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The Sounds of Spanish: Analysis and Application
Robert M. Hammond

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Front cover image   x + 423 pages
publication date: July 2001

ISBN 978-1-57473-018-0 paperback, $48.95
ISBN 978-1-57473-118-7 library binding, $98.95
ISBN 978-1-57473-218-4 examples on CD, $20.00


The Sounds of Spanish: Analysis and Application provides a thorough account of the Spanish language as it is actually pronounced, teaching students how to speak like native speakers. The book carefully describes the differing pronunciations of all of the major Spanish dialects, so students can see the differences in how Spanish is spoken around the world. This is also the first introductory text to carefully and systematically compare Spanish pronunciation to American English pronunciation, helping students connect what they are learning to what they already know.

The Sounds of Spanish is readable and approachable for students at all levels. Hundreds of examples in the text show how pronunciation rules are applied. Recordings of examples on the free companion web site allow students to match what they see in the book to what they hear in the recordings. A standard audio CD is also available containing these same recordings.

Advantages of The Sounds of Spanish

  • students learn how to pronounce Spanish like native speakers
  • students learn the similarities and differences between English and Spanish pronunciation
  • descriptions of dialect differences show students how Spanish is pronounced around the world
  • plentiful examples teach students how to apply Spanish pronunciation rules
  • free web site provides access to recordings at any time
  • recordings are also available on CD
  • summaries of important points keep students focused

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