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Proceedings of the UBC International Conference on Phonological Acquisition
edited by Barbara Bernhardt, John Gilbert and David Ingram

Front cover image   ix + 292 pages
publication date: August 1996

ISBN 978-1-57473-009-8 paperback, $25.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-109-5 library binding, $54.00


The UBC International Conference on Phonological Acquisition took place June 27-29, 1995 at the University of British Columbia. This proceedings is a significant addition to the literature on phonological acquisition, containing important data and analyses. The authors discuss a number of languages, focusing on the major period of phonological acquisition in production. The book is a valuable resource for anyone interested in developmental phonology, disordered phonology, and general theoretical topics in phonology.


Feature acquisition

Keren Rice
Aspects of variability in child language acquisition

Isao Ueda
Segmental acquisition and feature specification in Japanese

Mieke Beers
Acquisition of Dutch phonological contrasts within the framework of feature geometry theory

Judith A. Gierut
Featural categories in English phonemic acquisition

David Ingram
Some observations on feature assignment

Prosodic structure acquisition

Joseph Paul Stemberger
Syllable structure in English, with emphasis on codas

M. João Freitas
Onsets in early productions

E. Jane Fee
Syllable structure and minimal words

John Archibald
The acquisition of Yucatecan Maya prosody

Katherine Demuth
Alignment, stress, and parsing in early phonological words

Kerstin Nauclér and Eva Magnusson
Prosodic structure acquisition: evidence from children's awareness

Interactions of prosodic and segmental tiers in acquisition

Daniel A. Dinnsen
Context effects in the acquisition of fricatives

Mary Louise Edwards
Word position effects in the production of fricatives

Marlys A. Macken
Prosodic constraints on features

Shelley L. Velleman
Metathesis highlights feature-by-position constraints

Heather Goad
Consonant harmony in child language: evidence against coronal underspecification

Carol Stoel-Gammon
On the acquisition of velars in English

Conxita Lleó
To spread or not to spread: different styles in the acquisition of Spanish phonology

Clara C. Levelt
Consonant-vowel interactions in child language

Instrumentation in phonological analysis

Martin J. Ball
An examination of the nature of the minimal phonological unit in language acquisition

Eugene H. Buder
Experimental phonology with acoustic phonetic methods: formant measures from child speech

William J. Turkel
Biological metaphor in models of language acquisition

Steven Gillis and Gert Durieux
Data-driven approaches to phonological acquisition: an empirical test

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