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Research on Spanish in the United States:
Linguistic Issues and Challenges

edited by Ana Roca

Front cover image   xiv + 450 pages
publication date: December 2000

ISBN 978-1-57473-013-5 paperback, $32.95
ISBN 978-1-57473-113-2 library binding, $62.95


Research on Spanish in the United States is intended for use in courses, as well as by scholars and researchers interested in the area. The 29 original articles are organized into sections on interpreting; historical perspectives; borrowings of words and phrases; codeswitching, narratives, and discourse; sociolinguistics and pragmatics; phonology, morphology, and syntax; and language attitudes and planning.

Many of the chapters focus on regional aspects of Spanish in the US, ranging from sociolinguistic issues among Dominicans in New York and Cubans in Miami to the adoption and adaptation of forms from Nahuatl and English in the southwestern US. Other chapters discuss the outlook for the growing population of Spanish speakers in many areas of the United States, particularly in bilingual education and other public policy questions.

The book includes an introduction to the volume by Ana Roca and a history of US Spanish research by John M. Lipski.


Part 1. U.S. Spanish: An Overview of the Issues

Back to Zero or Ahead to 2001? Issues and Challenges in U.S. Spanish Research
John M. Lipski

Part 2. Bilingualism and Interpreting

Bilingualism from Another Perspective: The Case of Young Interpreters from Immigrant Communities
Guadalupe Valdés, Christina Chávez, Claudia Angelelli, Kerry Enright, Marisela González, Dania García, and Leisy Wyman

The Spanish Speaker + Interpreter Services = Equal Access to the Judicial System: Is the Equation Accurate?
Virginia Benmaman

Sociolinguistic Categorization of Spanish-English False Cognates for Court Interpreting Strategies
Erik Camayd-Freixas

Part 3. Historical Perspectives

Perspectiva histórica del paradigma verbal en el español de California
Rebeca Acevedo

Factores socio-históricos en la pérdida del español del suroeste de los Estados Unidos y sus implicaciones para la revitalización
Ysaura Bernal-Enríquez

The Continuity of Change: Nahuatlisms in New Mexican Spanish
Garland D. Bills and Neddy A. Vigil

Part 4. Borrowings

Morphological Adaptation of Anglicisms into the Spanish of the Southwest
J. Halvor Clegg

Phrasal Calques in Chicano Spanish: Linguistic or Cultural Innovation?
Robert N. Smead

El español cubanoamericano
Beatriz Varela

Adapted Borrowings in Spanish: A Morphopragmatic Hypothesis
Mónica Cantero

Part 5. Codeswitching, Narratives, and Discourse

Codeswitching and Language Use in the Classroom
Florencia Riegelhaupt

Attitudes Towards Oral and Written Codeswitching in Spanish-English Bilingual Youths
Cecilia Montes-Alcalá

Once upon a time en un lugar muy lejano . . . Spanish-English Codeswitching across Fairy Tale Narratives
Almeida Jacqueline Toribio

The Use of the Past Tense in the Narratives of Bilingual Children: The Acquisition of Aspectual Distinctions
Liliana Paredes and Vicky Nova-Dancausse

Discourse Connectedness in Caribbean Speech
Bárbara I. Ávila-Shah

Part 6. Sociolinguistics and Pragmatics

Nosotros somos dominicanos: Language and Self-Definition among Dominicans
Almeida Jacqueline Toribio

Spanish-Speaking Miami in Sociolinguistic Perspective: Bilingualism, Recontact, and Language Maintenance among the Cuban-Origin Population
Andrew Lynch

Linguistic Notions of Spanish among Youths from Different Hispanic Groups
Arnulfo G. Ramírez

En vías del desarrollo del lenguaje académico en español en hablantes nativos de español en los Estados Unidos
M. Cecilia Colombi

"Addressing" Business in Puerto Rico: vs. Usted
Diane Ringer Uber

A Hierarchy of Requests in California Spanish: Are Indirectness and Mitigation Polite?
Silvia Arellano

Part 7. Phonology, Morphology, and Syntax

The Multiple Vibrant Liquid in U.S. Spanish
Robert M. Hammond

Estar in Mexican-American Spanish: Phonological or Morphological Variability?
MaryEllen Garcia and Michael Tallon

Aspectos morfosintácticos del español como lengua materna entre universitarios californianos
Francisco Zabaleta

Part 8. Language Ideologies: Attitudes, Planning, and Policy Issues

Intraethnic Attitudes among Hispanics in a Northern California Community
Susana V. Rivera-Mills

"Proyecto para formar un ciudadano bilingüe": política lingüística y el español en Puerto Rico
Luis Ortiz-López

Demographic Changes in Florida and Their Importance for Effective Educational Policies and Practices
Thomas D. Boswell

Bilingual Education, the Acquisition of English, and the Retention and Loss of Spanish
Stephen Krashen


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