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BUCLD 43: Proceedings of the 43rd annual
Boston University Conference on Language Development

edited by Megan M. Brown and Brady Dailey
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Front cover image   ix + 743 pages (2-volume set)
publication date: 2019

ISBN 978-1-57473-096-8 paperback, $84.00


This two-volume set includes talks and posters from the 43rd annual Boston University Conference on Language Development, held November 2-4, 2018. The proceedings opens with the BUCLD 43 keynote by Ann Senghas and the BUCLD 43 plenary by Johanne Paradis.

The entire proceedings is also available directly from this page with open access. The pdf file for each paper is identical to the printed edition. You can search the entire proceedings here using Google.

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Volume 1

    Megan M. Brown and Brady Dailey
    ix (complete pdf)

How Language Learns: Linking Universals to Acquisition
    Ann Senghas
    1-10 (complete pdf)

English Second Language Acquisition from Early Childhood to Adulthood: The Role of Age, First Language, Cognitive, and Input Factors
    Johanne Paradis
    11-26 (complete pdf)

A Child's Acquisition of Polysemy: of, with, and by in Child English
    Norielle Adricula and Megan Pielke
    27-41 (complete pdf)

*What do you think that happens? A Quantitative and Cognitive Modeling Analysis of Linguistic Evidence across Socioeconomic Status for Learning Syntactic Islands
    Alandi Bates and Lisa Pearl
    42-56 (complete pdf)

Topichood and the Comprehension of Relative Clauses in French
    Anamaria Bentea and Stephanie Durrleman
    57-68 (complete pdf)

Predicting Gender Assignment in Icelandic: A Longitudinal Corpus Case Study
    Sigríður Mjöll Björnsdóttir and Sigríður Sigurjónsdóttir
    69-81 (complete pdf)

Reflexives in Adult and Child Tagalog
    Ivan Paul Bondoc, Kamil Ud Deen, Elsie Marie Or, and Ma. Clarisse Hemedes
    82-93 (complete pdf)

Acquisition Path of Distributive Markers in Serbian and Dutch: Evidence from an Act-Out Task
    Ana Bosnić and Jennifer Spenader
    94-108 (complete pdf)

Incremental Interpretation in the First and Second Language
    Laurel Brehm, Carrie N. Jackson, and Karen L. Miller
    109-122 (complete pdf)

The More the Merrier? The Impact of Talker Variability on Artificial Grammar Learning in Preschoolers and Adults
    Federica Bulgarelli and Daniel J. Weiss
    123-136 (complete pdf)

Exploring the Role of L2 Experience-Related Factors in Cross-language Lexical Priming
    Adel Chaouch-Orozco, Jorge González Alonso, and Jason Rothman
    137-150 (complete pdf)

The L2 Acquisition of Japanese Relative Clauses by L1 Chinese Learners: Evidence from the Interpretation of the Universal Quantifier zen'in 'all'
    Yunchuan Chen
    151-164 (complete pdf)

Effect of NP Type on L2 Raising Acquisition
    Jinsun Choe
    165-174 (complete pdf)

Increased Beta-Band Activity in the Active Maintenance of Fragile L2 Representations
    Laurent Dekydtspotter, A. Kate Miller, Mike Iverson, Yanyu Xiong, Kyle Swanson, and Charlène Gilbert
    175-188 (complete pdf)

Acquiring the Force of Modals: Sig You Guess What sig Means?
    Anouk Dieuleveut, Annemarie van Dooren, Ailís Cournane, and Valentine Hacquard
    189-202 (complete pdf)

Discovering Modal Polysemy: Lexical Aspect Might Help
    Annemarie van Dooren, Maxime Tulling, Ailís Cournane, and Valentine Hacquard
    203-216 (complete pdf)

