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BUCLD 19: Proceedings of the 19th annual
Boston University Conference on Language Development

edited by Dawn MacLaughlin and Susan McEwen

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publication date: March 1995

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The Proceedings of the 19th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development contain 59 papers from the conference, including the keynote address by Andrew Radford and the plenary address by Jill de Villiers.

Volume 1

Children -- Architects or Brickies?
    Andrew Radford       1

Questioning Minds and Answering Machines
    Jill de Villiers       20

The Acquisition of Welsh Clause Structure
    Michelle Aldridge, Robert D. Borsley, and Susan Clack       37

"Tense" Doubling in Early Grammars
    Joe Allen       48

Acquiring German Noun Plurals
    Susanne Bartke, Gary F. Marcus, and Harald Clahsen       60

Picking up Particles
    Hans Bennis, Marcel den Dikken, Peter Jordens, 
    Susan Powers, and Jürgen Weissenborn       70

Word-formation as Evidence
    Ruth A. Berman       82

Semantics and the Bootstrapping Problem
    Paul Bloom       96

The Acquisition of Collective Nouns
    Paul Bloom, Deborah Kelemen,
    Amy Fountain, and Ellen Courtney       107

A Crosslinguistic Study of the Age Factor 
in Second Language Acquisition
    Naomi Bolotin       118

Grammatical Mapping from UG to Language Specific Grammars: 
Variation in the Acquisition of German, Dutch and Swedish
    Katharina Boser, Lynn Santelmann, 
    Isabella Barbier, and Barbara Lust       130

Constrained Productivity in the Acquistion of NP-type Nouns
    T. Burns and N. Soja       143

Patterns of Noun Phrase Expression in Hands-On 
Instructional Conversations in Science
    Rebecca Burns-Hoffman, Okhee Lee, and Sandra H. Fradd       154

Functional Categories and Objective Case Assignment 
in the Early Grammars of Bambara
    Oumarou Camara and Usha Lakshmanan       166

Dynamic Acquisition
    Laura Conway and Stephen Crain       180

Lexical Representation of Greek Compounds: Evidence from 
Greek Developmentally Language Impaired Individuals
    Jenny Dalalakis and Myrna Gopnik       192

An Auditory Processing Deficit as a Possible Source of SLI 
    Christiane Fellbaum, Steven Miller, 
    Susan Curtiss, and Paula Tallal       204

The Emergence of Nominative Case Assignment in 
Child Catalan and Spanish
    John Grinstead       216

Negation in Children's Questions: The Case of English
    Maria Teresa Guasti, Rosalind Thornton, and Kenneth Wexler       228

Null Arguments in German Child Language
    Cornelia Hamann       240

Distinguishing Logical from Developmental Predictions in the Subset 
Principle Debate
    Robert Hamilton       255

Integrating Auditory and Visual Cues in Speech Perception: Perspectives 
on the Role of Compellingness from Cross-Language Studies
    Debra M. Hardison       267

Differences Between Name Recognition and Name Retrieval Abilities 
in Relationship to Reading Performance
    Charles Winthrop Haynes       279

L2 Acquisition of English Unaccusative Constructions
    Makiko Hirakawa       291

The Independence of Communication and Grammar in Development
    Erika Hoff-Ginsberg       303

A Cross-Channel Description of Character Reference in Oral Narratives
    Yvette D. Hyter and Aquiles Iglesias       313

Nouns and Verbs in Turkish Child Directed Speech
    Aylin Küntay and Dan I. Slobin       323

On the L2 Acquisition of Deverbal Compounds: Evidence for Agreement
    Donna Lardiere and Bonnie D. Schwartz       335

Morphology in Children with Congenital Brain Deficits -- Evidence 
from Children Learning Hebrew
    Yonata Levy       348

Volume 2

Acquisition of Oral Narrative Skills 
by Foreign Language Learners of Japanese
    Yoshimi Maeno       359

