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BUCLD 22: Proceedings of the 22nd annual
Boston University Conference on Language Development

edited by Annabel Greenhill, Mary Hughes, Heather Littlefield, and Hugh Walsh

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Front cover image   x + 796 pages (2-volume set)
publication date: March 1998

ISBN 978-1-57473-032-6 paperback, $60.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-132-3 library binding, $125.00


The Proceedings of the 22nd annual Boston University Conference on Language Development contain 71 papers from the November 1997 conference, including the keynote address by Annette Karmiloff-Smith and the plenary address by Luigi Rizzi.

Volume 1

Is Atypical Development Necessarily a Window 
on Normal Language Development?
    Annette Karmiloff-Smith          1
Remarks on Early Null Subjects
    Luigi Rizzi          14

SEMANTICS or Syntax for Negative Islands in Language Acquisition
    Lamya Abdulkarim and Tom Roeper          39

Overt Copulas in African American English Speaking Children
    Elena Benedicto, Lamya Abdulkarim, 
    Debra Garrett, Valerie Johnson and Harry N. Seymour          50

Resumptive Pronoun Strategies in English-Speaking Children
    Judy B. Bernstein, Dana McDaniel and Cecile McKee          58

Is There Canonical Word Order Transfer in L2 Acquisition?
    Jose Camacho          69

The Acquisition of Chinese First Person References
    Hsiao-chih Chang          81

On the Nature of Left-Branch Violations in Child English
    Deborah Chen, Maki Yamane and William Snyder          91

"Some" and "Or": A Study on the Emergence of Logical Form
    Gennaro Chierchia, Stephen Crain, 
    Maria Teresa Guasti and Rosalind Thornton          97

The Acquisition of Chinese Dative Constructions
    Ting Ting Rachel Chung and Peter Gordon          109

Linguistic Outcomes for Hemispherectomized Children
    Susan Curtiss and Stella de Bode          121

Interhemispheric Language Transfer and Functional Plasticity
    Stella de Bode          134

Evidence of Full UG Access in L2 Acquisition from the Interpretive 
Interface: Quantification at a Distance in English-French Interlanguage
    Laurent Dekydtspotter, Rex A. Sprouse and Rachel Thyre          141

Acquisition of the Quantificational Properties of Mental Predicates
    Jill de Villiers, Laramie Curran, 
    Heather DeMunn and William Philip          153

Root and Manner Feature Faithfulness in Acquisition
    Daniel A. Dinnsen and Jessica A. Barlow          165

Determining L2 Knowledge of Spanish Clitics On-line and Off-line
    Nigel Duffield, Silvina Montrul, 
    Joyce Bruhn de Garavito and Lydia White          177

OI-Like Effects in Adult L2 Acquisition
    Lynn Eubank and Maria-Luise Beck          189

Stagnation in Prosodic Development of Language-Disordered Children
    Paula Fikkert and Zvi Penner          201

The Epistemic Content of Evidentiality: How Children 
Use Grammar to Evaluate the Reliability of Information
    Stanka Fitneva and Frank Keil          213

The Genetic Basis for the Development of Tense: 
A Preliminary Report on a Twin Study
    Jennifer Ganger, Kenneth Wexler and Melanie Soderstrom          224

Left-Branch Violations in Child L2 English
    Lena Gavruseva          235

The Role of a Communication Partner 
in the Creation of a Gestural Language System
    Lisa Gershkoff-Stowe and Susan Goldin-Meadow          246

Lexical Properties in Implementation of Sound Change
    Judith A. Gierut and Michele L. Morrisette          257

On the Status of Final Consonants in Early Child Language
    Heather Goad          269

Why Nouns Before Verbs? The View from Pragmatics
    Beverly A. Goldfield          281

Children's Interpretation of Adjunct PRO: New Evidence
    Helen Goodluck          293

The Independence of Language and Number
    John Grinstead, Jeff MacSwan, Susan Curtiss and Rochel Gelman          303

Language Impairment and the Realization of Finiteness
    Gisela Hakansson          314

Minimally Raising the Verb Issue
    Julia Herschensohn          325

Children Who Judge Ungrammatical What They Produce
    Kazuko Hiramatsu and Diane Lillo-Martin          337

Sensitivity to Closed-Class Elements in Preverbal Children
    Barbara Hoehle and Juergen Weissenborn          348

Agreement and the Finiteness of V2: Evidence from Child Language
    Teun Hoekstra and Nina Hyams          360

On the Relation between the Acquisition 
of Theory of Mind and Sequence of Tense
    Bart Hollebrandse          374

Talker-Specificity and Persistence of Infants' Word Representations
    Derek Houston, Peter W. Jusczyk and Jennifer Tager          385

Volume 2

On the Role of Direct Objects and Particles 
in Learning Telicity in Dutch and English
    Angeliek van Hout          397

