and Ethnolinguistic Identity in South Africa:
     A Critical Review
     Ian Bekker
     233-239 (complete pdf)

18. Perception of VOT and First Formant Onset
     by Spanish and English Speakers
     José R. Benkí
     240-248 (complete pdf)

19. Bilingual Schooling as Educational Development:
     From Experimentation to Implementation
     Carol Benson
     249-258 (complete pdf)

20. Amendment 31 in Colorado
     Brad Benz
     259-266 (complete pdf)

21. Comprehending Algebra Word Problems in the First and Second Languages
     Gloria Cecilia Berdugo Oviedo
     267-295 (complete pdf)

22. Root Infinitives in the Spontaneous Speech of Two Bilingual Children:
     Evidence for Separate Grammatical Systems
     Julia Berger-Morales, Manola Salustri, and Jill Gilkerson
     296-305 (complete pdf)

23. Code Switching in Normal and Aphasic Kannada-English Bilinguals
     Sapna Bhat and Shyamala Chengappa
     306-316 (complete pdf)

24. English Verbs in Hungarian/English Codeswitching
     Agnes Bolonyai
     317-327 (complete pdf)

25. Changes in Bilingual Language Choice Influenced by Real
     and Apparent Time: Panel Study in the Process of Language Shift
     in a Romanian Minority Community Living in Hungary
     Anna Borbély
     328-340 (complete pdf)

26. L2-Learner Varieties by Moroccan Adolescents in French and Dutch
     Petra Bos
     341-353 (complete pdf)

27. Developmental Changes in the Discrimination
     of Vowel Contrasts in Bilingual Infants
     Laura Bosch and Núria Sebastián-Gallés
     354-363 (complete pdf)

28. French and English Literacy in French Immersion:
     Student Performance and Perceptions
     Monique Bournot-Trites and Kenneth Reeder
     364-376 (complete pdf)

29. Using Language to Do School:
     Linguistic Minority Students and Academic Tasks
     George C. Bunch
     377-390 (complete pdf)

30. Reconsidering Factors Affecting the Acquisition
     of Novel Second Language Phonemes: A Study of Hungarian ESL Learners
     Ferenc Bunta
     391-397 (complete pdf)

31. Language Learning Context for an Effective ESL Policy
     Sandra L. Cade and Ruth L. Abbott
     398-410 (complete pdf)

32. An Ethnographic Narrative of a Family Case Study
     to Rear Biliterate/Bilingual Children in Two Monolingual Cultures
     Stephen J. Caldas and Suzanne Caron Caldas
     411-428 (complete pdf)

33. English Language Proficiency and Track Placement:
     Variable Effects on Academic Achievement
     Rebecca M. Callahan
     429-451 (complete pdf)

34. Memory and Language in Bilingual Alzheimer and Parkinson Patients:
     Insights from Verb Inflection
     Luisa Cameli, Natalie A. Phillips, Shanna Kousaie, and Michel Panisset
     452-476 (complete pdf)

35. Evidence against a Third Grammar:
     Code-switching in Italian-German Bilingual Children
     Katja Francesca Cantone
     477-496 (complete pdf)

36. Bilingual Language Practices in
     a Dual Language Immersion Elementary School
     Holly Cashman
     497-505 (complete pdf)

37. Early Foreign Language Education and Metalinguistic Development: A Study
     of Monolingual, Bilingual and Trilingual Children on Noun Definition Tasks
     Krassimira Dimitrova Charkova
     506-521 (complete pdf)

38. The Influence of Language Experience on Cortical Activation in Bilinguals
     Michael Chee, Chun Siong Soon, and Hwee Ling Lee
     522-526 (complete pdf)

39. The Social Distinctiveness of Two Code-mixing Styles in Hong Kong
     Katherine Hoi Ying Chen
     527-541 (complete pdf)

40. Minority Ethnic Pupils in Mainly White Schools:
     What it Means to Be "Bilingual"
     Tony Cline and Guida de Abreu
     542-551 (complete pdf)

41. Investigating Bilingual Lexical Access:
     Processing French-English Homographs in Sentential Contexts
     Kathy Conklin and Gail Mauner
     552-569 (complete pdf)