A Crosslinguistic Study of Symmetrical Judgments
    Ken Drozd, Darinka Anđelković, Maja Savić, Oliver Tošković, Anna Gavarró, Anna Lite, Gordana Hržica, Melita Kovačević, Jelena Kuvač Kraljević, Athina Skordi, Kristine Jensen de López, Lone Sundahl, Bart Hollebrandse, Angeliek van Hout, Margreet van Koert, Eve Fabre, Anja Hubert, Ira Noveck, Susan Ott, Kazuko Yatsushiro, Ingrida Balčiūnienė, Jūratė Ruzaitė, Maigi Vija, Daniela Gatt, Helen Grech, Dorota Kiebzak-Mandera, Aneta Miękisz, Natalia Gagarina, Julia Puzanova, Maša Popović, Svetlana Kapalkova, Daniela Slančová, Nafsika Smith, Heather van der Lely, and Uli Sauerland
    217-230 (complete pdf)

Learnability in Romance: How Indirect Input Helps Children Acquire the Contrast between Null and Overt Subjects
    Hannah Forsythe, Daniel Greeson, and Cristina Schmitt
    231-244 (complete pdf)

Acquisition of Ellipsis: Phonology or Syntax?
    Yoshiki Fujiwara and Hiroyuki Shimada
    245-255 (complete pdf)

False Belief Understanding Requires Language Experience, but Its Precursor Abilities Do Not
    Deanna Gagne, Sara Goico, Jennie Pyers, and Marie Coppola
    256-269 (complete pdf)

The Spontaneous eMERGEnce of Recursion in Child Language
    Iain Giblin, Peng Zhou, Cory Bill, Jiawei Shi, and Stephen Crain
    270-285 (complete pdf)

Parental Sign Input to Deaf Children of Deaf Parents: Vocabulary and Syntax
    Corina Goodwin, Lee Prunier, and Diane Lillo-Martin
    286-297 (complete pdf)

How Children Learn to Disappear Causative Errors
    Ava Irani
    298-310 (complete pdf)

Distributional Regularity of Cues Facilitates Gender Acquisition: A Contrastive Study of Two Closely Related Languages
    Tanya Ivanova-Sullivan and Irina A. Sekerina
    311-323 (complete pdf)

Acquisition of the Grammatical Categories of Russian Verbs in a Heritage Russian-English Child: A Case Study
    Ekaterina V. Kistanova and Irina A. Sekerina
    324-337 (complete pdf)

When Must Children Acquire Long Distance Wh-Extraction?
    Jessica Kotfila and Jill de Villiers
    338-349 (complete pdf)

The Acquisition of Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers in Cantonese
    Margaret Lei
    350-359 (complete pdf)

Bilingual Exposure Improves Use of Contrastive Prosody in Fast Mapping
    Isabelle Lorge and Napoleon Katsos
    360-372 (complete pdf)

Volume 2

Telicity and Objecthood in the Acquisition of Unaccusativity: Mandarin-Speaking Children's Interpretation of Manner-of-Motion Verbs
    Yaqiao Lu and Thomas Hun-tak Lee
    373-386 (complete pdf)

Deciding the Referent of a New Word: The Acquisition of Classifier
    Weiyi Ma and Peng Zhou
    387-390 (complete pdf)

The Production of Object Relative Clauses in Italian-Speaking Children: A Syntactic Priming Study
    Claudia Manetti and Carla Contemori
    391-403 (complete pdf)

Cognitive Bias Overrides Syntactic Bootstrapping in Novel Verb Learning
    Annelot Mills and Angeliek van Hout
    404-414 (complete pdf)

Grammaticalization of the Body and Space in Nicaraguan Sign Language
    Kathryn Montemurro, Molly Flaherty, Marie Coppola, Susan Goldin-Meadow, and Diane Brentari
    415-426 (complete pdf)

Variation Sets in Maximally Diverse Languages
    Steven Moran, Nicholas A. Lester, Heath Gordon, Aylin Küntay, Barbara Pfeiler, Shanley Allen, and Sabine Stoll
    427-440 (complete pdf)

Won't Somebody Think of the children: Beyond Maximality with Plural Definite Descriptions
    Morgan Moyer, Zehra Husnain, and Kristen Syrett
    441-453 (complete pdf)

L2 Adaptation to Unreliable Prosody during Structural Analysis: A Visual World Study
    Chie Nakamura, Jesse A. Harris, Sun-Ah Jun, and Yuki Hirose
    454-468 (complete pdf)