Children's Assimilatory Patterns and L1 Attrition
    Dorit Kaufman          409

Phonological Cohesion in Syllable Structure
    Becky Kennedy          421

Complex Verb Constructions in Child Korean: 
Overt Markers of Covert Functional Structure
    Meesook Kim and Colin Phillips          430

Preschoolers' Acquisition of Novel Adjectives 
and the Role of Basic-Level Kind
    Raquel Stote Klibanoff and Sandra R. Waxman          442

Object or Action? Sentence Prosody Helps Fifteen-Month-Olds Decide
    Phyllis L. Koenig          454

Getting Rid of Root Infinitives
    Ingeborg Lasser          465

Transfer between Interlanguages
    Ingrid Yan-kit Leung          477

Constraints on the Syntactic Bootstrapping Procedure for Verb Learning
    Jeffrey Lidz          488

Qualitative and Quantitative Differences in 
the Discrimination of Second Language Speech Sounds
    John Matthews and Cynthia Brown          499

Rigidity Effects and the Strong/Weak Wh-Features in SLA
    Yoichi Miyamoto and Yasuko Takata          511

Acquisition of the Functional Structure of the Adjective Phrase
    Deanna Moore and Thomas Roeper          523

Not Any Child Can Deal with Some
    Julien Musolino          535

Words and Gestures: The Role of Sentence Context 
in Infants' Mapping of Novel Symbols to Object Categories
    Laura L. Namy and Sandra R. Waxman          546

Identifying the Language Spoken by 26-Month-Old Monolingual- 
and Bilingual-Learning Babies in a No-Context Situation
    Ana M. Navarro, Barbara Z. Pearson, 
    Alan Cobo-Lewis and D. Kimbrough Oller          557

Newborns' Sensitivity to Pitch Contours
    Thierry Nazzi and Josiane Bertoncini          569

The Role of Translation Equivalents 
in a Bilingual Family's Code-Mixing
    Elena Nicoladis and Giovanni Secco          576

Support for the Independent Development Hypothesis: Evidence 
from a Case Study of a Bilingual Russian- and English-Speaking Child
    Michael O'Neill          586

Phonological Constraints and Word Truncation 
in Early Language Acquisition
    Mitsuhiko Ota          598

Modality and Metarepresentation
    Anna Papafragou          610

Supralexical and Lexical Attrition of Greek in Greek-English Bilinguals
    Linda A. Pelc          621

The Emergence of Discourse/Syntax-Interface Problems 
in Impaired Grammar: 'Reference Time' Disorders in German
    Zvi Penner and Cornelia Hamann          626

The L2 Acquisition of Definite Determiners: From Null to Overt
    Liliana Sanchez and Maria Jose Gimenez          640

The Acquisition of Definite Determiners in Child Swedish: 
Metrical and Discourse Influences on Functional Morphology
    Lynn Santelmann          651

18-Month-Olds' Sensitivity to Relationships between Morphemes
    Lynn Santelmann and Peter Jusczyk          663

Big Mice, Big Animals, Big Problems: 
The Acquisition of Adjective Interpretation Rules
    Dean Sharpe, Isabel Fonte and Elisabeth Christe          675

Toddling into Language: Precocious Language Development 
in Motor-Impaired Children with Spinal Muscular Atrophy
    Jechil S. Sieratzki and Bencie Woll          684

How Can You Eat a Cake and Have It Too?
L2 Acquisition of English Telicity
    Roumyana Slabakova          695

Children's Interpretation of Gaps with Three-Argument Verbs
    Ron Smyth and Heather Flowers          707

Word Order, Finiteness, and Negation in Early Child Russian
    William Snyder and Eva Bar-Shalom          717

In Defense of Full Transfer in German-English and 
French-English Interlanguage: Comparative L2 Acquisition Research
    Rex A. Sprouse and Bonnie D. Schwartz          726

Resumptives and Wh-Movement in the Acquisition
of Relative Clauses in Modern Greek and Hebrew
    Spyridoula Varlokosta and Sharon Armon-Lotem          737

Tags Are Tricky, Aren't They? 
The Acquisition of Tag Questions in Children with Language Impairment
    Jill Weckerly, Rudy Contreras, Beverly Wulfeck, 
    Ursula Bellugi and Judy Reilly          747

Children's Sensitivity to Word-Order Violations in German: 
Evidence for Very Early Parameter-Setting
    Juergen Weissenborn, Barbara Hoehle, 
    Dorothea Kiefer and Damir Cavar          756

Word Meaning in Infants' First Words: 
Implications for a Theory of Lexical Ontology
    Chris Westbury and Elena Nicoladis          768

Learning Verb Meaning via Adverbial Modification:
Change-of-State Verbs in German and the Adverb wieder ('again')
    Angelika Wittek          779

Distinct Labels Provide Pointers to Distinct 
Sortals for 9-Month-Old Infants
    Fei Xu          791

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