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Advances in Hispanic Linguistics:
Papers from the 2nd Hispanic Linguistics Symposium

edited by Javier Gutiérrez-Rexach and Fernando Martínez-Gil
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Volume 1

Acknowledgments          vii

    Javier Gutiérrez-Rexach and Fernando Martínez-Gil          ix-xiv

Section I: Psycholinguistics and Sociolinguistics

Patterns of Gender Agreement in 
the Speech of Second Language Learners
    Marisol Fernández-García          3-15

Nomás in a Mexican American Dialect
    MaryEllen Garcia          16-27

Parsing Spanish sólo
    Steven Lee Hartman          28-41

On Levels of Processing and Levels of Comprehension
    James F. Lee          42-59

The Role of Attention in Second/Foreign Language 
Classroom Research: Methodological Issues
    Ronald P. Leow          60-71

The Role of Templates in the Acquisition of Phonology
    Alfonso Morales Front          72-98

On Interpreting Generic Pronouns in Spanish
    Rafael A. Núñez Cedeño          99-109

Forms of Address in the Commercial Spanish 
of Five Latin American Cities
    Diane Ringer Uber          110-118

Section II: Phonology, Morphology, and Historical Linguistics

Reexamining Spanish Glides: Analogically Conditioned 
Variation in Vocoid Sequences in Spanish Dialects
    Sonia Colina          121-134

On the Non-Occurrence of the Phone [(r with a tilde)] 
in the Spanish Sound System
    Robert M. Hammond          135-151

Official Use of the Vernacular in the Thirteenth Century: 
Medieval Spanish Language Policy?
    Ray Harris-Northall          152-165

The Moraic Status of Consonants from Latin 
to Hispano-Romance: The Case of Obstruents
    D. Eric Holt          166-181

Patterns in the Lexicon: 
Hiatus with Unstressed High Vowels in Spanish
    José Ignacio Hualde          182-197

The Many Faces of Spanish /s/-Weakening: 
(Re)alignment and Ambisyllabicity
    John M. Lipski          198-213

Spanish Substantives: How Many Classes?
    Regina Morin          214-230

A Perception Study of Intermediate Phrasing in Spanish Intonation
    Holly J. Nibert          231-247

Linguistic Theory and Discourse in Don Quijote
    Frank Nuessel          248-264

Head Dependence in Jerigonza, a Spanish Language Game
    Carlos-Eduardo Piñeros          265-277

Flawed Definitions, Neglected Sound Changes, 
and the Development of Spanish atinar
    Thomas J. Walsh          278-290

On the Word-Internal Velarization of /n/ 
in Cuban Radio Broadcasting
    Kenneth J. Wireback          291-300

Volume 2

Section III: Syntax, Semantics, and Pragmatics

Blocking of Spanish Reflexives in the Hierarchical Lexicon
    Raúl Aranovich          303-316

A Topic Auxiliary in Spanish
    Alfredo Arnaiz and José Camacho          317-331

Spanish as a CP/IP-Absorption Language
    Héctor Campos          332-345

Notes on the Topic-Focus Articulation
    Eugenia Casielles-Suárez          346-363

Mass Reference in 16th Century Castilian: 
Gabriel Alonso de Herrera's Obra de Agricultura
    Sarah Harmon and Almerindo Ojeda          364-377

Lexical Ambiguity Is Not Always Evil: The Example of ni-ni
    Elena Herburger          378-393

Binding in PPs in Spanish and the Nature of Condition B
    Paula Kempchinsky          394-411

The Syntax of Contrastive Focus: Evidence from VP-Ellipsis
    Luis López          412-427

Minimalist Bello: Basic Categories in Bello's Grammar
    Marta Luján          428-446

Possessive Dative Constructions and Predicate Inversion in Spanish
    Enrique Mallen          447-468

The Syntax and Semantics of Spanish Accusative a
    Juan Martín          469-485

Prenominal Adjectives, Wh-Extraction and Generalized Quantifiers
    Errapel Mejías-Bikandi          486-501

Focus and Subject Inversion in Romance
    Francisco Ordóñez          502-518

The Agreement System of Los Angeles Spanish and the Media
    Claudia Parodi          519-529

D0, AgrO0 Features and the Direct Object 
Pronominal System of Andean Spanish
    Liliana Sánchez           530-545

Two Types of Scalar Particles: Evidence from Spanish
    Scott A. Schwenter           546-561

Diachronic Qualitative Studies on Minimalist Operations: 
Verbless Locative Inversion in NILs 
    Luis Silva-Villar          562-578

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