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BUCLD 20: Proceedings of the 20th annual
Boston University Conference on Language Development

edited by Andy Stringfellow, Dalia Cahana-Amitay, Elizabeth Hughes and Andrea Zukowski
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Front cover image   x + 872 pages (2-volume set)
publication date: March 1996

ISBN 978-1-57473-012-8 paperback, $60.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-112-5 library binding, $125.00


The Proceedings of the 20th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development contain 76 papers from the conference, including the plenary address by Lydia White.

Volume 1

The Tale of the Ugly Duckling 
(or the Coming of Age of Second Language Acquisition Research)
    Lydia White      1

An Examination of the Factors Underlying the Facilitative
Effect of Word Phrases on Object Categorization in 
Nine-Month-Old Infants
    Marie T. Balaban and Sandra R. Waxman      18

Perspective and Agency in the Construal of Narrative Events
    Michael Bamberg      30

The Development of On-glides in American English
    Jessica A. Barlow      40
Light Verbs in Code-switched Utterances:
Derivational Economy in I-Language or 
Incongruence in Production?
    Tej K. Bhatia and William C. Ritchie      52

Limited Sentence Generation Accounts for 
Early Subject Omissions
    Carole T. Boster      63

Root Infinitives in Italian SLI Children
    Piero Bottari, Paola Cipriani 
    and Anna Maria Chilosi      75

The Locative Alternation: 
Accounting for Its Acquisition without 
Reference to Innate Linking Rules
    Ursula Brinkmann      87

Physical Individuation as a Prerequisite for 
Children's Symmetrical Readings
    Ursula Brinkmann, Kenneth F. Drozd and Irene Kramer      99

Phonological Parameter Setting with the 
Triggering Learning Algorithm
    Kevin Broihier     111

Verb Movement and Clitic Placement in 
French and Spanish as a Second Language
    Joyce Bruhn-Garavito and Silvina A. Montrul      123

Hindi-speaking Caregivers' Input: Towards an Integration of 
Typological and Language Socialization Approaches
    Nancy Budwig and Nandita Chaudhary      135

Syntax, Semantics, and NP-type Nouns
    Tracey C. Burns and Nancy N. Soja      146

"De mi padre, su padre": The Syntax of Word Order Transfer and 
Person Agreement in Andean L2 Spanish
    Jose Camacho and Liliana Sanchez      155

Infants' Use of Rhythmic Cues in Word-level Segmentation
    Jane B. Childers and Catharine H. Echols     167
Quantifier Interpretation Errors as 
Errors of Distributive Scope
    Kenneth F. Drozd      177

Where's the Mature Language?  Where's the Native Language?
    Lynn Eubank and Sabine Grace      189

The Acquisition of Tense and Temporal Reference
    Cheryl Fantuzzi      201

Language and Theory of Mind in Oral Deaf Children
    Elaine Gale, Peter de Villiers, 
    Jill de Villiers and Jenny Pyers      213

The Emergence of Extended Phrase 
Structure in Child L2 Acquisition
    Lena Gavruseva and Donna Lardiere      225

Child Phonology in Optimality Theory:
Ranking Markedness and Faithfulness Constraints
    Amalia E. Gnanadesikan      237

Why Does Vocabulary Spurt?
    Beverly A. Goldfield and J. Steven Resnick      249

Controlled PRO and the Acquisition of Greek
    Helen Goodluck and Arhonto Terzi      261

Come it Closer: Causative Errors in Child Speech
    Jess Gropen, Janita Blaskovich and Gale DeDe      272

Null Aux and the Acquisition of Residual V2
    Maria Teresa Guasti and Luigi Rizzi     284

The Acquisition of Irish and the Internal 
Structure of VP in Early Child Grammars
    Eithne Guilfoyle      296

A Relevance-Theoretic Approach to Older 
Children's Use of Discourse Markers
    Marie E. Helt and Susan H. Foster-Cohen      308

Functional Categories in Child L2 Acquisition of Irish
    Alison Henry and Denise Tangney      318

Syntactic Bootstrapping by Children with SLI:
Implications for a Theory of Specific Language Impairment
    Erika Hoff-Ginsberg, Donna J. Kelly and JoAnn Buhr      328

The Pragmatics of Self-Reference in the First Years of Life
    Alison Imbens-Bailey and Barbara Alexander Pan      340

A Diary Study on the Acquisition of Middle French: 
A Preliminary Report on the Early Language 
Acquistion of Louis XIII
    David Ingram and Marie-Therese Le Normand      352

They Be Taggin', Don't They?: The Acquisition of Invariant Be
    Janice Jackson, Eliane Ramos, Fred Hall, D'Jaris Coles, 
    Harry Seymour, Mike Dickey, Kimberly Broderick 
    and Bart Hollebrandse      364

On the Acquisition of the Pronominal System in French and 
    Celia Jakubowicz, Natascha Muller, Ok-Kyung Kang, 
    Beate Riemer and Catherine Rigaut      374

The Shape of Early Words: A Prosodic Developmental Analysis
    Jacqueline S. Johnson and Joanna Salidis     386

