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Research on Child Language Acquisition:
Proceedings of the 8th Conference of the
International Association for the Study of Child Language

edited by Margareta Almgren, Andoni Barreña,
María-José Ezeizabarrena, Itziar Idiazabal, and Brian MacWhinney
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Volume 1

Section I: Plenaries

L'enseignement des discours de l'appropriation pratique
à la maîtrise formelle
     Jean-Paul Bronckart          1-16

From CHILDES to TalkBank
     Brian MacWhinney          17-34

The study of children's language in Spain: The bilingual child
     Miquel Siguan          35-40

Section II: Bilingualism

Development of clause linkage in narratives: A comparison of
Turkish children in Australia, France, the Netherlands and Turkey
     Jeroen Aarssen, Mehmet-Ali Akinci, and Kutlay Yagmur          41-56

Development of perspective in narrative texts of
Turkish-French bilingual children in France
     Mehmet-Ali Akinci          57-77

Grammar differentiation in early bilingual acquisition:
Subordination structures in Spanish and Basque
     Andoni Barreña          78-94

Early language discrimination capacities
in infants from bilingual environments
     Laura Bosch and Núria Sebastián-Gallés          95-103

Experimental investigations of children's understanding
and use of verb morphology: Spanish- and English-speaking
2 1/2- and 3-year-old children
     Jane B. Childers, Ana María Fernández,
     Catharine H. Echols, and Michael Tomasello          104-127

What use is a case study of bilingual acquisition?
     Margaret Deuchar and Suzanne Quay          128-136

First language maintenance and second language acquisition
of a minority language in kindergarten
     Tina Hickey and Pól Ó Cainín          137-150

Variables related to bilingualism and their effect
on the learning of English as an L3
     David Lasagabaster          151-159

Bilingual acquisition in the first year: Could gestures provide
prelinguisitc support for language differentiation? A case study
     Joan Test          160-173

Development of code-switching and L1 attrition in L2 setting
     Li Wei and Zhu Hua          174-187

The reacquisition of languages: Some hypotheses
     Henning Wode          188-204

Section III: Discourse

Symposium: L'acquisition de l'ecrit entre 3 et 8 ans:
Perspectives psycholinguistiques et didactiques.
Coordinator: Madelon Saada-Robert

L'acquisition de l'écrit entre 3 et 8 ans:
Perspectives psycholinguistiques et didactiques
     Madelon Saada-Robert          205-207

Morphological awareness and phonological awareness
in the onset of literacy
     Séverine Casalis          208-222

Production et utilisation de notations chez les enfants de 4 à 7 ans
     Eduardo Martí, Ana Teberosky, and Merce Garcia-Milá          223-231

Lecture/écriture émergente en situation scolaire:
Étude exploratoire de la logographie
     Madelon Saada-Robert and José Favrel          232-249

Individual Papers

The discourse and social use of DM bueno
in eight- and ten-year-old Basque-speaking children
     Estibaliz Amorrortu          250-263

The structure of child language and the structure of
learner language in narrative discourse: First and second
language acquisition in European Portuguese
     Hanna Jakubowicz Batoréo          264-278

Narrative activity in adult-child interaction based on
the texts of illustrated storybooks: Its contribution to the
elaboration of children's syntax and representations of literacy
     Emmanuelle Canut          279-300

Mother as language teacher: Evidence from Ukrainian
     Roma Chumak-Horbatsch          301-311

The use of directives in conflict talk between
Mexican preschoolers and their mothers
     Lisa Comparini          312-325

L'acquisition de l'oral en situation scolaire:
Quatre recherches en didactique
     Jean François de Pietro, Joaquim Dolz,
     Itziar Idiazabal, and Marielle Rispail          326-351

Stratégies d'étayage d'adultes en interaction
avec des enfants normaux et dysphasiques
     Geneviève de Weck          352-374

Contrasting interaction that specifically promotes
communication and language development with
early social and affective interaction
     María José del Rio, María José Galván, and Marta Gràcia          375-386

Acquisition du langage et interactions verbales
     J.M. Odéric Delefosse          387-398

Scripts for Tom and Jerry: Spanish preschoolers relate cartoons
     Eliseo Diez-Itza, Catherine E. Snow, and Maria Rosa Solé          399-408

Low-income mothers' calibrated support
during their children's early oral reading
     Rachel A. Haine and Patton O. Tabors          409-421

Research on fixity/variability of scripts in ontogenesis
     Maria Kielar-Turska          422-430

Mothers' and fathers' speech to infants:
Explorations of the complexities of context
     Myron Korman and Charlie Lewis          431-453

Shifting register: Preschoolers' assertiveness
and deference in friendship group play
     Amy Kyratzis and Traci Marx          454-471

How do French-speaking children and adults understand idioms?
     Virginie Laval          472-482

Styles of parent-child book reading in Japanese families
     Masahiko Minami          483-503