A Developmental Model of the Sensorimotor Foundations of Phonology
    Kevin L. Markey, Lise Menn, and Michael C. Mozer       367

Case-Marking in Conjoined NPs and Binding 
Conditions in Young Children's Grammar
    Kazumi Matsuoka       379

Segmental Deficits in Aphasia: The Regression 
Hypothesis in Light of Current Phonological Theory
    John S. Matthews       391

From Homesign to ASL: Identifying the Influences of a Self-Generated 
Childhood Gesture System Upon Language Proficiency in Adulthood
    Jill P. Morford, Jenny L. Singleton, and Susan Goldin-Meadow  403

Do Infants Use Stress as a Cue in Segmenting Fluent Speech?
    Mary R. Newsome and Peter W. Jusczyk       415

Assessment of Phonetic Differentiation in Bilingual-learning Infants
    Barbara Zurer Pearson, Ana Navarro, and
    Virginia Mueller Gathercole       427

The Acquisition of Pronouns in Dutch and English: 
The Case for Continuity
    Susan M. Powers       439

Extended Optional Infinitive (EOI) Account 
of Specific Language Impairment
    Mabel L. Rice and Kenneth Wexler       451

Using a Recurrent Connectionist Network to Compare 
Bilingual and Second Language Learning
    Oliver Rickard and Tom Scutt       463

Morphological Acquistion and SLI: 
Evidence from Children with Expressive Language Delay
    Julie Roberts and Leslie Rescorla       475

On German Verb Syntax under Age 2
    Bernhard Rohrbacher and Anne Vainikka       487

Topicalization, CP and Licensing in the Acquisition of Swedish
    Lynn Santelmann       499

The Interdependence Between Linguistic and 
Cognitive Performance Among Bilingual Preschoolers 
with Differing Home Language Environments
    Rolando L. Santiago       511

On the Acquisition of Scrambling in Dutch
    Jeannette Schaeffer       521

EEG, Brain and Language Development: A Case Study
    A. René Schmauder and Martha Ann Bell       533

The Development of Nicaraguan Sign Language 
via the Language Acquisition Process            
    Ann Senghas       543

Some Evidence of Sensitivity to Prosody and 
Word Order in Ten-Month-Olds
    Michele Shady, LouAnn Gerken, and Peter W. Jusczyk       553

Is the Right Hemisphere of the Brain Functionally Specialized to 
Process Prosodic Information from Birth?
    Valerie L. Shafer and David W. Shucard       563

Tense-aspect Marking by L2 Learners of Japanese
    Yasuhiro Shirai       575

Robust Lexical Acquisition Despite Extremely Noisy Input
    Jeffrey Mark Siskind       587

An Investigation of Children with Developmental Language 
Impairment's Ability to Use Everyday Knowledge in Comprehension
    Elizabeth Skarakis-Doyle and Siobhan Wootton       599

The Syntactic Representation of Degree and Number 
in Children's English: Evidence for Delayed Parametric Learning
    William Snyder and Dolon Das       611

The Development of Relative Clauses in Serbo-Croatian
    Danijela (Kudra) Stojanović and Helen Goodluck       618

The Acquisition of Datives, Particles, and Related Constructions:
Evidence for a Parametric Account
    Karin Stromswold and William Snyder       621

Language Contact and Differentation in Child Bilingualism: 
A Syntactic Analysis
    Almeida Jacqueline Toribio and Barbara Louise Brown       629

Brain Maturation and Language Acquisition: 
A Theoretical Model and Preliminary Investigation
    Jennie Wakefield and M. Jeanne Wilcox       643

Semantic Structure Theory and L2 Learning 
of English Adjectival Participles
    Wang Chuming       655

Characteristics of Word Learners at 12 and 30 Months: Early 
Emergence and Modification of the Noun-Category Linkage
    Sandra R. Waxman       667

Do Children's First Object Kind Names Map onto 
Adult-like Conceptual Representations?
    Fei Xu and Susan Carey       679

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