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Structure, Meaning, and Acquisition in Spanish:
Papers from the 4th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium

edited by James F. Lee, Kimberly L. Geeslin, and J. Clancy Clements

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publication date: October 2002

ISBN 978-1-57473-024-1 paperback, $35.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-124-8 library binding, $75.00


Structure, Meaning, and Acquisition in Spanish is a selected proceedings of the 4th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium, which was held at Indiana University in Bloomington on November 17-19, 2000.

The volume is organized into four sections: (1) historical linguistics, (2) language acquisition and language use, (3) syntax and semantics, and (4) morphology and phonology. The table of contents is below.


Section I: Historical Linguistics

The Grammaticalization of Non-Dative 
Reflexes of Latin ill- in Spanish
     José R. Carrasquel     1-18

"Esto es ligero de fazer": 
Object to Subject Raising in Medieval and Early Modern Spanish
     Mark Davies     19-31

Section II: Language Acquisition and Language Use

Subjunctive Instruction Enhanced with Syntactic Instruction
     Joseph Collentine, Karina Collentine, 
     Victoria Clark, and Eric Friginal     32-45

The X Is That S: A Lexico-Grammatical 
Device for Local Discourse Management
     Gerald Delahunty and Maura Velazquez-Castillo     46-64

Tout se tient in Dominican Spanish
     Pat Lunn     65-72

Declarative Intonation Patterns in Multiple Varieties of Spanish
     Julia Tevis McGory and Manuel Díaz-Campos     73-92

Competence and Performance Differences between Monolinguals 
and 2nd Generation Bilinguals in the Tense/Aspect Domain
     Silvina Montrul     93-114

Pronominal Address Forms in Madrid
     Amy Rossomondo     115-129

Focus on Clefts in Dominican Spanish
     Almeida Jacqueline Toribio     130-146

Section III: Syntax and Semantics

External Possession and Topic Binding
     Jon Franco and Alazne Landa     147-164

Modals in Catalan: Acquisition, Structure and Word Order
     Anna Gavarró     165-177

Toward a Unified Analysis of Prenominal Adjectives
     Javier Gutiérrez-Rexach and Enrique Mallen     178-192

A Quantitative Analysis of Spanish Indirect Object Doubling
     Andrew J. Koontz-Garboden     193-211

The Word Order of Constructions with Ser and Estar, 
a Subject NP, and an Adjective in Spoken Spanish
     Francisco Ocampo     212-229

Section IV: Morphology and Phonology

Interdialectal Variation in Spanish /s/ Aspiration: The Role 
of Prosodic Structure and Output-to-Output Constraints
     Sonia Colina     230-243

On the Production and Perception of Spanish Palatal 
Obstruents: An Acoustic Phonetic Study with Implications 
for Phonology, Dialectology, and Pedagogy
     Manuel Díaz-Campos and Terrell A. Morgan     244-268

Are Plurals Derived or Stored?
     David Eddington and Patricia Lestrade     269-284

The Internal Structure of Spanish Pitch Accents
     Timothy L. Face     285-303

Active or "Subjective" Adjectival-Participles in Spanish
     Soledad Varela     304-316

Phonological Idiosyncrasies of Spanish Playful Words
     Caroline R. Wiltshire and M. Irene Moyna     317-335

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