42. Balanced Literacy in a Spanish-English Kindergarten
     Barbara Culatta, Richard Culatta, Richard Aslett, and Candy Wilson
     570-582 (complete pdf)

43. Language Shift and Group Identity:
     Mennonite Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union in Germany
     Helmut Daller
     583-593 (complete pdf)

44. The Composition of the Bilingual Lexicon
     Annabelle David and Li Wei
     594-607 (complete pdf)

45. Minority Language Survival: Code-mixing in Welsh
     Margaret Deuchar
     608-620 (complete pdf)

46. Minority Language Survival in Northwest Wales: An Introduction
     Margaret Deuchar
     621-624 (complete pdf)

47. The Bilingual Education Policy in Singapore:
     Implications for Second Language Acquisition
     L. Quentin Dixon
     625-635 (complete pdf)

48. Bilingualism and National Unity: A Canadian Study
     Georges Duquette
     636-642 (complete pdf)

49. The Immersion Experience in Anglophone Primary Schools in Cameroon
     George Echu
     643-655 (complete pdf)

50. Bilingual Reading from a Dual Coding Perspective
     Fabiola Ehlers-Zavala
     656-662 (complete pdf)

51. Bimodal Bilingualism:
     Code-blending between Spoken English and American Sign Language
     Karen Emmorey, Helsa B. Borinstein, and Robin Thompson
     663-673 (complete pdf)

52. Current Language Proficiency Tests and Their Implications
     for Preschool English Language Learners
     Alberto Esquinca, David Yaden, and Robert Rueda
     674-680 (complete pdf)

53. Evolución del Bilingüismo en los 25 Últimos Años:
     Desarrollo de la Educación Bilingüe y Normalización Lingüística
     Feli Etxeberria Sagastume
     681-690 (complete pdf)

54. Learning Spanish in Internships and Study Abroad
     Eduardo D. Faingold and Juan Buchas
     691-696 (complete pdf)

55. Making Languages
     Ralph W. Fasold
     697-702 (complete pdf)

56. La Educación Bilingüe en el País Vasco: Problemas y Retos
     Teresa Fernández-Ulloa
     703-729 (complete pdf)

57. Use of Mazes in the Narrative Language Samples
     of Bilingual and Monolingual 4- to 7-year old Children
     Christine E. Fiestas, Lisa M. Bedore, Elizabeth D. Peña, and Vanessa J. Nagy
     730-740 (complete pdf)

58. Task-Dependent L2-L1 Translation Priming:
     An Investigation of the Separate Memory Systems Account
     Matthew Finkbeiner
     741-750 (complete pdf)

59. Perception of Errors in Second Language Syntax:
     Acquisition or Processing Difficulties?
     Malcolm Awadajin Finney
     751-767 (complete pdf)

60. New Paradigm for the Study of Simultaneous v. Sequential Bilingualism
     Suzanne Flynn, Claire Foley, and Inna Vinnitskaya
     768-774 (complete pdf)

61. Cross-linguistic Influence, Transfer and Other Kinds of Language
     Interaction: Evidence for Modularity from the Study of Bilingualism
     Norbert Francis
     775-786 (complete pdf)

62. The Characteristics of Bilingual and Monolingual U.S. Workers
     Richard Fry and B. Lindsay Lowell
     787-799 (complete pdf)

63. The Sociopragmatic Values of Pennsylvania German ("Dutch"):
     Changes Across Time, Place and Anababtist Sect
     Janet M. Fuller
     800-807 (complete pdf)

64. Evaluating the Role of the L1 in the L2 Acquisition of Aspect:
     A Study of Japanese Learners of English
     Alison Gabriele, Gita Martohardjono, and William McClure
     808-826 (complete pdf)

65. Bilinguals' Creativity in the Use of English in China's Advertising
     Liwei Gao
     827-837 (complete pdf)

66. Differentiation, Carry-over, and the Distributed Characteristic in Bilinguals:
     Structural "Mixing" of the Two Languages?
     Virginia C. Mueller Gathercole, Nadine Laporte, and Enlli Môn Thomas
     838-851 (complete pdf)

67. Minority Language Survival:
     Input Factors Influencing the Acquisition of Welsh
     Virginia C. Mueller Gathercole and Enlli Môn Thomas
     852-874 (complete pdf)

