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Proceedings of the 21st West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics

edited by Line Mikkelsen and Christopher Potts

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Front cover image   viii + 492 pages
publication date: December 2002

ISBN 978-1-57473-253-5 CD-ROM, $20.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-053-1 paperback, $40.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-153-8 library binding, $80.00


The WCCFL 21 conference took place April 5-7, 2002, at UC Santa Cruz. 33 papers from the conference are included in the proceedings.

The CD contains all of the papers in Acrobat (.pdf) format, so you can easily browse or search the proceedings and print the papers you want to read. The proceedings are also available in paperback and library binding.


1.   Derivational parallelism and ellipsis parallelism
     Ash Asudeh and Richard Crouch     1-14

2.   The proper treatments of focus sensitivity
     David I. Beaver and Brady Z. Clark     15-28

3.   Morphology's role in ordering verb-adjacent clitics
     Loren Billings and Abigail Konopasky     29-42

4.   Gestural timing and derived environment effects 
     in Norwegian clusters
     Travis G. Bradley     43-56

5.   Orphan attributes
     Daniel Büring     57-70

6.   Deriving reflexives
     Rose-Marie Déchaine and Martina Wiltschko     71-84

7.   The semantics of the adjective respective
     Jean Mark Gawron and Andrew Kehler     85-98

8.   An elucidation of null direct object structures 
     in Modern Hebrew
     Lotus Goldberg     99-112

9.   Relational hierarchies in OT
     Maria Gouskova     113-126

10.  Possession as a lexical relation: 
     Evidence from the Hebrew construct state
     Daphna Heller     127-140

11.  Topic, focus, and syntactic representations
     Caroline Heycock and Anthony Kroch     141-165

12.  Precedence faithfulness governs morpheme position
     Graham Horwood     166-179

13.  Invisible but audible wh-scope marking: 
     Wh-constructions and deaccenting in Japanese
     Shinichiro Ishihara     180-193

14.  Case alternation and NPIs in questions in Finnish
     Elsi Kaiser     194-207

15.  Triggers and alternations in compensatory lengthening
     Darya Kavitskaya     208-221

16.  A stress-based approach to Ponapean reduplication
     Robert Kennedy     222-235

17.  A feature-analysis of ablaut
     Ji-yung Kim     236-249

18.  Reflexivity and resultatives     
     Jeffrey Lidz and Alexander Williams     250-263

19.  A beauty of a construction
     Ora Matushansky     264-277

20.  On rhythmic asymmetries in metrical groupings
     Evan Mellander     278-291

21.  PF output constraints and elliptical repair 
     in SAI comparatives
     Jason Merchant     292-305

22.  Typological consequences of local constraint conjunction
     Elliott Moreton and Paul Smolensky     306-319

23.  The prefixing preference in reduplication
     Nicole Nelson     320-333

24.  Decomposing one at a time
     Sei-Rang Oh     334-347

25.  Form and substance in phonological development
     Joe Pater     348-372

26.  Rules vs. constraints in signed reciprocals
     Roland Pfau and Markus Steinbach     373-386

27.  The lexical syntax and lexical semantics of 
     the verb-particle construction
     Gillian Ramchand and Peter Svenonius     387-400

28.  Logophors in possessed picture noun phrases
     Jeffrey T. Runner, Rachel S. Sussman, 
     and Michael K. Tanenhaus     401-414

29.  Dispersion in OT: 
     Color contrast in Middle Polish nasal vowels
     Nathan Sanders     415-428

30.  The psycholinguistic reality of abstract representations
     Meghan Sumner     429-442

31.  Enforcing grammatical restrictiveness can 
     help resolve structural ambiguity
     Bruce Tesar     443-456

32.  Verbal particles and results in Swedish and English
     Ida Toivonen     457-470

33.  Contour tone licensing and moraicity
     Jie Zhang     471-484

Index     485-492

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