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Hispanic Linguistics at the Turn of the Millennium:
Papers from the 3rd Hispanic Linguistics Symposium

edited by Héctor Campos, Elena Herburger, Alfonso Morales-Front, and Thomas J. Walsh

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Front cover image   xii + 414 pages
publication date: December 2000

ISBN 978-1-57473-014-2 paperback, $28.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-114-9 library binding, $58.00


Hispanic Linguistics at the Turn of the Millennium is a selected proceedings of the 3rd Hispanic Linguistics Symposium, which was held at Georgetown University in October 1999 in parallel with the 1999 Conference on the L1 & L2 Acquisition of Spanish and Portuguese. The table of contents is below. 10 of the papers discuss phonology, phonetics, and historical linguistics. The other 15 papers infocus on syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. The volume offers an excellent snapshot of the research being done in Hispanic linguistics.


Section 1: Phonology, Phonetics, and Historical Linguistics

The Role of Syllable Weight in the Perception of Spanish Stress 
     Timothy L. Face     1-13

Constraint Interaction in Spanish /s/-Aspiration: Three Peninsular Varieties
     Richard E. Morris     14-30

Spanish Plurals: Why [s] Isn't Always Optimal
     M. Irene Moyna and Caroline R. Wiltshire     31-48

The Phonetic Manifestation of Secondary Stress in Spanish
     Manuel Díaz-Campos     49-65

An Acoustic and Perceptual Study of Vowels Preceding 
Deleted Post-Nuclear /s/ in Puerto Rican Spanish
     Neysa Figueroa     66-79

The Phonetic Realizations of /rr/ in Spanish: A Psychoacoustic Analysis
     Robert M. Hammond     80-100

Acoustic Variability of Intervocalic Voiceless 
Stop Consonants in Three Spanish Dialects
     Anthony M. Lewis     101-114

The Domínguez de Mendoza Expedition into Texas, 
1683-1684 (Edition and Commentary)
     Brian Imhoff     115-124

Comparative Optimality-Theoretic Dialectology: 
Singular/Plural Nasal Alternations in Galician, Mirandese (Leonese) and Spanish
     D. Eric Holt     125-143

The Curious Pedigree of Spanish Orthographic h 
     Terrell A. Morgan     144-154

Section II: Syntax, Semantics, and Pragmatics

On the Syntax of Parecer ('To Seem') with and without an Experiencer
     Adolfo Ausín and Marcela Depiante     155-170

Aspect Projections and Predicate Type
     Paula Kempchinsky     171-187

Topic-Driven Word Order and Remnant Predicate Movement
     Jon Franco     188-209

Aspect in Spanish Psych Verbs
     Claudia Parodi and Marta Luján     210-221

Spanish Weak Determiners and Theta-Binding
     Juan Martín     222-244

Two Types of Prepositional Conditionals
     Javier Gutiérrez-Rexach     245-263

Semantics and Pragmatics of Future Tenses in Spanish
     Silvia Gennari     264-281

On Explaining Catalan en
     Janet DeCesaris and Pat Lunn     282-291

Spanish Connectives and Pragmatic Implicatures
     Scott A. Schwenter     292-307

Emphatic Affirmation in the Spanish of the Basque Country: 
The Equivalence between ya and sí (que)
     María José González     308-321

Election Interviews in the Spanish Political Campaign of 1996:
Strategies for Building Discursive Credibility
     Esperanza Morales-López     322-351

Discourse Markers: A Pragmatic Category?
     Nancy Vázquez Veiga     352-363

Some Discourse Strategies Used to Convey Praise 
and/or Positive Feelings in Spanish Everyday Conversation
     Laura Alba-Juez     364-380

Adjectival Noun Modifiers in French, Spanish, and German
     Enrique Mallen     381-399

Full and Null Pronouns in Spanish: The Zero Pronoun Hypothesis
     Luis Alonso-Ovalle and Francesco D'Introno     400-414

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