68. All Children Start out as Multilinguals
     Ira Gawlitzek-Maiwald and Rosemarie Tracy
     875-889 (complete pdf)

69. The Capacity of the Language Faculty:
     Contributions from Studies of Simultaneous Bilingual Acquisition
     Fred Genesee
     890-901 (complete pdf)

70. Bilingual Identity among Youth in Minority Settings: A Complex Notion
     Diane Gérin-Lajoie
     902-913 (complete pdf)

71. Articulatory Difficulties in the Acquisiton
     of Spanish /r/ in a Bilingual Context
     Manuela González-Bueno
     914-934 (complete pdf)

72. Developmental Bilingual Education in the Real World:
     Using Longitudinal Data to Enhance Dual Language Program Development
     Margo Gottlieb and Ngoc Diep Nguyen
     935-947 (complete pdf)

73. Co-constructing Identity: The Use of 'haafu' by
     a Group of Bilingual Multi-ethnic Japanese Teenagers
     Tim Greer
     948-963 (complete pdf)

74. The Role of Ordinary Primary Schools in
     the Maintenance and Revival of Irish
     John Harris
     964-977 (complete pdf)

75. Language Maintenance in Hispanic University Students:
     Analyzing Written Competence
     Deborah J. Hasson
     978-1000 (complete pdf)

76. Do Multicultural Policies Work? Language Maintenance and Acculturation
     in Two Vintages of Hungarian Diaspora in Queensland, Australia
     Anikó Hatoss
     1001-1009 (complete pdf)

77. Japanese English Bilingual Children
     in Three Different Educational Environments
     Asako Hayashi
     1010-1033 (complete pdf)

78. Bilingualism as One of Many Environmental Variables
     that Affect Language Development
     Erika Hoff and Christian Elledge
     1034-1040 (complete pdf)

79. Phonological Memory Skill in Monolingual and Bilingual 23-Month-Olds
     Erika Hoff and Jodi McKay
     1041-1044 (complete pdf)

80. L1 Attrition and Recovery - A Case Study
     Juliet B. Hubbell-Weinhold
     1045-1052 (complete pdf)

81. "Have you ever used this book with children?":
     Elementary Children's Responses to "Bilingual" Picture Books
     Sarah Hudelson, Karen Smith, and Linda Knudsen Hawes
     1053-1061 (complete pdf)

82. Early Re-exposure to a 'Lost' Heritage Language:
     Goals, Variables, and Observed Use
     Kirsten M. Hummel
     1062-1079 (complete pdf)

83. Dyslexia Prevention in Multilingual Children:
     A Longitudinal Outcomes Study
     Yvette Hus
     1080-1092 (complete pdf)

84. Teaching English Vocabulary to Bilinguals -
     Hungarian-Romanian (9-11 of Age) with the Help of Romanian
     Tatiana Iatcu
     1093-1104 (complete pdf)

85. An Aspect Marking Construction Shared
     by Two Typologically Different Languages
     Shinji Ido
     1105-1114 (complete pdf)

86. Cross Linguistic Transfer in Word Order:
     Evidence from L1 Forgetting and L2 Acquisition
     Ludmila Isurin
     1115-1130 (complete pdf)

87. Conceptual Processing in Chinese-English Bilinguals:
     An fMRI Study of Cross-Language Conceptual Priming (Brief Report)
     Irene P. Kan and Sharon L. Thompson-Schill
     1131-1138 (complete pdf)

88. Linguistic Profiles of Heritage Bilingual Learners of Japanese
     Kazue Kanno, Tomomi Hasegawa, Keiko Ikeda, and Yasuko Ito
     1139-1151 (complete pdf)

89. Bilingualism in Turkey
     Firdevs Karahan
     1152-1166 (complete pdf)

90. Language Revitalization in an Inner-City Latino Community
     Higinia Torres-Karna and Ellen Tharp de Kanter
     1167-1176 (complete pdf)

91. A Program for Linguistically Talented Youth
     Barbara Kerr, Sanford Cohn, and Kara T. McAlister
     1177-1186 (complete pdf)

