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Many Morphologies
edited by Paul Boucher

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Front cover image   xv + 267 pages
publication date: August 2002

ISBN 978-1-57473-025-8 paperback, $28.95
ISBN 978-1-57473-125-5 library binding, $68.95



Many Morphologies presents original peer-reviewed and edited articles by well-known scholars approaching morphology from various frameworks. This book demonstrates the vitality of current research in morphology and the diverse approaches available when tackling morphological problems. Anyone interested in morphology and related fields will find important new ideas about the internal and external structure of words, the interaction between the lexicon and the grammar, and how we should rethink fundamental processes such as word formation. Several of the authors discuss new solutions to familiar questions such as unaccusatives, middle verbs, plural formation, and gender polarity. Others challenge our assumptions about how morphology works within the grammar as a whole. Two articles discuss the vital role of morphology in current computational linguistics projects, showing how linguistic theory is being usefully applied in this important and growing field.

The introduction to Many Morphologies by Paul Boucher (the volume editor) and Marc Plénat is available on-line, as well as the first three pages of each article. The complete table of contents is below.


Paul Boucher and Marc Plénat
vii-xv (html or pdf)

Anna Maria Di Sciullo
The Asymmetry of Morphology
1-28 (pdf of first 3 pages)

Christian Bassac and Pierrette Bouillon
Middle Transitive Alternations in English: A Generative Lexicon Approach
29-47 (pdf of first 3 pages)

Bozena Cetnarowska
Unaccusativity Mismatches and Unaccusativity Diagnostics from Derivational Morphology
48-81 (pdf of first 3 pages)

Susan Steele
Many Plurals: Inflection, Informational Additivity, and Morphological Processes
82-108 (pdf of first 3 pages)

Jacqueline Lecarme
Gender "Polarity": Theoretical Aspects of Somali Nominal Morphology
109-141 (pdf of first 3 pages)

Luigi Burzio
Surface-to-Surface Morphology: When Your Representations Turn into Constraints
142-177 (pdf of first 3 pages)

Nabil Hathout, Fiammetta Namer, and Georgette Dal
An Experimental Constructional Database: The MorTAL Project
178-209 (pdf of first 3 pages)

Béatrice Daille, Cécile Fabre, and Pascale Sébillot
Applications of Computational Morphology
210-234 (pdf of first 3 pages)

Joseph E. Emonds
A Common Basis for Syntax and Morphology: Tri-level Lexical Insertion
235-262 (pdf of first 3 pages)


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