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BUCLD 27: Proceedings of the 27th annual
Boston University Conference on Language Development

edited by Barbara Beachley, Amanda Brown, and Frances Conlin

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Front cover image   ix + 845 pages (2-volume set)
publication date: April 2003

ISBN 978-1-57473-082-1 paperback, $60.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-182-8 library binding, $125.00


The 27th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development took place November 1-3, 2002, in Boston, MA. The proceedings contain 71 papers presented at the conference, including the keynote address by Susan Goldin-Meadow and the plenary address by Bonnie Schwartz.

Volume 1

The Resilience of Language
    Susan Goldin-Meadow      1-25

Child L2 Acquisition: Paving the Way
    Bonnie D. Schwartz      26-50

Using a Standardised Test of Sign Language 
Development to Examine the Effects of Input 
in the Acquisition of British Sign Language
    Bencie Woll and Ros Herman      51-62

Early Speech about Manner and Path in Turkish and English: 
Universal or Language-Specific?
    Shanley Allen, Asli Özyürek, Sotaro Kita, 
    Amanda Brown, Reyhan Turanli, and Tomoko Ishizuka      63-72

Learning to Talk about Talk: A Study 
of Dinner Table Conversations in Two 
Communities in Norway and the United States
    Vibeke Grøver Aukrust      73-83

Preschoolers' Narrative Abilities: Links to Knowledge 
Attribution Skills and General Language Competence
    Jodie A. Baird and Megan M. Saylor      84-95

The Effects of the L1 on the L2 Acquisition of Unaccusativity 
by Francophone and Sinophone Learners of English
    Patricia Balcom      96-106

The Relationship between Inherent and 
Grammatical Aspect in Early Child Russian
    Eva G. Bar-Shalom      107-114

Participial Constructions in Child German and Italian: 
Novel Evidence for the Separate Systems Hypothesis
    Julia Berger-Morales and Manola Salustri      115-126

Why "Why" Is Different
    Stephanie Berk      127-137

Recognition of Phrases in Early Language Acquisition: 
The Role of Morphological Markers
    Lydia Blenn, Amanda Seidl, and Barbara Höhle      138-149

Knowledge of Polarity Subjunctive in L2 Spanish
    Claudia Borgonovo and Philippe Prévost      150-161

What's in a Name? Highly Familiar Items 
Anchor Infants' Segmentation of Fluent Speech
    Heather Bortfeld, Karen Rathbun, 
    James Morgan, and Roberta Golinkoff       162-172

Development of Phonetic Categories in Infants 
Raised in Bilingual and Monolingual Environments
    Tracey C. Burns, Janet F. Werker, and Karen McVie      173-184

Omission of Function Words vs. 
Lexical Syllables in Child Speech
    Angela C. Carpenter      185-196

Parameter Resetting in the L2 Acquisition of Afrikaans: 
The Split-IP Parameter and the V2 Parameter
    Simone Conradie      197-208

Syntactic Manifestations of Very Early Pragmatic Competence
    Cécile De Cat      209-219

Underspecified Verb Forms and 
Subject Omission in Nairobi Swahili
    Kamil Ud Deen      220-231

The Role of Language in the Theory of Mind Development 
of Language-Impaired Children: Complementing Theories
    Peter A. de Villiers, Frances Burns, 
    and Barbara Zurer Pearson      232-242

Sensitivity to A- and A'- Dependencies in 
High-Functioning Individuals with Down Syndrome
    Alice Eriks Brophy, Helen Goodluck, 
    and Danijela Stojanoviç      243-251

The Acquisition of Classifier Phonology in ASL 
by Deaf Children: Evidence from Descriptions of 
Objects in Specific Spatial Arrangements
    Sarah Fish, Bruce Morén, 
    Robert Hoffmeister, and Brenda Schick      252-263

Missing Surface Inflection in L2 Acquisition: 
A Prosodic Account
    Heather Goad, Lydia White, and Jeffrey Steele      264-275

Some Knowledge Children Don't Lack
    Andrea Gualmini      276-287

Catalan as a Test for Hypotheses Concerning Article Omission
    Maria Teresa Guasti and Anna Gavarró      288-298

Failed Features or Missing Inflection? 
Child L2A of Spanish Morphology
    Julia Herschensohn and Jeffrey Stevenson      299-310

Long Distance Wh-Extraction Revisited
    Bart Hollebrandse      311-320

The Perception of Stops by Thai Children and Adults
    Patcharee Imsri and William J. Idsardi      321-333

Velar Fronting Revisited
    Sharon Inkelas and Yvan Rose      334-345

The Interpretation of 'the': 
A New Look at Articles in L2-English
    Tania Ionin      346-357

Head-Internal Relative Clauses in Child Japanese
    Miwa Isobe      358-369

Development of Conversational Style in 
Japanese Mother-Child Vocal Interactions: 
Speech Overlap, Particle Use, and Backchannel
    Sachiyo Kajikawa, Shigeaki Amano, and Tadahisa Kondo       370-379

Acquisition of Japanese Null Objects and Topic Identification
    Yuhko Kayama      380-389

Russian Children's Knowledge of Aspectual Distinctions
    Nina Kazanina and Colin Phillips      390-401

