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BUCLD 28: Proceedings of the 28th annual
Boston University Conference on Language Development

edited by Alejna Brugos, Linnea Micciulla, and Christine E. Smith

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Front cover image   ix + 688 pages (2-volume set)
publication date: April 2004

ISBN 978-1-57473-092-0 paperback, $60.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-192-7 library binding, $125.00


The 28th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development was held October 31 - November 2, 2003, in Boston, MA. The proceedings contain 57 of the papers presented at the conference, including the keynote paper by Janet Dean Fodor and William Gregory Sakas and the plenary paper by Mabel L. Rice.

Starting with BUCLD 28, the conference included poster sessions. These posters are not included in the printed proceedings, but are available from the conference in an on-line proceedings supplement.

Volume 1

Evaluating Models of Parameter Setting
    Janet Dean Fodor and William Gregory Sakas      1-27

Language Growth of Children with SLI and Unaffected Children: 
Timing Mechanisms and Linguistic Distinctions
    Mabel L. Rice      28-49

Learning Second-Language Intonation: 
Are Children Better than Adults?
    Wendy Baker, Pavel Trofimovich, and Molly Mack      50-61

Acquisition of Verb Agreement When 
First-Language Exposure Is Delayed
    Stephanie Berk      62-73

Syntactic Bootstrapping and the 
Internal Structure of Causative Events
    Ann Bunger and Jeffrey Lidz      74-85

Asymmetries in Initial and Medial Cluster Acquisition
    Della Chambless      86-97

The Emergence of Barriers to Wh-Movement, 
Negative Concord, and Quantification
    D'Jaris Coles-White, Jill de Villiers, and Tom Roeper      98-107

Dissolving a Dutch Delay in the Acquisition 
of Syntactic and Logophoric Reflexives
    Peter Coopmans, Margreet Krul, 
    Esther Planting, Ilse Vlasveld, and Albert van Zoelen      108-119

Patterns of New Word-Object Associations
    Suzanne Curtin and Janet F. Werker      120-128

Object Agreement and Specificity in Swahili
    Kamil Ud Deen      129-140

Developmental Issues on the Interpretation 
of Focus Particles by Japanese Children
    Mika Endo      141-152

On the L2 Acquisition of Number on Spanish Quantifiers
    Manuel Español-Echevarría and Philippe Prévost      153-164

Infant Attention to Phonetic Detail: 
Knowledge and Familiarity Effects
    Christopher T. Fennell and Janet F. Werker      165-176

(Non)Native-like Ultimate Attainment: 
The Influence of L1 Prosodic Structure on L2 Morphology
    Heather Goad and Lydia White      177-188

The Origin of Argument Structure in Infant Event Representations
    Peter Gordon      189-198

On the Distribution of To-Infinitives in Early Child English
    Takuya Goro      199-210

Expletive Negation, Scalar Implicature 
and Negative Evidence in Child Spanish
    John Grinstead      211-219

Teasing Apart L2 and SLI: 
Will Comprehension Make the Difference?
    Theres Grüter      220-231

Operator Conditioning
    Andrea Gualmini and Stephen Crain      232-243

Finding Words in Speech: An Investigation of American English
    Stephen A. Hockema      244-255

Do French-Speaking Children with SLI 
Present a Selective Deficit on Tense?
    Celia Jakubowicz and Leslie Roulet      256-266

The Rise of Predication by EPP
    Jacqueline van Kampen      267-281

The Structure of Branching Onsets and Rising Diphthongs: 
Evidence from the Acquisition of French
    Margaret Kehoe and Geraldine Hilaire-Debove      282-293

ERP Correlates of Age and Proficiency in L2 Processing 
of Syntactic and Inflectional Information
    Kathy Kessler, Gita Martohardjono, and Valerie Shafer      294-305

Binding Interpretations in Korean Heritage Speakers
    Ji-Hye Kim and Silvina Montrul      306-317

Production and Perception of Unstressed Initial Syllables: 
Implications for Lexical Representations
    Cecilia Kirk and Amanda Seidl      318-327

Knowledge of Definiteness despite Variable Article Omission 
in Second Language Acquisition
    Donna Lardiere      328-339

Quantifier Raising in 4-Year-Olds
    Jeffrey Lidz, Erin McMahon, Kristen Syrett, Joshua Viau, 
    Florencia Anggoro, Jessica Peterson-Hicks, Elisa Sneed, 
    Ann Bunger, Taki Flevaris, Anne Graham, Kristy Grohne, 
    Yongeun Lee, and John Evar Strid      340-349