Using Developmental Modeling to Specify Learning and Representation of the Passive in English Children
    Emma Nguyen and Lisa Pearl
    469-482 (complete pdf)

Children's Acquisition of Clefts Revisited: New Evidence from Japanese
    Akari Ohba, Tetsuya Sano, and Kyoko Yamakoshi
    483-495 (complete pdf)

Acquisition of Floating Quantifiers by L1 English Speakers of L2 Japanese
    Tokiko Okuma
    496-508 (complete pdf)

Toddlers' Use of a Third Party's Gaze Information in Verb-Action Mapping
    Yuriko Oshima-Takane
    509-522 (complete pdf)

Bilingualism Effects in Children with Developmental Language Disorder: Metalinguistic Awareness, Executive Functions, and False-Belief Reasoning
    Eleni Peristeri, Eleni Baldimtsi, Stephanie Durrleman, and Ianthi Maria Tsimpli
    523-536 (complete pdf)

Rhythmic and Morphosyntactic Predictions: The Anticipation Abilities of Italian Children with Developmental Dyslexia
    Valentina Persici, Natale Stucchi, and Fabrizio Arosio
    537-548 (complete pdf)

If They Had Been More Transparent, the Child Would Have Discovered Them More Easily: How Counterfactuals Develop
    Lina Rouvoli, Vina Tsakali, and Nina Kazanina
    549-560 (complete pdf)

L1 Acquisition of Tense-Aspect Markers -ess (Past-Perfective) and -ko iss (Imperfective) in Korean
    Ju-Yeon Ryu and Yasuhiro Shirai
    561-572 (complete pdf)

On a Developmental Delay in the L1 Acquisition of the Japanese Nominative Object
    Tetsuya Sano, Hiroyuki Shimada, and Yoshiki Fujiwara
    573-584 (complete pdf)

How Do Children Interpret Novel Control Verbs?
    Ana Lúcia Santos, Alice Jesus, and Silvana Abalada
    585-598 (complete pdf)

Object Relative Clause Comprehension in L2 Children with Limited L2 Exposure
    Maureen Scheidnes and Leslie Redmond
    599-611 (complete pdf)

The Syntactic Hierarchy and (Anti-) Reconstruction in Child Japanese Cleft Constructions
    Hiroyuki Shimada, Akari Ohba, Rika Okada, and Kyoko Yamakoshi
    612-624 (complete pdf)

Word Order, Case Marking, and Verbal Morphology in Children's Comprehension of Suffixal Passives in Korean
    Gyu-Ho Shin and Kamil Ud Deen
    625-638 (complete pdf)

Using Television to Boost Native-Speaker Input for L2-Learning Children: A Cautionary Tale
    Tamara Sorenson Duncan and Johanne Paradis
    639-652 (complete pdf)

Facilitating Quantifier Acquisition: Training Can Eliminate Children's Spreading Errors
    Jennifer Spenader and Christian Roest
    653-666 (complete pdf)

Present to the Eye, Away from the Mind: Dissociating Online Comprehension and Offline Judgments of Indirect Scalar Inferences
    Maik Thalmann and Daniele Panizza
    667-678 (complete pdf)

Using Prosody to Compute Alternative Sets: The Case of Turkish Particle dA
    Simge Topaloğu and Mine Nakipoğlu
    679-692 (complete pdf)

Temporal Contingency Augments Attention to a Referent in a Word Learning Task
    Sho Tsuji, Reiko Mazuka, and Daniel Swingley
    693-704 (complete pdf)

Mandarin-Speaking Toddlers' Acquisition of Unaccusativity
    Ziqi Wang, Xiaolu Yang, and Rushen Shi
    705-715 (complete pdf)

L1-Mandarin L2-English Speakers' Acquisition of English Universal Quantifier-Negation Scope
    Mien-Jen Wu and Tania Ionin
    716-729 (complete pdf)

Quantifier Scope and Intonation in German
    Kazuko Yatsushiro, Ayaka Sugawara, and Uli Sauerland
    730-743 (complete pdf)

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