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Contemporary Perspectives on the Acquisition of Spanish
edited by Ana Teresa Pérez-Leroux and William R. Glass
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Volume 1: Developing Grammars

Ana Teresa Pérez-Leroux and William R. Glass
Introduction: Research on the Acquisition of Spanish

Child Language Acquisition

Susana López-Ornat
What Lies in between a Pre-Grammatical and a Grammatical Representation? Evidence on Nominal and Verbal Form-Function Mappings in Spanish from 1;7 to 2;1

María José Ezeizabarrena
Morfemas de concordancia con el sujeto y con los objetos en el castellano infantil

Jennifer Austin, María Blume, David Parkinson, Zelmira Núñez del Prado, and Barbara Lust
The Status of Pro-Drop in the Initial State: Results from New Analyses of Spanish

Andoni Barreña
Desarrollo diferenciado de sistemas gramaticales en un niño vasco-español bilingüe

Virginia C. Mueller Gathercole and Cecilia Montes
That-Trace Effects in Spanish- and English-speaking Monolinguals and Bilinguals

Adult Language Acquisition

Juana M. Liceras, Denyse Maxwell, Biana Laguardia, Zara Fernández, Raquel Fernández, and Lourdes Díaz
A Longitudinal Study of Spanish Non-Native Grammars: Beyond Parameters

Nora González
A Parametric Study of Spanish L2 Acquisition: Interpretation of Spanish Word Order

Ana Teresa Pérez-Leroux and William R. Glass
OPC Effects on the L2 Acquisition of Spanish

Joyce L.S. Bruhn de Garavito
Verb Complementation, Coreference, and Tense in the Acquisition of Spanish as a Second Language

Silvina A. Montrul
Spanish gustar Psych Verbs and the Unaccusative se Construction: the Case of Dative Experiencers in SLA

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