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Proceedings of the 19th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics

edited by Roger Billerey and Brook Danielle Lillehaugen
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Front cover image   viii + 653 pages
publication date: December 2000

ISBN 978-1-57473-233-7 CD-ROM, $20.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-033-3 paperback, $40.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-133-0 library binding, $80.00


The WCCFL 19 conference took place February 4-6, 2000 at UCLA. Cascadilla Press has now published the proceedings of the conference. The volume contains 47 papers from the conference, examining linguistic phenomena from many different languages.

The CD contains all of the papers in Acrobat (.pdf) format, so you can easily browse or search the proceedings and print the papers you want to read. The proceedings are also available in paperback and library binding.


1.   First position and the syntax/prosody interface: Old Irish preverbs
     David Adger     1-14

2.   Universal NPs in relative clauses
     Calixto Agüero-Bautista     15-28

3.   On the (in)ability of prenominal attributive adjectives 
     to take complements
     Antonia Androutsopoulou     29-42

4.   Transparency, strict locality, and targeted constraints
     Eric Bakovic and Colin Wilson     43-56

5.   The acquisition of the copula in child English
     Misha Becker     57-70

6.   Passive and passive-like constructions in Hmong
     Cassandre Creswell and Kieran Snyder     71-82

7.   E-type pronouns as definite articles
     Paul Elbourne     83-96

8.   The interaction of obligatory and nonobligatory control 
     in rationale clauses
     Manuel Español-Echevarría     97-110

9.   Multiple movement and wh-in-situ in Inuktitut
     Carrie Gillon     111-124

10.  Blackfoot 'indefinites': Bare nouns and non-assertion of existence
     Jennifer Glougie     125-138

11.  Copy left dislocation
     Kleanthes K. Grohmann     139-152

12.  No more EPP
     Kleanthes K. Grohmann, John Drury, and Juan Carlos Castillo     153-166

13.  Reduplication in Southern Paiute and correspondence theory
     Naomi Gurevich     167-177

14.  The structure of agreement failure in Lebanese Arabic
     Peter Hallman     178-190

15.  Opaque consonant gradation in Finnish: The case of possessive suffixes
     Heli Harrikari     191-203

16.  Scope ambiguity and 'scrambling'
     J.-R. Hayashishita     204-217

17.  Successive cyclicity, long-distance superiority, 
     and local optimization
     Fabian Heck and Gereon Müller     218-231

18.  Free Adjunct Free Relatives
     Roumyana Izvorski     232-245

19.  Noun phrase word order and definiteness in Japanese
     Tomomi Kakegawa     246-259

20.  Temporal interpretation of participles
     Kiyomi Kusumoto     260-273

21.  Determiner sharing
     Vivian Lin     274-287

22.  The instrument of inversion: Instrumental case in the Russian copula
     Ora Matushansky     288-301

23.  Ternarity in Estonian stress
     Steven McCartney     302-315

24.  Aspect and partitive objects in Finnish
     Karine Megerdoomian     316-328

25.  Arguments for stressed rhyme faithfulness: A case study of Nancowry
     Nicole Nelson     329-342

26.  Constraints on geminates in Buginese and Selayarese
     Robert J. Podesva     343-356

27.  Backward control in Tsez
     Maria Polinsky and Eric Potsdam     357-370

28.  A quantitative analysis of the loss of V2 in the history of English
     Rashmi Prasad     371-384

29.  Vowel-to-vowel coarticulation in Yorùbá: 
     The seeds of ATR vowel harmony
     Marek Przezdziecki     385-398

30.  Deriving adversity
     Liina Pylkkänen     399-410

31.  Expletives as features
     Joachim Sabel     411-424

32.  Control in Basque
     Itziar San Martin     425-438

33.  Assessing the Strong Continuity Hypothesis in the development of 
     English inflection: Arguments for the Grammatical Mapping Paradigm
     Lynn Santelmann, Stephanie Berk, and Barbara Lust     439-452

34.  Predicting irregularity in Tamil verbs
     Bhavani Saravanan     453-465

35.  Dynamic versus static phonotactic constraints in English truncation
     Daniel Silverman     466-478

36.  The development and licensing of agreement as a functional projection
     Andrew Simpson and Zoe Wu     479-492

37.  Resultatives result from the Compounding Parameter: 
     On the acquisitional correlation between resultatives 
     and N-N compounds in Japanese
     Koji Sugisaki and Miwa Isobe     493-506

38.  Multiple wh-questions and multiple specifiers
     Hidekazu Tanaka     507-517

39.  The bases of double reduplication
     Suzanne Urbanczyk     518-531

40.  Long-distance consonantal identity effects
     Rachel Walker     532-545

41.  Perceptual distinctiveness in Turkish emphatic reduplication
     Andrew Wedel     546-559

42.  Three problems in the theory of the Optional Infinitive stage: 
     Stage/individual predicates, eventive verbs and finite null-subjects
     Ken Wexler     560-573

43.  Adverbial quantification over (interrogative) complements
     Alexander Williams     574-587

44.  Japanese attributive adjectives are not (all) relative clauses
     Hiroko Yamakido     588-602

45.  The phonetic basis for tonal melody mapping
     Jie Zhang     603-616

46.  On inclusive questions
     Richard Zuber     617-630

47.  Auxiliary insertion in child Dutch
     Shalom Zuckerman, Roelien Bastiaanse, and Ron van Zonneveld     631-644

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