Peers and language: The acquisition of "male"
speech forms and conversational style by Japanese boys
     Keiko Nakamura          504-520

Early language ability and development of written language
     Kerstin Nauclér and Eva Magnusson          521-533

Personal reference, conversational initiation
and contingency in blind children
     Miguel Pérez-Pereira and Gina Conti-Ramsden          534-545

Pragmatic development in early infancy:
The development of communicative intents
expressed by three children during mealtimes
     Magda Rivero García          546-557

Pragmatic influences on children's ability to answer questions
     Nuala Ryder and Eeva Leinonen          558-569

English and Japanese versions of children's books:
Uncovering pragmatic relations between language and culture
     Marilyn Shatz, Jennifer R. Dyer, Henry M. Wellman,
     Caryn Bromirsky, and Naomi Hagiwara          570-581

Learning to talk: A partial review of
research on Spanish language development
     Martha Shiro, Paola Uccelli, Claudia Ordóñez,
     Rebeca Barriga Villanueva, Catherine Snow,
     and Beatrice Schnell          582-604

Coherence and cohesion in script narratives: A developmental study
     Maria Rosa Solé, Joan Rué, Cristina Vila, David Gurri,
     Eva Ma Sanjuan, Vanesa del Valle, and Àdria Vivas          605-616

A developmental analysis of narrative cohesion in Gallego
     Xosé Ramón García Soto          617-631

L'emploi des connecteurs en français: Contraintes cognitives
et développement des compétences narratives
(le cas de la narration de séquences arbitraires d'événements)
     Monique Vion and Annie Colas          632-651

Section IV: Phonology

Symposium: Constraints, features, segments
and syllables in phonological disorders.
Coordinator: Regina Ritter Lamprecht

Constraints, features, segments
and syllables in phonological disorders
     Regina Ritter Lamprecht, Carmen Lúcia Matzenauer Hernandorena,
     and Helena Bolli Mota          652-654

Constraint ranking in developmental phonological disorders
     Regina Ritter Lamprecht          655-665

Phonological features in phonological disordered systems
     Carmen Lúcia Matzenauer Hernandorena          666-682

Segmental acquisition of Portuguese:
An implicational model of features complexity
     Helena Bolli Mota          683-696

Volume 2

Section IV: Phonology (continued)

Symposium: Filler syllables in early language development.
Coordinator: Ann M. Peters

Filler syllables in early language development
     Ann M. Peters          697-700

Phonological fillers: Data from Norwegian
     Hanne Gram Simonsen          701-712

The transition from prenominal fillers
to articles in Spanish and German
     Conxita Lleó          713-737

A system-approach to the analysis of fillers
at the transition to grammar
     Edy Veneziano          738-759

Individual Papers

Acquisition of French liaison and related child errors
     Jean-Pierre Chevrot and Michel Fayol          760-774

Metaphonological ability at the phoneme and distinctive feature
levels in five-year-old monolingual and bilingual children
     Miriam Coimbra          775-789

Late phonological processes in the acquisition of Spanish
Eliseo Diez-Itza, Verónica Martínez,
     Raúl Cantora, Fernando Justicia, and Laura Bosch          790-799

Assessment of cleft palate children:
European Portuguese tests in nasality and articulation
     Isabel Falé and Isabel Hub Faria          800-812

Syllabic constituency and segmental emergence:
Evidence from the acquisition of European Portuguese
     M. João Freitas          813-826

Phonology and morphology in children's intuitive syllabifications
     Steven Gillis and Dominiek Sandra          827-839

Acoustic evidences about the setting of
the coda parameter in Brazilian Portuguese
     Ana Ruth Moresco Miranda          840-849

The value of prosody in the transition to complex utterances:
Data and theoretical implications from the acquisition of Italian
     Massimo Moneglia and Emanuela Cresti          850-872

The acquisition of suprasegmental phonology by
Putonghua- (Modern Standard Chinese) speaking children
     Zhu Hua, Li Wei, and Barbara Dodd          873-894

Section V: Language disorders

A longitudinal study of three children with expressive SLI
     Serena Bonifacio, Giuseppe Cappelli,
     Cristiana Visini, and Elisabetta Zocconi          895-908

Verb type production in Catalan and Spanish Children with SLI
     Mònica Sanz-Torrent, Eva Aguilar,
     Elisabet Serrat, and Miquel Serra          909-922

Section VI: Lexicon

Symposium: Recent crosslinguistic studies in
early lexical development: Reassessing factors of
input, interaction, and cognitive constraints.
Coordinator: Lourdes de León

Recent crosslinguistic studies in early lexical development:
Reassessing factors of input, interaction, and cognitive constraints
     Lourdes de León          923-927

Discourse behavior of lexical categories in
Turkish child directed speech: Nouns vs. verbs
     Aylin C. Küntay and Dan I. Slobin          928-946

