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Old Irish Verbs and Vocabulary
Antony Green
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Front cover image   145 pages
publication date: 1995

ISBN 978-1-57473-003-6 paperback, $24.95
ISBN 978-1-57473-103-3 library binding, $65.00



From a comprehensive review on by John L. Murphy, June 1, 2007:

"Green's attractive book gives you no frills, but the lists of verbs and the glossary are easy to use and easy to scan in a hurry, which is what a reference book should be for at this stage for those readers eager to consult OI patterns and lists without getting bogged down in linguistic minutiae at the early stage. As a medievalist and one familiar with Modern Irish, I may add that readers coming to OI after recent Irish will find these contents also intriguing."

Concluding sentence from the review by Joseph Eska in Language, Vol. 74, No. 1 (Mar., 1998), p. 234:

"All instructors of Old Irish will want to bring this valuable tool to the attention of their students."

From Digital Medievalist's "How Can I Learn Old Irish?":

"Green's Old Irish Verbs and Vocabulary is a collection of verb paradigms, and two lists (Irish to English, English to Irish) of common vocabulary. It's very inexpensive, and astonishingly helpful."

Review from Journal of Indo-European Studies 24, 3 & 4, Fall/Winter 1996, p. 451:
Reprinted in its entirety with permission

"The tools for studying Old Irish are few; therefore, beside the traditional Old Irish Paradigms of Strachan and the recent textbook of W. & R. Lehmann, this repertory of all the conjugated verbal forms is bound to render outstanding services to the students. Moreover, since not everyone can afford to acquire the comprehensive Old Irish Dictionary published by the Irish Academy, the compact lexicon (pp. 101-145) will be a major help in translating selected Old Irish texts. The informative lists are lucid and extremely well-presented; the vocabulary, though limited, presents an adequate coverage for beginners. Altogether, this is a welcome supplement to the current handbooks of Old Irish!"

Concluding paragraph from the review by Fco. Javier Martinez Garcia in Tempus 13, May 1996, pp. 134-136:

"El libro de Green es una herramienta valiosa para el estudiante y como tal viene a completar el hueco que habían dejado las publicaciones mencionadas más arriba."
Translation: Green's book is a valuable tool for the student and as such completes the space left by the publications mentioned above [Thurneysen, Strachan, and Quin].

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