92. Problems of Bilingualism in Armenia
     Anaida Khachikyan
     1187-1189 (complete pdf)

93. Bilingualism as Mutuality in Adult Second Language Learners
     Margot Kinberg
     1190-1200 (complete pdf)

94. The Effects of French on English L2 in Cameroon
     Jean-Paul Kouega
     1201-1210 (complete pdf)

95. Reading Transfer in Second Language Readers
     Holly Krech Thomas and Alice F. Healy
     1211-1224 (complete pdf)

96. To Be or Not to Be Bilingual:
     Autistic Children from Multilingual Families
     Tamar Kremer-Sadlik
     1225-1234 (complete pdf)

97. Beyond Time on Task:
     Strategy Use and Development in Intensive Core French
     Paula Kristmanson
     1235-1251 (complete pdf)

98. Gender Acquisition in Bilingual Spanish
     Imme Kuchenbrandt
     1252-1263 (complete pdf)

99. Line or Circle? The Process of Past Tenses Acquistion
     by Advanced Learners of French
     Emmanuelle Labeau
     1264-1275 (complete pdf)

100. Early Childhood Development of Simultaneous Bilingualism:
     A Case Study on English and Italian
     Chiara Dal-Martello Lage
     1276-1286 (complete pdf)

101. Bilingual Negotiations in the Science Classroom
     Juliet Langman, Holly Hansen-Thomas, and Robert Bayley
     1287-1296 (complete pdf)

102. Pupil Voice, Individual Learning and Social Space:
     Conversations and Stories with Bilingual and Monolingual Pupils
     in Several Primary and Secondary Schools in South East Wales
     Janet Laugharne
     1297-1308 (complete pdf)

103. The North Caucasus Bilingualism and Language Identity
     Vladimir Lazarev and Ludmila Pravikova
     1309-1327 (complete pdf)

104. Korean English Bilinguals (KEB) vs. English Monolinguals (EM):
     Language and International Marriage Partnership
     Jamie Shinhee Lee
     1328-1343 (complete pdf)

105. Second vs.Third Language Acquisition of Tense and Agreement in
     French by Vietnamese Monolinguals and Cantonese-English Bilinguals
     Yan-kit Ingrid Leung
     1344-1352 (complete pdf)

106. Markedness Effects in the Acquisition of Voiced Stop Spirantization
     by Spanish-German Bilinguals
     Conxita Lleó and Martin Rakow
     1353-1371 (complete pdf)

107. "There's so much that can still be done":
     The Work of a Navajo Bilingual Teacher
     Louise Lockard and Verna Clinton
     1372-1377 (complete pdf)

108. A Look into the Homes of Spanish-Speaking Preschool Children
     Lisa M. López
     1378-1383 (complete pdf)

109. Stable Bilingualism and Phonological (Non)Convergence
     in Pennsylvania German
     Mark L. Louden and B. Richard Page
     1384-1392 (complete pdf)

110. Codeswitching: An Examination of Naturally Occurring Conversation
     Rosamina Lowi
     1393-1406 (complete pdf)

111. Children as Socializing Agents:
     Family Language Policy in Situations of Language Shift
     Aurolyn Luykx
     1407-1414 (complete pdf)

112. The "Non-Non" Crisis and Academic Bias
     in Native Language Assessment of Linguistic Minorities
     Jeff MacSwan
     1415-1422 (complete pdf)

113. Identity and Agency in Primary Trilingual Children's
     Multiple Cultural Worlds: Third Space and Heritage Languages
     Mary H. Maguire
     1423-1445 (complete pdf)

114. A Case Study of French Immersion Stayers in an Ottawa High School:
     Cultural Capital, Investment, and Identification to French
     Josée Makropoulos
     1446-1460 (complete pdf)

115. The Place of Language and the Language of Place in the Basque Country
     Jan Mansvelt Beck
     1461-1477 (complete pdf)

116. Autobiographical Memory and Language in Bicultural Bilinguals
     Viorica Marian and Margarita Kaushanskaya
     1478-1486 (complete pdf)

117. From Monolingualism to Multilingualism:
     Recent Changes in Moroccan Language Policy
     Dawn Marley
     1487-1500 (complete pdf)

118. The Interplay between Context and Students' Self-regulation
     in Bilingual Literature Discussions: A Case Study
     Carmen M. Martínez-Roldán
     1501-1521 (complete pdf)

