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BUCLD 24: Proceedings of the 24th annual
Boston University Conference on Language Development

edited by S. Catherine Howell, Sarah A. Fish, and Thea Keith-Lucas

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publication date: March 2000

ISBN 978-1-57473-052-4 paperback, $60.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-152-1 library binding, $125.00


The Proceedings of the 24th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development contain 68 papers from the November 1999 conference, including the keynote paper by Elissa Newport and Richard Aslin and the plenary paper by Stephen Crain.

Volume 1

Innately Constrained Learning: Blending Old 
and New Approaches to Language Acquisition
    Elissa L. Newport and Richard N. Aslin       1-21

Sense and Sense Ability in Child Language
    Stephen Crain       22-44

Acquisition and Use of 'a' and 'the' in 
English by Young Children
     Ahmad Abu-Akel and Alison L. Bailey       45-57

Language Attrition: Why Are 
Resumptive Pronouns So Susceptible?
    Sharon Armon-Lotem       58-67

The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of the Parts: 
Investigating the Object Scope Principle of Lexical Acquisition
    Karen Arnold, Roberta Michnick Golinkoff,
    Kathryn Hirsh-Pasek, George Hollich, Kevin Driscoll,
    Camille Rocroi, and Elizabeth Hennon       68-79

Children Who Build Bridges
    Sergey Avrutin and Peter Coopmans       80-91

The Cocktail Party Effect in Infants: 
Following One's Mother's Voice
    Brittan A. Barker and Rochelle S. Newman       92-103

The Acquisition of the English Copula
    Misha Becker       104-115

Ça on fait pas! On The L2-Acquisition of French 
by Two Young Children with Different Source Languages
    Adriana Belletti and Cornelia Hamann       116-127

How Dutch Children's Root Infinitives Become Modal
    Elma Blom and Frank Wijnen       128-139

Imperatives in Bilingual Child Icelandic-English
    Ute Bohnacker       140-150

The Influence of Focusing Stress on Infants' 
Recognition of Words in Fluent Speech
    Heather Bortfeld and James Morgan       151-163

L2 Acquisition of Spanish DPs: 
The Status of Grammatical Features
    Joyce Bruhn de Garavito and Lydia White       164-175

Optional Bound Morphology in the 
Development of Text Production
    Dalia Cahana-Amitay and Dorit Ravid       176-184

Null and Overt Subjects in Early Child Korean
    Sook Whan Cho       185-196

Learning to Learn Words: A Cross-Linguistic 
Study of the Shape and Material Biases
    Eliana Colunga and Linda B. Smith       197-207

Indexing Self-Other Relationships through Directives:
The Construction of Class, Social Roles, and Authority in 
Indian and Mexican-American Caregiver-Child Interaction
    Lisa Comparini and Sunil Bhatia       208-219

Phonological Effects on Article Omission in 
the Acquisition of Italian
    Paola Crisma and Elisabetta Tomasutti       220-231

How the Brain Copes with a Phantom Hemisphere 
and Supports Language Development
    Stella de Bode and Susan Curtiss       232-241

Structure Building and the Acquisition of Dislocations
in Child French
    Cécile De Cat       242-252

Necessity in Grammatical Design and L2 Acquisition:
Quantifier and Tense in English-French Interlanguage
    Laurent Dekydtspotter, Rex A. Sprouse, 
    and Alison Leininger       253-264

Reference to Protagonists' Mental States in the Written 
Narratives of Deaf Children: The Contribution of 
English Syntax and ASL Skills
    Peter A. de Villiers, Jessica Church, Roberta Giordano,
    Melissa Whalen, and Robert Hoffmeister       265-275

From Head to Adjunct: Evidence from the Acquisition 
of German Ditransitive Verbs
    Heiner Drenhaus       276-285

On the Acquisition of an Indefinite Determiner: 
Evidence for Unselective Binding
    Claire Foley, Barbara Lust, David Battin, 
    Annie Koehne, and Katherine White       286-298

Children's Knowledge of the Grammar 
of Restrictive Relative Clauses
    Cathy Fragman and Helen Goodluck       299-307

Some Notes on the Null Object Phenomenon in Child Spanish
    Hanako Fujino and Tetsuya Sano       308-318

Aspect Parameter in the Guise of 
Optional Infinitives in Child L2 English
    Elena Gavruseva       319-330

Are Verbs Hard to Understand? Continuity vs. 
Discontinuity in Early Lexical Development
    Beverly A. Goldfield       331-342

The Resilience of Ergative Structure in 
Language Created by Children and by Adults
    Susan Goldin-Meadow, Elif Yalabik, 
    and Lisa Gershkff-Stowe       343-353

Variation and Continuity in Language Acquisition: 
An Analysis of Early Child German and French
    William Earl Griffin       354-366

Acquisition of Disjunction in Conditional Sentences
    Andrea Gualmini, Stephen Crain, 
    and Luisa Meroni       367-378

Missing Case Inflection: Implications 
for Second Language Acquisition
    Ayse Gürel       379-390

Will Training on Language Influence 
Theory of Mind Development?
    Courtney Melinda Hale and Helen Tager-Flusberg       391-398