On the Acquisition of Word Order in Nominals
    Kyle Johnson, Sarah Bateman, Deanna Moore,
    Tom Roeper and Jill de Villiers      397

Parameters in the Lexicon, Language Variation, 
and Language Development
    Alan Juffs      407

Acquisition of Stress: An Investigation of Rhythmic Processes 
in English-Speaking Children's Multi-Syllabic Word Productions
    M. Kehoe and C. Stoel-Gammon      419

The Case of the Missing Particle: Objective Case Assignment and 
Scrambling in the Early Grammar of Japanese
    Usha Lakshmanan and Mami Ozeki      431

Volume 2

Object Naming and Category Boundaries
    Barbara Landau and Elizabeth Shipley      443

Second Language Acquisition of English Reflexives:
Is There Hope Beyond Transfer?
    Dawn MacLaughlin      453

Narrative Competency Outcomes of Specific Expressive 
Language Impairment at Ages Six, Seven, and Eight
    Joan E. Manhardt, Inge M. Hansen 
    and Leslie A. Rescorla      465

Children's Oblique Relatives
    Dana McDaniel and Cecile McKee      472

Multiple Level Naming Abilities of 
Children with Word-finding Deficits
    Karla K. McGregor and Sandra R. Waxman      483

L2 Rigidity: The Scope Principle in Adult L2 Grammar
    Yoichi Miyamoto and Maki Yamane      494

The Second Language Acquisition of Dative Case:
From Absolute L1 Influence to Optionality
    Silvina A. Montrul      506

Bilingual Communication Strategies and Language Dominance
    Elena Nicoladis and Fred Genesee      518

Phonological Differentiation in a Bilingual Child: 
Hildegaard Revisited
    Johanne Paradis      528

Truncation without Templates in Child Phonology
    Joe Pater and Johanne Paradis      540

Learning "Home": The Acquisition of Inherent 
Binding and Economy of Representation
    Ana Perez-Leroux and Thomas Roeper     552

The Event Quantificational Account of Symmetrical 
Interpretation and a Denial of Implausible Infelicity
    William Philip      564

The Double Dutch Delay of Principle B Effect
    William Philip and Peter Coopmans      576

Root Infinitives are Finite
    Colin Phillips      588

Quantification, Arbitrariness of Structure, 
and the Count-Mass Noun Distinction
    Sandeep Prasada      600

Tense Over Time: The Persistence of Optional 
Infinitives in English in Children with SLI
     Mabel Rice and Ken Wexler      610

The Neg-Criterion in Second Language Acquisition:
Evidence for a Dissociation between Function and Syntax
    Daniel Robertson      622

The Development of Language from Non-native Linguistic Input
    Danielle S. Ross and Elissa L. Newport      634

L1 and L2 Sensitivity to Semantic 
Constraints on Argument Structure
    Mark Sawyer      646

Why Do Swiss-German Children Like Verb Movement So Much?
    Manuela Schonenberger      658

Subject Case Licensing and English Root Infinitives
    Carson T. Schutze and Ken Wexler      670

Child Language and Optimality Theory: 
The Case of Consonant Harmony
    Susan Diane Scott      682

The Acquisition of Negation Interpretation Rules
    Dean Sharpe, Laurel Eakin, Marie-Helene Cote, 
    Guy Lacroix and John Macnamara      694

Venezuelan Children's Preliterate Narrative Development:
A Multidimensional Approach
    Martha Shiro      706

Pronoun Resolution Across Clauses:
Acquisition Evidence for the Structure of the Coreference 
    Ron Smyth and Siu-mei Cheung      718

The Acquisitional Role of the Syntax-Morphology Interface:
Morphological Compounds and Syntactic Complex Predicates
    William Snyder      728

The Genetic Basis of Language Acquisition
    Karin Stromswold      736

Bilingual Memory Representation in Korean-English 
and Spanish-English Bilinguals
    Hyekyung Sung and Amato M. Padilla      748

Prosody, Functors, and Word Recognition in Young Children
    Daniel Swingley, Anne Fernald, 
    Gerald W. McRoberts and John P. Pinto      760

Variable Vowel Epenthesis in Korean-accented English
    Jin-young Tak      768

Clitic Doubling in Early Spanish
    Vicenc Torrens and Kenneth Wexler      780

Empirical Evidence for the Modularity of 
Language from Grammatical SLI Children
    Heather K. J. van der Lely      792

The Computation and Representation of Past-tense Morphology in 
Specifically Language Impaired and Normally Developing Children
    Heather K. J. van der Lely and Michael Ullman      804

Root Infinitives without Infinitives
    Spyridoula Varlokosta, Anne Vainikka 
    and Bernhard Rohrbacher      816

Mechanisms of Fast Mapping in Preschool Children
    Krista M. Wilkinson and Susan A. Stanford      828

On Language Deficits and Modality in Children with 
Down Syndrome: A Case Study
    Bencie Woll and Nicola Grove      837

Acquisition of Japanese Numeral Classifiers
    Kasumi Yamamoto and Frank Keil      849

Responding to Compliments: A Contrastive Study on the English 
Pragmatics of Advanced Chinese Speakers of English
    Yi Yuan      861

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