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Moraic for Mac and MoraicWin (Moraic for Windows)

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Moraic for Mac and MoraicWin (Moraic for Windows) are the Cascadilla Press fonts that let you connect adjacent levels of phonological structures right in your word processor. Moraic gives you solid, dashed, and barred lines, all as simple keystrokes. You can use any regular or phonetic fonts you like, and then use Moraic for the connecting lines. Moraic cannot be used to connect non-adjacent levels directly, but it is very handy for simple structures. Moraic comes with a companion font (MoraicFlip) which lets you build structures upside-down.

You can order Moraic as a download from When you order from, you can start using Moraic today. You'll receive a personal download link as soon as has processed your payment.

Moraic for Mac and MoraicWin include the TrueType font, clear instructions, and a key map on a handy reference card. The fonts work with all current operating systems and applications.

Our standard single-user license agreement does not allow Moraic to be installed in shared-computer environments such as computer labs. For that sort of environment, we offer a 1-year license for $20 per computer. Contact for details or to place an order.

How to use Moraic

This section is excerpted from the instructions which accompany Moraic.

Moraic provides the connecting lines you need to show various phonological structures. Actual text for the nodes of a structure can be in any font you like, and can be formatted in any manner.

The easiest way to create a tree is generally to type in the text for the nodes in approximately the positions you want. Then go back to a spot where you want connecting lines, select Moraic from the font menu, and press the appropriate keys. Finally, use spaces or tabs to move everything into place.

For example, say you want to create a simple structure with a sigma dominating C V C. Type a sigma, hit return twice, and then type C V C:

example 1 (3k)

Then go back to the blank line between the sigma and C V C, select Moraic from the font menu, and type 3g8:

example 2 (3k)

Finally, space everything into place:

example 3 (3k)

Each line is entered individually, so you can mix and match different types of lines at different angles.

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