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Contemporary Perspectives on the Acquisition of Spanish
edited by Ana Teresa Pérez-Leroux and William R. Glass
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Volume 2: Production, Processing, and Comprehension

Ana Teresa Pérez-Leroux and William R. Glass
Introduction: Research on the Acquisition of Spanish

Second Language Production

James P. Lantolf
The Function of Language Play in the Acquisition of L2 Spanish

Joseph Collentine
Pragmatics and the Generation of Syntactically Complex Utterances by Foreign Language Learners of Spanish

Cristina Sanz
Experimental Tasks in SLA Research: Amount of Production, Modality, Memory, and Production Processes

Manuela González-Bueno
The Effects of Formal Instruction on the Acquisition of Spanish Stop Consonants

Jeffrey T. Reeder
Mimephonic Ability and Phonological Performance in Adult Learners of Spanish

Second Language Comprehension and Input Processing

Bill VanPatten
The Relevance of Input Processing to Second Language Theory and Second Language Teaching

Joe Barcroft and Bill VanPatten
Acoustic Salience of Grammatical Forms: the Effect of Location, Stress, and Boundedness on Spanish L2 Input Processing

Tony Houston
Sentence Processing in Spanish as a Second Language: a Study of Word Order and Background Knowledge

James F. Lee and Renato B. Rodríguez
The Effects of Lexemic and Morphosyntactic Modifications on L2 Reading Comprehension and Input Processing

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