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Linguistic Theory and Language Development in Hispanic Languages:
Papers from the 5th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium and the
4th Conference on the Acquisition of Spanish and Portuguese

edited by Silvina Montrul and Francisco Ordóñez

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Front cover image   ix + 497 pages
publication date: September 2003

ISBN 978-1-57473-034-0 paperback, $40.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-134-7 library binding, $80.00


Linguistic Theory and Language Development in Hispanic Languages is a selected proceedings of the 5th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium and the 4th Conference on the Acquisition of Spanish and Portuguese, which were held together at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on October 11-14, 2001.

The volume is organized into five sections: (1) discourse, sociolinguistics, and diachronic linguistics, (2) syntax, semantics, and phonology, (3) first language acquisition, (4) child bilingualism, and (5) adult second language acquisition. The table of contents is below.


Part I: Hispanic Linguistics

1. Discourse, Sociolinguistics, and Diachronic Linguistics

A Synchronical and Historical View of 
the Tú/Vos Option in the Spanish of Montevideo
     Virginia Bertolotti and Magdalena Coll       1-12

Diachronic Shifts and Register Variation with the 
"Lexical Subject of Infinitive" Construction (para yo hacerlo)
     Mark Davies       13-29

The Sociolinguistic Distribution of (lh) in Uruguayan Portuguese: 
A Case of Dialect Diffusion
     Ana Maria Carvalho       30-44

A Cross-Dialectal Study of Spanish Non-Canonical Clauses: 
A Semantic Analysis of Dequeísta Clauses
     Carlos Gabriel del Moral       45-61

On the Contextual Licensing of Tampoco
     Scott A. Schwenter and Iker Zulaica-Hernández       62-80
     (download the PDF of missing page 78a)

Pronouns Configuring Spanish and Vice Versa
     Luis Silva-Villar       81-95

2. Syntax, Semantics, and Phonology

Expletive Definites in Relative Clauses
     Javier Gutiérrez-Rexach and Enrique Mallen       96-112

Unary Features in Phonology and Spanish Palatals
     Jorge M. Guitart       113-118

Effects of Syntactic Constituency on the 
Intonational Marking of Spanish Contrastive Focus
     Timothy L. Face       119-137

Psych Verbs in Spanish Leísta Dialects
     Jon Franco and Susana Huidobro       138-157

Definite Generics in Spanish
     M. Emma Ticio       158-177

On the Subjecthood Issue of Existential Haber
     Esthela Treviño       178-192

Part II: Acquisition of Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese

1. First Language Acquisition

Tense, Agreement and Defaults in Child Catalan: 
An Optimality Theoretic Analysis
     Lisa Davidson and Matthew Goldrick       193-211

Interpreting Reference in the Early Acquisition of Spanish Clitics
     Laura Domínguez       212-228

Child Prosody and Filler Syllables: 
Looking into Spanish through the Optimal Window of Acquisition
     Conxita Lleó       229-253

Learning Earliest Grammar: 
Evidence of Grammar Variations in Speech before 22 Months
     Susana López-Ornat       254-274

Plural Acquisition and Development in Spanish
     Victoria Marrero and Carmen Aguirre       275-296

The Acquisition of Clitics in Child Spanish
     Lara Reglero and M. Emma Ticio       297-316

'Command' and the Acquisition of Subject 
and Object in Brazilian Portuguese
     Ruth E. Vasconcellos Lopes       317-335

2. Child Bilingualism

Telling Stories in Two Languages: The Development 
of Reference to Space between the Ages of 7 and 11
     Esther A. Alvarez       336-349

A Discourse Analysis of the Development of Temporal 
Reference in the Written Spanish Narratives 
of Monolingual and Bilingual Mexican Students
     Erica McClure       350-364

Spanish Language Skills in Bilingual Children 
with Specific Language Impairment
     María Adelaida Restrepo       365-374

Linguistic Consequences of Reduced Input 
in Bilingual First Language Acquisition
     Carmen Silva-Corvalán       375-397

3. Adult Second Language Acquisition

The (Dis)association between Morphology and Syntax: 
The Case of L2 Spanish
     Joyce Bruhn de Garavito       398-417

Effects of Computer-Mediated Synchronous 
Interaction in Spanish Vocabulary Learning
     María J. de la Fuente       418-446

The Acquisition of Clitics in L2 Spanish: 
A Discourse/Functional Perspective of Lexical NPs vs. Clitics
     Jenna Torres       447-467

Psych Verbs and Morphosyntactic 
Development in Instructed L2 Spanish
     Paul D. Toth       468-497


Volume editor Francisco Ordóñez deeply regrets that one page (now numbered 78a) was left out of Schwenter and Zulaica-Hernández's paper in the present volume. It should appear between pages 78 and 79. I apologize for this mistake.
-- Francisco Ordóñez

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