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Essays on Structure and Interpretation

edited by Anna-Maria Di Sciullo

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Front cover image   vii + 352 pages
publication date: July 1996

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This collection of papers addresses several fundamental questions in syntax and morphology: how word structure and phrase structure relate to each other, the properties of a configurational theory of argument structure and adjunct structure, and the correct licensing requirements and conditions of grammar. The authors base their proposals on a wide range of evidence from Romance, Hellenic, West Germanic, Semitic, African and Amerindian languages. This volume is a vital contribution to understanding the structural issues central to linguistic theory.

The preface by Anna-Maria Di Sciullo is available on-line.

The CD-ROM edition allows you to browse, read, and search the entire book on screen, and print any sections you want to read on paper.


Emmon Bach
On the Grammar of Complex Words

Anna-Maria Di Sciullo
Atomicity and Relatedness in Configurational Morphology

Teun Hoekstra
The Active-Passive Configuration

Abdelkader Fassi Fehri
Configurations and Transitivity Splits in the Arabic Lexicon

Mireille Tremblay
Lexical and Non-Lexical Prepositions in French

Christopher Laenzlinger
Adverb Syntax and Phrase Structure

Degif Petros
On the Absence of Agr-S: Evidence from Ethiopian Semitic Languages

Pilar Barbosa
In Defense of Right-Adjunction for Head Movement

Arhonto Terzi
The Linear Correspondence Axiom and the Adjunction Site of Clitics

Geoffrey Poole
Deducing the X'-Structure of Adjunction

Ed Zoerner
The Case of &'-Adjunction to VP

Jeffrey Gruber
Configurational Accounts of Thematic Linking Regularities:
The Possessional-Spatial Asymmetry

Juvénal Ndayiragije
Case Checking and OVS in Kirundi

Réjean Canac Marquis
Weak and Weakest Crossover are Configurational

Edward Keenan and Edward Stabler
Abstract Syntax


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