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FAQ: Cascadilla Press web site

Is your web site searchable?

We have a Google-powered search form at the bottom of every page. This simple form searches the Cascadilla Press web site, returning results through Google.

Does your web site use cookies?

Our web site uses cookies only for the shopping cart system in order to keep track of what items you have in your cart. You can use everything on our site except the shopping cart with cookies turned off.

Is your web site secure?

Yes. Our shopping cart system is fully secure, and credit cards entered through the shopping cart system are not stored. We protect our customers' credit card information that we receive by mail or fax, and we never store our customers' credit card information on the Internet.

Why don't you have more graphics?

That's a deliberate design choice. Many of our customers are on slow connections, and graphics can take a long time to load. We also want our site to be usable by screen readers for the visually impaired. So we do not use any animations, we use limited graphics and tables, and we do not use frames. This all results in pages which load faster.

The shopping cart system requires graphics, but the rest of our site is usable with graphics turned off.

How should I make a suggestion regarding your web site?

Please send e-mail to We want our web site to be easy to use and we want it to contain the information you're looking for. Even if something will take a long time to implement, we still keep track of what features our customers are asking for so we can decide what features to add next.

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