119. The Role of Syntax in Reading Comprehension:
     A Study of Bilingual Readers
     Gita Martohardjono, Ricardo Otheguy, Alison Gabriele,
     Michele de Goeas-Malone, Malgosia Szupica-Pyrzanowski,
     Erika Troseth, Silvia Rivero, and Zoe Schutzman
     1522-1544 (complete pdf)

120. Between Two Languages:
     The Linguistic Repertoire of Italian Immigrants in Flanders
     Stefania Marzo
     1545-1559 (complete pdf)

121. The Politics of Homogeneity:
     A Critical Exploration of the Anti-bilingual Education Movement
     Stephen May
     1560-1566 (complete pdf)

122. Bilingual Education in Aotearoa/New Zealand: At the Crossroad
     Stephen May and Richard Hill
     1567-1573 (complete pdf)

123. Funding Opportunities for Research in Bilingualism:
     Information from the National Institutes of Health
     Peggy McCardle
     1574-1577 (complete pdf)

124. Speech and Language Therapy Services for Bilingual Children
     in England and Scotland: A Tale of Three Cities
     Ineke Mennen, Jois Stansfield, and Sally Johnston
     1578-1596 (complete pdf)

125. Towards a Conceptualization of an Indigenous/Post-Colonial
     Bilingualism: Examples from Central Mexico
     Jacqueline Messing
     1597-1601 (complete pdf)

126. Bilingual Risk Communication
     Bernd Meyer
     1602-1613 (complete pdf)

127. Vocabulary Development in Spanish-speaking
     Head Start Children of Puerto Rican Descent
     Adele W. Miccio, Patton O. Tabors, Mariela M. Páez,
     Carol Scheffner Hammer, and David A. Wagstaff
     1614-1617 (complete pdf)

128. Bilingual Narrative Development
     in English and Japanese--A Form/Function Approach
     Masahiko Minami
     1618-1629 (complete pdf)

129. Stories from a Greek Reception Class:
     An Integrated Curriculum Approach
     Soula Mitakidou and Evangelia Tressou
     1630-1644 (complete pdf)

130. "I want to tell you the story but I don't know what that's called":
     The Narrative Competence of Spanish-English Bilingual Children
     across Their Dominant and Weaker Language
     Simona Montanari
     1645-1661 (complete pdf)

131. "Sol! 'GANDA, cute!": A Longitudinal Study of
     Language Choice in a Developing Trilingual Child
     Simona Montanari
     1662-1678 (complete pdf)

132. Developing Codeswitching Patterns of
     a Japanese/English Bilingual Child
     Masayo Nakamura
     1679-1689 (complete pdf)

133. Differentiation, Carry-over and the Distributed Characteristic
     in Bilinguals: Differentiation in Early Phonological Adaptation?
     Ana Navarro, Barbara Zurer Pearson, Alan Cobo-Lewis, and D. K. Oller
     1690-1702 (complete pdf)

134. Searching for a New Identity:
     The Acculturation of Russian-born Adolescents in Israel
     Marina Niznik
     1703-1721 (complete pdf)

135. Bilingualism in School Settings in Ireland:
     Perspectives on the Irish L2 Curriculum
     Muiris Ó Laoire
     1722-1728 (complete pdf)

136. Local Education Authorities' (LEAs) Responses
     to the Newly Arrived European Bilingual Population
     Ruphine Obare
     1729-1743 (complete pdf)

137. The Distributed Characteristic in Bilingual Learning
     D. Kimbrough Oller
     1744-1749 (complete pdf)

138. Provoking Dominance Shift in a Bilingual
     Swedish-American English 4-Year-Old Child
     Åsa Olsson and Kirk P. H. Sullivan
     1750-1764 (complete pdf)

139. Narrative Skills of Colombian Adolescents in an Elite Bilingual School
     Claudia Lucía Ordóñez
     1765-1783 (complete pdf)

140. Computer Usage in SLA: Communication Technology in Learning,
     or Learning through Communication Technology?
     Fulvio S. Orsitto
     1784-1793 (complete pdf)

141. Multilingualism, Multiculturalism and Education:
     Case Study of Mumbai City
     Pushpa Pai
     1794-1806 (complete pdf)

142. Acting Adult: Language Socialization, Shift,
     and Ideologies in Dominica, West Indies
     Amy L. Paugh
     1807-1820 (complete pdf)