The Acquisition of Syllable Types in Monolingual 
and Bilingual German and Spanish Children
    Margaret Kehoe and Conxita Lleó      402-413

L2 Initial Syntax: Wh-Movement and 
the Most Economical Syntactic Derivation
    Jung-Tae Kim      414-424

Volume 2

Children's Sensitivity to Adjunct Islands in There-Sentences
    Min-Joo Kim      425-436

Onset/Coda Asymmetries in the Acquisition of Clusters
    Cecilia Kirk and Katherine Demuth      437-448

Reference of Indefinite and Pronominal Noun Phrases 
in a Story Context: English Children's Comprehension
    Irene Krämer      449-460

Cross-linguistic Influence in the Acquisition 
of Determiners in German-Italian Bilinguals
    Tanja Kupisch      461-472

Floated Quantifiers, Quantifiers at a Distance, 
and Logical Form in the Acquisition of L1 French
    Marie Labelle and Daniel Valois      473-483

Acquisition of Constituent Order 
under Delayed Language Exposure
    Diane Lillo-Martin and Stephanie Berk      484-495

Inverse Scope in L2 Japanese
    Heather Marsden      496-507

Statistical Cues Facilitate Infants' Discrimination 
of Difficult Phonetic Contrasts
    Jessica Maye and Daniel Weiss      508-518

Grammatical Morpheme Omission in Children 
with Hearing Impairment Acquiring Spoken English
    Maria McGuckian and Alison Henry      519-530

On Not Being Led down the Kindergarten Path
    Luisa Meroni and Stephen Crain      531-544

On the Distribution of Frames in Child-Directed Speech 
as a Basis for Grammatical Category Learning
    Toben H. Mintz      545-555

Bilingual Unaccusativity
    Silvina Montrul      556-567

The Development of Discourse Constraints 
on the Interpretation of Adjectives
    Aparna Nadig, Julie Sedivy, 
    Anjula Joshi, and Heather Bortfeld      568-579

Manner and Path in Motion Event Descriptions 
in English and Korean
    Kyung-ju Oh      580-590

Lexical vs. Phrasal Pitch Contours in Early Production
    Mitsuhiko Ota      591-602

Children's Developing Understanding 
of Metaphors about the Mind
    Seyda Özçaliskan      603-614

Setting the Parameters of Syllable Structure in Early Child Dutch
    Ning Pan and William Snyder      615-625

Aspectuality and Scalar Structure
    Anna Papafragou      626-637

Object Clitics as a Clinical Marker of SLI in French: 
Evidence from French-English Bilingual Children
    Johanne Paradis, Martha Crago, and Fred Genesee      638-649

Allophonic Variation and the Acquisition of Phoneme Categories
    Sharon Peperkamp, Michèle Pettinato, 
    and Emmanuel Dupoux      650-661

The Role of Lexical Knowledge in Nonlinguistic 
Event Processing: English-Speaking Infants' 
Attention to Manner and Path
    Rachel Pulverman, Jennifer L. Sootsman, 
    Roberta Michnick Golinkoff, and Kathy Hirsh-Pasek      662-673

ChildPhon: A Database Solution 
for the Study of Child Phonology
    Yvan Rose      674-685

Factors Related to the Development 
of Phonological Awareness Skills
    Susan Rvachew      686-691

Is There an Analogue to the RI Stage 
in the Null Subject Languages?
    Manola Salustri and Nina Hyams      692-703

Infants' Processing of Relationships across 
Languages: Comparing English and German
    Lynn Santelmann      704-715

On the Acquisition of DP in English-Speaking Children with SLI
    Jeannette Schaeffer, Aviya Hacohen, and Arielle Bernstein      716-726

Opening Doors and Sweeping Floors: What Children with 
Specific Language Impairment Know about Telic and Atelic Verbs
    Petra Schulz and Angelika Wittek      727-738

Overt and Null Subjects in Monolingual 
and Bilingual Italian Acquisition
    Ludovica Serratrice and Antonella Sorace      739-750

ERP Indices of Phonological and Lexical Processing 
in Children and Adults
    Valerie L. Shafer, Richard G. Schwartz, and Kathy L. Kessler      751-761

Some Effects of the Prosodic Hierarchy on 
the Perception and Production of Spoken Language 
in Children Who Use Cochlear Implants
    Jill Titterington, Alison Henry, and Joe Toner      762-774

Second-Language Sound Learning in Children and Adults: 
Learning Sounds, Words, or Both?
    Pavel Trofimovich, Wendy Baker, 
    James E. Flege, and Molly Mack      775-786

Subjects in L1 Attrition: Evidence from Greek 
and Italian Near-Native Speakers of English
    Ianthi Tsimpli, Antonella Sorace, Caroline Heycock, 
    Francesca Filiaci, and Maria Bouba      787-797

The Development of Non-Agent Subjects 
in Hebrew Child Language
    Sigal Uziel-Karl and Nancy Budwig      798-808

From Signal to Grammar: Rhythm and 
the Acquisition of Syllable Structure
    Marina Vigário, Sónia Frota, and M. João Freitas      809-821

When Russians Learn English: 
How the Meaning of Causal Verbs May Change
    Phillip Wolff and Tatiana Ventura      822-833

The Protracted Course of the Acquisition of the Plural
    Jennifer A. Zapf and Linda B. Smith      834-845

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