Volume 2

Learning Proper Names and Count Nouns: 
Evidence from Toddlers
    D. Geoffrey Hall and Sharon C. Lee       399-408

Of Musical Hand Chairs and Linguistic Swing
    Kazuko Hiramatsu, William Snyder, Thomas Roeper, 
    Stephanie Storrs, and Matthew Saccoman       409-417

The Origins of Syntactic Knowledge: Recognition 
of Determiners in One-Year-Old German Children
    Barbara Höhle and Jürgen Weissenborn       418-429

Temporal Dependencies: Complement and 
Relative Clauses Compared
    Bart Hollebrandse       430-437

The Interaction between Input and Economy: 
Acquiring Optionality in French Wh-Questions
    Aafke Hulk and Shalom Zuckerman       438-449

Phonologically Weak Items in 
Abnormal Acquisition of French
    Celia Jakubowicz, Laurice Tuller, 
    and Catherine Rigaut       450-461

When Young Children Name Artifacts by Their Functions:
Effects of the Plausibility of Structure/Function Relations
    Deborah G. Kemler Nelson and Elizabeth Blair       462-473

A Longitudinal Study of Lexical and Prosodic Differentiation 
by a Simultaneous French/English Bilingual Child (1;5 - 2;3)
    Christopher L. LaBelle       474-485

Characteristics of Maternal Speech in Korean: 
Do Korean and Japanese Maternal Speech Show Similar Characteristics?
    Soyoung Lee and Mineharu Nakayama       486-497

Morphology in Children with Williams Syndrome:
Evidence from Hebrew
    Yonata Levy and Shula Hermon       498-509

Functional Wh and Language Acquisition: Weak Crossover and 
Wh/Quantifier Asymmetries in Child Language
    John D. Lewis       510-521

Learning Phonemes without Minimal Pairs
    Jessica Maye and LouAnn Gerken       522-533

Acquiring Semantic Properties of Preterite 
and Imperfect Tenses in L2 Spanish
    Silvina Montrul and Roumyana Slabakova       534-545

Crosslinguistic Influence in Bilingual Children: 
Object Omissions and Root Infinitives
    Natascha Müller and Aafke Hulk       546-557

Climb up vs. Ascend Climbing: Lexicalization Choices in 
Expressing Motion Events with Manner and Path Components
    Seyda Ozcaliskan and Dan I. Slobin       558-570

Early Communication: Beyond Speech-Act Theory 
    Anna Papafragou       571-582

Felicity, Relevance, and Acquisition of 
the Grammar of Every and Only
    William Philip and Emily Lynch       583-596

Prosodic Constraints and the Learner's Environment: 
A Corpus Study
    Brian Roark and Katherine Demuth       597-608

Imagining Articles: What a and the Can 
Tell Us about the Emergence of DP
    Robin J. Schafer and Jill de Villiers       609-620

The Role of the Expletive in the 
Acquisition of a Discourse Anaphor
    Robin J. Schafer and Thomas Roeper       621-632

Within-Language Dissociations in Mental Retardation: 
Williams-Beuren and Down Syndrome
    Chris Schaner-Wolles       633-644

The Lost Word: Language Attrition among Children
    Elena Schmitt       645-656

Deviant Verb Placement and the Split-CP Hypothesis
    Manuela Schönenberger       657-668

An Elicitation Study of Young English Children's 
Knowledge of Tense: Semantic and Syntactic 
Properties of Optional Infinitives
    Carson T. Schütze and Kenneth Wexler       669-683

Incremental Referentially-Based Language Processing 
in Children: Evidence from Eye Monitoring
    Julie Sedivy, Katherine Demuth, 
    Gitana Chunyo, and Shelby Freedman       684-695

The Development of Early Spatial Morphology 
in Nicaraguan Sign Language
    Ann Senghas       696-707

Evidence for Use of Phrasal Packaging 
by English-Learning 9-Month-Olds
    Melanie Soderstrom, Peter Jusczyk, 
    and Deborah Kemler Nelson       708-718

Differential Effects of Attrition in the L1 Syntax 
of Near-Native L2 Speakers
    Antonella Sorace       719-725

Auxiliary Verb Learning and 18-Month-Olds' Acquisition 
of Morphological Relationships
    Ruth Tincoff, Lynn Santelmann, and Peter Jusczyk       726-737

Lack of Clitic-Pronoun Distinctions in the Acquisition 
of Principle B in Child Greek
    Spyridoula Varlokosta       738-748

Passives and Implicit Arguments in Child Language
    Maaike Verrips       749-760

Getting the Point Across: Content and Dynamics in Japanese 
and American Mothers' Storytelling to Preschool Children
    Tomoko Wakabayashi and Anne Fernald       761-772

Distinguishing Count Nouns from Adjectives: Evidence from 
14-Month-Olds' Novelty-Preference and Word-Extension
    Sandra R. Waxman and Amy Booth       773-784

How Languages Influence Children's 
Categorization of Specific Objects
    Hanako Yoshida and Linda B. Smith       785-796

Is Thematic-Verb Raising Inevitable in 
the Acquisition of a Nonnative Language?
    Boping Yuan       797-807

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