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Spanish in Contact:
Issues in Bilingualism

edited by Ana Roca and John B. Jensen
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Review excerpt

The following is an excerpt from a review of Spanish in Contact by Frank Nuessel, University of Louisville. The review was published in Language Problems and Language Planning 22(1): 91-93 (1998).

In their introductory statement, Editors Roca and Jensen state that "this volume is about contact between Spanish and ... other language varieties with which it interacts in communities around the world" (v). The three parts of this anthology of sociolinguistic essays by established and emerging scholars on Spanish throughout the world provide an enlightening account of the varieties of Spanish globally ... This anthology contains thirteen excellent papers on various aspects of bilingualism involving Spanish in contact situations. Roca and Jensen deserve praise for the fine editorial work. Likewise, Cascadilla Press has produced a flawlessly printed volume.

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