Why Tzotzil (Mayan) children prefer verbs: The role of
linguistic and cultural factors over cognitive determinants
     Lourdes de León          947-969

When all things are not equal:
Contextualizing the noun bias in Mandarin and English
     Twila Tardif          970-980

Symposium: Language acquisition, point of view and possible words.
Coordinator: Jill de Villiers

Language acquisition, point of view, and possible words
     Jill de Villiers          981-983

Complementation and false-belief representation
     Peter A. de Villiers and Jennie Pyers          984-1005

Deficits versus differences: African American children's
linguistic paths towards a theory of mind
     Brenda A. Allen, Jill de Villiers, and Samantha François          1006-1014

Extension, intension and other minds
     Jill de Villiers          1015-1025

Temporal noun phrase interpretation and Theory of Mind
     Maribel Romero and Jeannine Bock          1026-1037

The acquisition of Sequence of Tense and Point of View
     Bart Hollebrandse          1038-1045

Children's acquisition of irrealis complement clauses in Spanish
     Ana T. Pérez-Leroux          1046-1054

Individual Papers

Les significations d'expressions d'incertitude
et leurs implications métalinguistiques
     Ioanna Berthoud-Papandropoulou and Helga Kilcher          1055-1065

Children's acquisition of science terms: Does fast mapping work?
     Nick Braisby, Julie Dockrell, and Rachel Best          1066-1087

Verb meaning and selectional restrictions
     Montserrat Cortès-Colomé,
     Elizabeth Gilboy, and Josep M. Sopena          1088-1105

Colour naming and colour memory by
colour blind children and adults
     Ian Davies, Julio Lillo, Jose Collado,
     Elena Ponte, Isaac Vitini, and Hayley Pringle          1106-1122

Early multi-word utterances in Italian-speaking children
     Laura D'Odorico and Stefania Carubbi          1123-1141

When do words affect children's attention to objects?
     Stan Kuczaj II, Kyla Hartong,
     Marilee King, and Heather Hill          1142-1153

Learning of deverbal nouns
     Yuriko Oshima-Takane, David Barner,
     Mayada Elsabbagh, and A.M. Sonia Guerriero          1154-1170

The process of lexical acquisition during the pre-school years
     Assimina M. Ralli and Julie Dockrell          1171-1186

Section VII: Morphology

Symposium: Studies of early grammatical development:
The role of interlinguistic and interindividual variation.
Coordinator: Dominique Bassano

Studies of early grammatical development:
The role of interlinguistic and interindividual variation
     Dominique Bassano          1187-1195

First grammar in blind, visually impaired and sighted
bilingual children: Do they follow different routes?
     Miguel Pérez-Pereira          1196-1206

Development of noun determiner use in French children:
Lexical and grammatical bases
     Dominique Bassano and Pascale-Elsa Eme          1207-1220

The emergence of verb morphology in Austrian German
     Sabine Klampfer, Ralf Vollmann, and Wolfgang U. Dressler          1221-1233

Individual Papers

How can child-directed speech facilitate
the acquisition of morphology?
     Vera Kempe, Patricia J. Brooks, and Laura Pirott          1234-1244

Early verb constructs in Spanish
Eugenia Sebastián, Pilar Soto, and
     Virginia C. Mueller Gathercole          1245-1259

Morphological errors in early language acquisition:
Evidence from Catalan and Spanish
     Elisabet Serrat and Melina Aparici          1260-1277

The acquisition of noun phrases in
a Basque-Spanish bilingual child
     Juan Jose Zubiri          1278-1296

Section VIII: Syntax

The projection of aspect:
A key in the acquisition of finiteness?
     Aurora Bel          1297-1313

On the status of subject clitics in child French
     Marie-Hélène Côté          1314-1330

Investigating the left periphery in child French:
A reply to Ferdinand (1996)
     Cécile De Cat          1331-1352

Child L2 acquisition of interrogatives
     Teresa Fleta          1353-1367

Two-year-olds' knowledge of verbs and argument structures
     Evan Kidd, Edith L. Bavin, and Belinda Rhodes          1368-1382

On the acquisition of pronominal and
reflexive reference in child Greek
     Spyridoula Varlokosta          1383-1400

Section IX: Signed languages

Adquisición temprana de la configuración manual,
localización, movimiento y expresión facial en
Lengua de Signos Española (L.S.E.)
     Onésimo Juncos-Rabadán, Arturo X. Pereiro,
     María José Justo, Andrés Caamaño, Alicia Vilar,
     and Elvira López          1401-1420

The development of perspective shifting
in British Sign Language
     Gary Morgan, Rosalind Herman, and Bencie Woll          1421-1428

Variable factors in the relationship between
American Sign Language (ASL) proficiency
and English literacy acquisition in deaf children
     Philip M. Prinz, Marlon Kuntze, and Michael Strong          1429-1440

Author Index          1441-1445

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