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Proceedings of the 23rd West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics

edited by Vineeta Chand, Ann Kelleher, Angelo J. Rodríguez, and Benjamin Schmeiser

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publication date: December 2004

ISBN 978-1-57473-073-9 paperback, $40.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-173-6 library binding, $80.00


WCCFL 23: Proceedings of the 23rd West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics contains 60 papers presented at the April 2004 conference at UC Davis. The papers focus on phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and language development. The proceedings is available in paperback and library binding.


1.   Sub-optimal Paradigms in Yiddish
     Adam Albright     1-14

2.   Redistributing dou: Cleaving Exhaustivity from Distributivity
     Pranav Anand and Danni Tang     15-28

3.   Comparing Two Optimality-Theoretic
     Learning Algorithms for Latin Stress
     Diana Apoussidou and Paul Boersma     29-42

4.   Restructuring in Basque and the Theory of Agreement
     Karlos Arregi and Gainko Molina-Azaola     43-56

5.   Finiteness, Case and Agreement
     Gülsat Aygen     57-70

6.   On the Relevance of Initial Points: 
     Skwxwú7mesh Activities and Accomplishments
     Leora Bar-el     71-84

7.   Contrast and Redundancy in OT
     Jill N. Beckman and Catherine O. Ringen     85-98

8.   Object Shift and the Clause/PP Parallelism Hypothesis
     Zeljko Boskovic     99-112

9.   Phonetic Convergence in Bilingual Puerto Rican Spanish
     Barbara E. Bullock, Almeida Jacqueline Toribio, 
     Kristopher Allen Davis, and Christopher G. Botero     113-125

10.  The Function of V2 in Korean Aspectual Verb Constructions
     Seongsook Choi     126-139

11.  The Korean Suffix -te as Spatio-Temporal Deictic Tense
     Kyung-Sook Chung     140-153

12.  A Construction-Based Approach to Russian Impersonal 
     Predications Denoting Uncontrolled Events
     Laura Elaine Davies     154-167

13.  Dative Doubling Structures in Spanish: 
     Are They Double Object Constructions?
     Mónica De Pedro Munilla     168-181

14.  On Prenominal Relative Clauses and Appositive Adjectives
     Francesca Del Gobbo     182-194

15.  On the Argument Structure of FI and FP Causatives
     Raffaella Folli and Heidi Harley     195-208

16.  Raising Exceptions
     Jon Gajewski     209-222

17.  Long Distance Anaphors and Temporal Relations
     Alessandra Giorgi     223-236

18.  On the Syntax and Processing of Wh-Questions in Spanish
     Grant Goodall     237-250

19.  The Acquisition of Disjunction 
     and Positive Polarity in Japanese
     Takuya Goro and Sachie Akiba     251-264

20.  Minimal Reduplication as a Paradigm Uniformity Effect
     Maria Gouskova     265-278

21.  Superiority - Syntactic and Interpretive
     Lydia Grebenyova     279-292

22.  Prepositions, Scales and Telicity: A Case Study
     Elaine Grolla     293-303

23.  Constituency and Agency in VP
     Peter Hallman     304-317

24.  Tone and Voicing Agreement in Yabem
     Gunnar Ólafur Hansson     318-331

25.  N-Plural vs. D-Plural
     Tomio Hirose     332-345

26.  What Gets Mapped to the Tripartite 
     Structure of Quantification in Japanese
     Hajime Hoji and Yasuo Ishii     346-359

27.  Wh-Movement: EPP or Uninterpretable Q-Feature?
     Hidehito Hoshi     360-373

28.  Quasi-phonemic Contrasts in Spanish
     José Ignacio Hualde     374-398

29.  A Singular Plural
     Tania Ionin and Ora Matushansky     399-412

30.  Asymmetries in Multiple Case Assignment
     Youngmi Jeong     413-421

31.  Gestures as Expletives: Multichannel Syntax
     Mélanie Jouitteau     422-435

32.  Not So Overt Movement
     Takaomi Kato     436-449

33.  English C & T as Affixes
     Kwang-sup Kim     450-463

34.  Exemplar-Based Phonology: It's about Time
     Robert Kirchner     464-474

35.  Are Subject Islands Subject to a Processing Account?
     Robert Kluender     475-499

36.  Constraining Scrambling: 
     Cyclic Linearization and Subject Movement
     Heejeong Ko     500-513

37.  Syntactic and Semantic Mismatches 
     in the Korean ko-Construction
     Nayoung Kwon     514-527

38.  Spanish Reflexive Pronouns: A Null Preposition Hypothesis
     Jonathan E. MacDonald     528-540

39.  Arbitrariness: A Definite Account
     Sophia A. Malamud     541-554

40.  The Case of Experiencers: Receiving, Holding, Doing
     Vita G. Markman     555-568

41.  Importance of Weight and Argumenthood 
     on the Ordering of Adverbial Expressions
     Roberto Mayoral Hernández     569-582

42.  Definiteness in Child Language
     Luisa Meroni, Andrea Gualmini, and Stephen Crain     583-594

43.  What Is a Perfect State?
     Atsuko Nishiyama and Jean-Pierre Koenig     595-606

44.  Distributivity and A-Quantification in Bimanese
     Melanie Owens     607-620

45.  Another Perfect Puzzle
     Roumyana Pancheva     621-634

46.  A New Approach to Quantifier-Spreading
     Natalia Rakhlin     635-648

47.  Contenders and Learning
     Jason Riggle     649-662

48.  Habitual Sentences and Generic Quantification
     Laura Rimell     663-676

49.  The Imperfecto Reference Time
     Joshua Rodríguez     677-689

50.  Phonetic Foundations of Final /s/ Patterning 
     in South Central Castilian Spanish
     Ana Sánchez-Muñoz     690-702

51.  Presuppositional Predicates 
     and Sentential Subject Extraposition
     David Schueler     703-716

52.  Factivity and Mood Selection in Romance
     Laura Siegel     717-730

53.  Long-Distance Reflexivization and 
     Subject Orientation in Chinese and Korean
     Hong-Ki Sohng     731-744

54.  The Syntax and Semantics of 
     the Ambiguity of -ko iss- in Korean
     Minjeong Son     745-758

55.  Input "Clusters" and Contrast Preservation in OT
     Anne-Michelle Tessier     759-772

56.  Vowel Feature Licensing at a Distance: 
     Evidence from Northern Spanish Language Varieties
     Rachel Walker     773-786

57.  A Ternary Model of 
     Morphology-Phonology Correspondence
     Rachel Walker and Bella Feng     787-800

58.  Enclisis and Proclisis in Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian
     Adam Werle     801-814

59.  Contraction and Duplication of Prepositions 
     in Coordinated Structures in Brazilian Portuguese
     Cristina Ximenes and Jairo Nunes     815-828

60.  Boolean Semantics and Categorial Polyvalency
     Richard Zuber     829-842

Index     843-852

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