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IPA Chart Reference Cards

Image of front of reference card   The International Phonetic Alphabet (2015 revision)
Reference card size: 5.5" x 4.25"
Set of 50 reference cards: $20.00


With a convenient set of 50 reference cards, you can distribute these compact IPA charts to all of your students who need to learn or use the International Phonetic Alphabet. Each 2-sided card contains the entire current IPA chart on durable glossy white cover stock. These are the same reference cards which we include in Magnetic Phonetics.

Students can use these cards as bookmarks, ensuring that the IPA chart is always in easy reach while they study phonetics and phonology. We keep one or two on our desks for phonetic emergencies, so we can quickly look up a symbol in a paper we're reading. The cards can also be used as a handy look-up guide when students are playing IPA Bingo or learning the IPA in class.

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