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Surviving Linguistics: A Guide for Graduate Students, Second Edition
by Monica Macaulay

Front cover image    xiv + 159 pages
publication date: January 2011

paperback, $24.95
paperback 10-pack, $125.00
library binding, $64.95


El español a través de la lingüística: Preguntas y respuestas
editado por Jennifer D. Ewald y Anne Edstrom

Front cover image    viii + 280 pages
publication date: July 2008

paperback, $38.95
library binding, $78.95


Guide to the Phonetic Symbols of Spanish
by Timothy L. Face

Front cover image    xii + 168 pages
publication date: July 2008

paperback, $24.95
library binding, $64.95


Many Morphologies
edited by Paul Boucher

Front cover image    xv + 267 pages
publication date: August 2002

paperback, $28.95
library binding, $68.95


The Sounds of Spanish: Analysis and Application
by Robert M. Hammond

Front cover image    x + 423 pages
publication date: July 2001

paperback, $48.95
library binding, $98.95
examples on CD, $10.00


  Research on Spanish in the US: Linguistic Issues and Challenges
edited by Ana Roca

Front cover image    xiv + 450 pages
publication date: December 2000

paperback, $32.95
library binding, $62.95


Contemporary Perspectives on the Acquisition of Spanish
edited by Ana Teresa Pérez-Leroux and William R. Glass

Front cover image

Front cover image
   xi + 217 pages (volume 1)
xi + 166 pages (volume 2)
publication date: August 1997

Volume 1: Developing Grammars
paperback, $28.95
library binding, $58.95

Volume 2: Production, Processing, and Comprehension
paperback, $28.95
library binding, $58.95

Volumes 1 and 2 (two volume set)
paperback, $42.00
library binding, $92.00


Spanish in Contact: Issues in Bilingualism
edited by Ana Roca and John B. Jensen

Front cover image    xi + 226 pages
publication date: November 1996

paperback, $23.95
library binding, $53.95


Configurations: Essays on Structure and Interpretation
edited by Anna-Maria Di Sciullo

Front cover image    vii + 352 pages
publication date: July 1996

paperback (no longer available)
library binding, $53.95
CD-ROM, $14.95


Old Irish Verbs and Vocabulary
by Antony Green

Front cover image    145 pages
publication date: 1995

paperback, $15.00
library binding, $65.00


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