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Spanish Applied Linguistics at the Turn of the Millennium: Papers from the 1999 Conference on the L1 & L2 Acquisition of Spanish and Portuguese
edited by Ronald P. Leow and Cristina Sanz

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Front cover image   xii + 234 pages
publication date: December 2000

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The 1999 Conference on the L1 & L2 Acquisition of Spanish and Portuguese was held at Georgetown University in October 1999 in parallel with the 3rd Hispanic Linguistics Symposium. As the name of the conference indicates, the talks focused on the acquisition of Spanish and Portuguese both as first and second languages. The proceedings includes 12 papers selected from the conference, covering morphosyntax, reading, bilingualism, phonology, and writing.


     Ronald P. Leow and Cristina Sanz     vii-xi

1. Morphosyntax

Preterit and Imperfect in Spanish: The Early Stages of Development
     Joaquim Camps     1-19

The Relationship between Syntactic and Morphological 
Abilities in Advanced FL Learners of Spanish
     Joseph Collentine     20-35

Verbal Morphology in Early Spanish
     Pilar Duran     36-49

A New Approach to the Study of the SLA of Copula Choice
     Kimberly L. Geeslin     50-66

N-Drop and Determiners in Native and Non-Native Spanish: 
More on the Role of Morphology in the Acquisition of Syntactic Knowledge
     Juana M. Liceras, Lourdes Diaz, and Caroline Morgan     67-96

Causative Psych Verbs in Spanish L2 Acquisition
     Silvina Montrul     97-118

2. Reading

Comprehending Subject-Object Relations While Processing Object Pronouns in Written Input
     James F. Lee     119-140

An Investigation into the Relationship between L2 Reading Anxiety 
and L2 Reading Comprehension, and Self-Reported Level of Comprehension, 
Topic Familiarity, Features of a L2 Text and Reading Ability in the L1 and L2
     Dolly Jesusita Young     141-156

3. Bilingualism

Estructuras Subordinadas en Niños Monolingües y Bilingües Vasco-Españoles
     Andoni Barreña     157-173

Code-Switching and Minority Language Attrition
     Almeida Jacqueline Toribio     174-193

4. Phonology

Language Experience and the Perception of Stop Consonant 
Voicing in Spanish: The Case of Late English-Spanish Bilinguals
     Mary L. Zampini, Connie M. Clarke, and Kerry P. Green     194-209

5. Writing

Narrative Competence in Spanish as L2 among College Students
     Arnulfo G. Ramírez     210-230

About the Authors     231-234

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