Japanese Preschoolers' Early Understanding of (Un)certainty: 
A Cultural Perspective on the Role of Language 
in Development of Theory of Mind
    Tomoko Matsui, Peter McCagg, 
    Taeko Yamamoto, and Yohko Murakami      350-362

Volume 2

Morphological Segmentation in 15-Month-Old Infants
    Toben H. Mintz      363-374

Topicalization and WH-Movement 
in the Grammar of Japanese EFL Learners
    Yoichi Miyamoto and Keiko Okada      375-389

Early Acquisition of Nominative-Genitive Conversion in Japanese
    Motoki Nakajima and Tetsuya Sano      390-401

Does Morphology Affect Transfer? The Acquisition 
of English Double Objects by Korean Native Speakers
    Eunjeong Oh and Maria Luisa Zubizarreta      402-413

The Resolution of Scope Ambiguity in 
English-French Sentence Interpretation
    Samantha D. Outcalt and Laurent Dekydtspotter      414-423

When Mothers Do Not Lead Their Children by the Hand
    Seyda Özçaliskan and Susan Goldin-Meadow      424-435

Acquisition of /s/-Initial Clusters: A Parametric Approach
    Ning Pan and William Snyder      436-446

Learnability and Triggers: Obligatory versus Optional Triggers for 
the Passive in Two Dialects of English and in Language Impairment
    Barbara Zurer Pearson      447-460

Foundations of Verb Learning: 
Infants Categorize Path and Manner in Motion Events
    Shannon M. Pruden, Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, 
    Mandy J. Maguire, and Meredith A. Meyer      461-472

Seven-Month-Olds' Attention to Potential 
Verb Referents in Nonlinguistic Events
    Rachel Pulverman and Roberta Michnick Golinkoff      473-481

Morphosyntactic and Phonological Skills 
in Children with Developmental Dyslexia and SLI
    Judith Rispens and Pieter Been      482-493

Language as Lens: Plurality Marking and 
Numeral Learning in English, Japanese, and Russian
    B.W. Sarnecka, V.G. Kamenskaya, 
    T. Ogura, Y. Yamana, and J.B. Yudovina      494-505

Why Nonfinite Be Is Not Omitted While Finite Be Is
    Carson T. Schütze      506-521

ERP Indices of Phonological and Lexical Processing 
in Children with SLI
    Valerie L. Shafer, Richard G. Schwartz, and Kathy L. Kessler      522-531

The Contexts of Non-affixal Verb Forms in Child Inuktitut
    Barbora Skarabela and Shanley Allen      532-542

Learnability and Recursion across Categories
    William Snyder and Thomas Roeper      543-552

L2 Perception and Production of the English Regular Past: 
Evidence of Phonological Effects
    Stephanie Solt, Yana Pugach, Elaine C. Klein, 
    Kent Adams, Iglika Stoyneshka, and Tamara Rose      553-564

Markedness vs. Frequency Effects in Coda Acquisition
    Jessica Stites, Katherine Demuth, and Cecilia Kirk      565-576

Homonymy in the Developing Mental Lexicon
    Holly L. Storkel and Junko M. Young      577-584

Third Trimester Auditory Stimulation 
Selectively Enhances Language Development
    Karin Stromswold and Ellyn Sheffield      585-596

Linearity or Hierarchy in the Child Grammar: 
Data from Quantifier Floating in Japanese
    Takaaki Suzuki and Naoko Yoshinaga      597-607

Infants' Acquisition of Stress-Based Word Segmentation Strategies
    Erik D. Thiessen and Jenny R. Saffran      608-619

Why Continuity
    Rosalind Thornton      620-632

Child L1, Child L2, and Adult L2 Acquisition: 
Differences and Similarities
    Sharon Unsworth      633-644

Perceptual Sensitivity to Morphosyntactic 
Agreement in Language Learners: Evidence 
from Dutch Children at Risk for Developing Dyslexia
    Carien Wilsenach and Frank Wijnen      645-656

Innovations with Un- Prefixation
    Saundra K. Wright      657-668

Frequency in the Input and Children's 
Mastery of the Regular English Plural
    Jennifer A. Zapf      669-680

Reference to a 'Guise' in Child Language
    Shalom Zuckerman and Ilse Vlasveld      681-688

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