143. ¿Qué será, será?: A Methodological Tool for Predicting
     Early Bilingualism in a Family Setting
     María Jesús Pérez-Bazán
     1821-1841 (complete pdf)

144. Sign Bilingual Education and Inter-modal Language Contact: On the
     Relation of Psycholinguistic and Pedagogical Factors in Deaf Bilingualism
     Carolina Plaza Pust
     1842-1854 (complete pdf)

145. Learning Science through Two Languages in South Africa
     M. J. Probyn
     1855-1873 (complete pdf)

146. Elaborating on Finnish-Russian Bilingual Identity
     in Oral and Written Discourse
     Ekaterina Protassova
     1874-1892 (complete pdf)

147. From Nominal to Pronominal Person Reference in
     the Early Language of a Mandarin-English Bilingual Child
     Ruying Qi
     1893-1909 (complete pdf)

148. Age of Arrival and Second Language Acquisition of English Copula
     and Auxiliary Constructions: A Study on Bengali-English in East London
     Sebastian Marc Rasinger
     1910-1920 (complete pdf)

149. Linguistic Constraints on Codeswitching and Codemixing
     of Bilingual Moroccan Arabic-French Speakers in Canada
     Rabia Redouane
     1921-1933 (complete pdf)

150. Communicative Competence in Children: Spanish-English Bilinguality
     Laura Renart
     1934-1944 (complete pdf)

151. Code-switching in Bilinguals:
     Impacts of Mental Processes and Language Awareness
     Claudia Maria Riehl
     1945-1959 (complete pdf)

152. A Conceptual Framework of Bilingual
     Special Education Teacher Programs
     Diane Rodriguez
     1960-1969 (complete pdf)

153. A Linguistic Comparison of Three Generations of Finnish-Americans
     and Finnish-Australians with Special Reference to Linguistic Dominance
     and Sociolinguistic Variables
     Catherine A. Rohlich
     1970-1992 (complete pdf)

154. Rethinking Academic Language in Second Language Instruction
     Kellie Rolstad
     1993-1999 (complete pdf)

155. Hidden Costs of Bilingual Education
     Elba B. Ruhl
     2000-2004 (complete pdf)

156. Grammatical Development of Past Tense in Learners Spanish as L2:
     Oral and Written Productions
     Lilia Delfina Ruiz-Debbe
     2005-2019 (complete pdf)

157. Acquisition and Attrition of -wa and -ga in Japanese as a Second Language
     Robert A. Russell
     2020-2036 (complete pdf)

158. Lying in Ambush: Ethnic Nationalism and 'Other Tongue' Policy in Nigeria
     L. Oladipo Salami
     2037-2047 (complete pdf)

159. Effect of Bilingualism on Intelligence
     Kalyani K. Sampath
     2048-2056 (complete pdf)

160. Multilingual Code-Switching in Montreal Hip-hop: Mayhem Meets Method
     or, "Tout moune qui talk trash kiss mon black ass du nord"
     Mela Sarkar, Lise Winer, and Kobir Sarkar
     2057-2074 (complete pdf)

161. The Bilingual Bioprogam:
     Evidence for Child Bilingualism in the Formation of Creoles
     Teresa Satterfield
     2075-2094 (complete pdf)

162. Bilingual Children's Lexical Development: Factors Affecting
     the Acquisition of Nouns and Verbs and Their Translation Equivalents
     Christina Schelletter
     2095-2103 (complete pdf)

163. Bilingualism in South Asia: Friend or Foe?
     Harold F. Schiffman
     2104-2114 (complete pdf)

164. Age Effects in Processing Bilinguals' Accented Speech
     Amee P. Shah, Barbara T. Schmidt, Mira Goral, and Loraine K. Obler
     2115-2121 (complete pdf)

165. Revisiting Some Linguistic Concepts and Beliefs
     in the Light of the Sociolinguistic Situation of Cameroon
     Augustin Simo Bobda and Innocent Fasse Mbouya
     2122-2132 (complete pdf)

166. Different Lenses for Looking at
     the Writing of English Language Learners
     Karen Smith and Carole Edelsky
     2133-2142 (complete pdf)

