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Proceedings of the 22nd West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics

edited by Gina Garding and Mimu Tsujimura

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publication date: December 2003

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The WCCFL 22 conference took place March 21-23, 2003, at UC San Diego. 39 papers from the conference are included in the proceedings.

The CD contains all of the papers in Acrobat (.pdf) format, so you can easily browse or search the proceedings and print the papers you want to read. The proceedings are also available in paperback and library binding.


1.   A Quantitative Study of Spanish Paradigm Gaps
     Adam Albright     1-14

2.   Linguistic Complexity, Locality and Resumption
     Theodora Alexopoulou and Frank Keller     15-28

3.   Theoretical Implications of the Parsing 
     of Japanese Wh-Scrambling Constructions
     Sachiko Aoshima, Colin Phillips, and Amy Weinberg     29-42

4.   Null Subjects in Child Language: 
     Evidence for a Performance Account
     Justin M. Aronoff     43-55

5.   The Case for Local Conjunction: Evidence from Fyem
     Jill N. Beckman     56-69

6.   Input Representations (Inside the Mind and Out)
     Mary E. Beckman     70-94

7.   'Information' Focus Movement in Italian 
     and Contextual Constraints on Ellipsis
     Lisa Brunetti     95-108

8.   Introducing Arguments above the Agent: 
     The Case of Zulu Locative Applicatives
     Leston Buell     109-122

9.   QR in the Theory of Phases
     Carlo Cecchetto     123-136

10.  The Origins in Overlap of Place Assimilation
     Larissa Hoerning Chen     137-150

11.  Morphological Effects on Default Stress 
     in Novel Russian Words
     Katherine Crosswhite, John Alderete, 
     Tim Beasley, and Vita Markman     151-164

12.  Epenthesis versus Gestural Mistiming 
     in Consonant Cluster Production: An Ultrasound Study
     Lisa Davidson and Maureen Stone     165-178

13.  Island (In)sensitivity in Japanese Sluicing 
     and Stripping and Some Implications
     Teruhiko Fukaya     179-192

14.  Scrambling in Persian Is Not Focus Driven
     Shadi Ganjavi     193-206

15.  Quantifiers in Exceptive NPs
     Iván García-Álvarez     207-216

16.  The Puzzle of Onset-Sensitive Stress: 
     A Perceptually-Driven Approach
     Matthew Gordon     217-230

17.  Effects of Shared Constituency on Superiority Effects
     Maximiliano Guimarães     231-244

18.  Specificity As a Grammatical Notion: 
     Evidence from L2-English Article Use
     Tania Ionin, Heejeong Ko, and Ken Wexler     245-258

19.  Prosodic Disambiguation of Syntactic 
     Clause Boundaries in Korean
     Soyoung Kang and Shari R. Speer     259-272

20.  Paradigm Effects and the 
     Affix-Shape/Position Generalization
     Daniel Kaufman     273-286

21.  Temporal Reference Frames and the Imperfective Paradox
     Nina Kazanina and Colin Phillips     287-300

22.  Nonrestrictive Relatives and Growth of Logical Form
     Ruth Kempson     301-314

23.  Counter-Feeding Opacity As a Chain Shift Effect
     Anna Lubowicz     315-327

24.  Anaphora and (Un)finished Objects
     Eric McCready     328-341

25.  Subject/Object Asymmetries in the 
     Processing of Relative Clauses in Japanese
     Edson T. Miyamoto and Michiko Nakamura     342-355

26.  Backward Object Control in Korean
     Philip J. Monahan     356-369

27.  Some AGREEment Matters
     Andrew Nevins and Pranav Anand     370-383

28.  Being Able To
     Christopher Piñón     384-397

29.  Covert Feature Effects
     Douglas Pulleyblank     398-422

30.  Phonological Rule-Learning and Its 
     Implications for a Theory of Vowel Harmony
     Anne Pycha, Pawel Nowak,
     Eurie Shin, and Ryan Shosted     423-435

31.  Ordering and Linearizing Rightward Movement
     Joseph A. Sabbagh     436-449

32.  An "Orphan" Analysis of Long and Short 
     Adjunct Movement in English
     Benjamin Shaer     450-463

33.  Paradigm Uniformity: Evidence for Inflectional Bases
     Anne Sturgeon     464-476

34.  Surgery in Language Learning
     Bruce Tesar, John Alderete, Graham Horwood, 
     Nazarré Merchant, Koichi Nishitani,
     and Alan Prince     477-490

35.  On the Processing of Japanese Wh-Questions: 
     Relating Grammar and Brain
     Mieko Ueno and Robert Kluender     491-504

36.  Gestural Motor Programs and the Nature of Phonotactic 
     Restrictions: Evidence from Loanword Phonology
     Adam Ussishkin and Andrew Wedel     505-518

37.  Past Participles in Afrikaans Dialects and Dutch
     Mark de Vos     519-532

38.  Experimental Investigation of Phonological Naturalness
     Colin Wilson     533-546

39.  The Specificity Condition: PF-Condition or LF-Condition?
     Masaya Yoshida     547-560

Index     561-567

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