167. Locating the Learning Trajectories of Heterogeneous Elementary School
     Students in Their Participation of Science Inquiry and Literacy Activities
     Jorge L. Solís
     2143-2151 (complete pdf)

168. Language Policy
     Bernard Spolsky
     2152-2164 (complete pdf)

169. Bilingual Identities in Question:
     Social Identity Construction in a Dutch Islamic Primary Classroom
     Massimiliano Spotti
     2165-2179 (complete pdf)

170. Sociolinguistic Perspectives on the Education
     of Deaf Children in Inclusion Placements
     Laurel Standley
     2180-2188 (complete pdf)

171. Language as a Marker of Ethnic Identity
     in New Zealand's Pasifika Communities
     Donna Starks, Melenaite Taumoefolau, Allan Bell, and Karen Davis
     2189-2196 (complete pdf)

172. Perception of Flaps in American English and Korean
     Eun-kyung Sung
     2197-2221 (complete pdf)

173. Lessons from a Paradoxical Hypothesis:
     A Methodological Critique of the Threshold Hypothesis
     Mitsunori Takakuwa
     2222-2232 (complete pdf)

174. Minority Language Survival:
     Obsolescence or Survival for Welsh in the Face of English Dominance?
     Enlli Môn Thomas and Virginia C. Mueller Gathercole
     2233-2257 (complete pdf)

175. Implicit Memory Support for Bilingual Speech Processing:
     An Investigation of Auditory Word Priming in English-Spanish Bilinguals
     Pavel Trofimovich
     2258-2273 (complete pdf)

176. Native Educators: Interface with Culture and Language in Schooling
     Octaviana Trujillo, Denis Viri,
     Anna Figueira, and Kathryn Manuelito
     2274-2284 (complete pdf)

177. Developing Early Reading Assessments in First Languages:
     Lessons from the Pacific
     Denise L. Uehara and L. David van Broekhuizen
     2285-2296 (complete pdf)

178. The Influence of Sentence Context Constraint
     on Cognate Effects in Lexical Decision and Translation
     Janet G. van Hell
     2297-2309 (complete pdf)

179. Back to Patrás: A Process of Grammaticization
     in a Contact Variety of Spanish
     Daniel J. Villa
     2310-2316 (complete pdf)

180. Bilingual Literacy: Narrative Performance in Bilingual Students
     Åse Kari Hansen Wagner and Per Henning Uppstad
     2317-2323 (complete pdf)

181. A Model for the Functional Interpretation
     of Code-Switching in NNS-NS Contact Situations
     Greg Watson
     2324-2337 (complete pdf)

182. Lemma Congruence Checking for Verbs
     in Chinese/English Codeswitching
     Longxing Wei
     2338-2348 (complete pdf)

183. Constructing and Reconstructing Chinese American Bilingual Identity
     Ashley M. Williams
     2349-2356 (complete pdf)

184. Namibia: A Case for a Gradual Transitional
     Bilingual Language Programme
     Dolores Wolfaardt
     2357-2368 (complete pdf)

185. Language Policy Issues Reported in the U.S. Press
     Wayne E. Wright
     2369-2384 (complete pdf)

186. Attitude and Behavior toward Bilingualism
     for Chinese Parents and Children
     Chien-Huei Wu
     2385-2394 (complete pdf)

187. How Japanese-English Bilingual Children Process
     Japanese Particle Wa and Ga while Reading a Story:
     Case Study of Eye Movement Research and Miscue Analysis
     Yoshitomo Yamashita
     2395-2400 (complete pdf)

188. Effects of Bilinguals' Controlled-Attention
     on Working Memory and Recognition
     Hwajin Yang, Sujin Yang, Stephen J. Ceci, and Qi Wang
     2401-2404 (complete pdf)

189. The Role of Mishearing in Adults' L2 Phonology Acquisition
     James H. Yang
     2405-2420 (complete pdf)

190. Dual Input and Learnability:
     Null Objects in Cantonese-English Bilingual Children
     Virginia Yip and Stephen Matthews
     2421-2431 (complete pdf)

191. ISB4: Afterword and Closing Remarks
     Jeff MacSwan
     2432-2436 (complete pdf)

Appendix A: List of Colloquia

Appendix B: Email Addresses of Lead Authors

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