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BUCLD 42: Proceedings of the 42nd annual
Boston University Conference on Language Development

edited by Anne B. Bertolini and Maxwell J. Kaplan
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Front cover image   ix + 847 pages (2-volume set)
publication date: May 2018

ISBN 978-1-57473-086-9 paperback, $84.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-186-6 library binding, $160.00


This two-volume set includes talks and posters from the 42nd annual Boston University Conference on Language Development, held November 3-5, 2017.

The entire proceedings is also available directly from this page with open access. The pdf file for each paper is identical to the printed edition. You can search the entire proceedings here using Google.

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Volume 1

    Anne B. Bertolini and Maxwell J. Kaplan
    ix (complete pdf)

Identifying Specific Language Impairment (SLI) across Different Bilingual Populations: German Sentence Repetition Task (SRT)
    Lina Abed Ibrahim, Cornelia Hamann, and David Öwerdieck
    1-14 (complete pdf)

The Impact of Childhood Bilingualism and Bi-dialectalism on Pragmatic Interpretation and Processing
    Kyriakos Antoniou, Alma Veenstra, Mikhail Kissine, and Napoleon Katsos
    15-28 (complete pdf)

Children's Acquisition of Nouns That Denote Events
    Sudha Arunachalam and Angela Xiaoxue He
    29-44 (complete pdf)

The Acquisition of Stress-Clash Resolution Strategies in Greek
    Angeliki Athanasopoulou
    45-57 (complete pdf)

Little Lexical Learners: Quantitatively Assessing the Development of Adjective Ordering Preferences
    Galia Bar-Sever, Rachael Lee, Gregory Scontras, and Lisa Pearl
    58-71 (complete pdf)

More Relativization Asymmetries: Children Find Locative and Benefactive Clauses Difficult
    Ivan Paul Bondoc, William O'Grady, Kamil Ud Deen, Nozomi Tanaka, Ellyn Cassey Chua, Angela Claudine De Leon, and Joshua Arvin Siscar
    72-85 (complete pdf)

Sustained Attention in Infancy Impacts Vocabulary Acquisition in Low-Income Toddlers
    Patricia J. Brooks, Rachel M. Flynn, and Teresa M. Ober
    86-99 (complete pdf)

Explaining Cross-linguistic Differences in Article Omission through an Acquisition Model
    Andrea Ceolin
    100-113 (complete pdf)

LEXTALE_CH: A Quick, Character-Based Proficiency Test for Mandarin Chinese
    I Lei Chan and Charles B. Chang
    114-130 (complete pdf)

Information Structure and Ordering Preferences in Child and Adult Speech in English
    Jidong Chen and Bhuvana Narasimhan
    131-139 (complete pdf)

Effects of Early Language Deprivation: Mapping between Brain and Behavioral Outcomes
    Qi Cheng, Eric Halgren, and Rachel Mayberry
    140-152 (complete pdf)

Distinguishing Questions and Statements Using Sentence-Initial Prosodic Cues
    Cindy Chiang, Susan Geffen, and Toben H. Mintz
    153-158 (complete pdf)

Prediction at the Discourse Level in L2 English Speakers: An Eye-Tracking Study
    Carla Contemori and Paola E. Dussias
    159-171 (complete pdf)

Some and All in Bilinguals: Priming and Linguistic Effects
    Carla Contemori, Francesca Foppolo, and Daniele Panizza
    172-185 (complete pdf)

Language-Specific Sources of Acoustic Stability in Phonological Development
    Margaret Cychosz and Susan E. Kalt
    186-199 (complete pdf)

Repetition Brings Success: Revealing Knowledge of the Passive Voice
    Kamil Ud Deen, Ivan Bondoc, Amber Camp, Sharon Estioca, Haerim Hwang, Gyu-Ho Shin, Maho Takahashi, Fred Zenker, and Jing Crystal Zhong
    200-213 (complete pdf)

An ERP Investigation of Domain-Specificity: Clause-Edge Recursion in Native and Nonnative French
    Laurent Dekydtspotter, Kate Miller, Charlene Gilbert, Mike Iverson, Kyle Swanson, Tania Leal, and Isaiah Innis
    214-227 (complete pdf)

For Toddlers, Like Adults, Vowel Mispronunciations Are Readily Detected but Do Little to Impede Lexical Access
    Lauren Franklin and James L. Morgan
    228-237 (complete pdf)

Understanding the Causes of Inaccurate Self-Assessments: Extraversion's Role
    Caitlin Gaffney
    238-251 (complete pdf)

Discrimination and Generalization of Emotional Prosody in Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Naomi L. Gaggi, Patricia J. Brooks, and Bertram O. Ploog
    252-265 (complete pdf)

Before and After the Acquisition of Adjunct Control
    Juliana Gerard and Jeffrey Lidz
    266-279 (complete pdf)

Irony Comprehension and Theory of Mind in Young Deaf Signers
    Beatrice Giustolisi, Lara Mantovan, and Francesca Panzeri
    280-288 (complete pdf)

A Performance Account for Medial Wh-Questions in Child English
    Elaine Grolla and Jeffrey Lidz
    289-302 (complete pdf)

L2 Listeners Rely on the Semantics of Classifiers to Predict
    Theres Grüter, Elaine Lau, and Wenyi Ling
    303-316 (complete pdf)

The cup on the table is green: Children's Comprehension of Embedded PPs
    Erin Hall and Ana T. Pérez-Leroux
    317-330 (complete pdf)

Infant-Directed Speech Is Not Always Slower: Cross-linguistic Evidence from Dutch and Mandarin Chinese
    Mengru Han, Nivja H. de Jong, and René Kager
    331-344 (complete pdf)

What Inferences Do Mandarin-Speaking Children Make in Negative Sentences?
    Haiquan Huang, Rosalind Thornton, and Stephen Crain
    345-358 (complete pdf)

Learning Attitude Verb Meanings in a Morphosyntactically-Poor Language
    Nick Huang, Chia-Hsuan Liao, Valentine Hacquard, and Jeffrey Lidz
    359-373 (complete pdf)

English and Spanish Speakers' Interpretations of L2 Chinese Double Object Constructions
    Yuhsin Huang and Boping Yuan
    374-390 (complete pdf)

Modeling Representational Constraints in Word Segmentation
    Jordan Kodner
    391-399 (complete pdf)

The Acquisition of French Ambiguous Embedded Structures Introduced by ce que
    Ingrid Konrad, Yair Haendler, and Caterina Donati
    400-412 (complete pdf)

Are Children's Overly Distributive Interpretations and Spreading Errors Related?
    Anna de Koster, Jennifer Spenader, and Petra Hendriks
    413-426 (complete pdf)

Volume 2

Interactions between Number and Definiteness: Vietnamese Children's Comprehension of Definite Noun Phrases
    Ni-La Lê, Hannah Forsythe, and Cristina Schmitt
    427-440 (complete pdf)

Children's Knowledge of Domain Restriction: The Case of dōu ('all') in Mandarin Chinese
    Margaret Lei
    441-450 (complete pdf)

Children's Knowledge of Conventional Implicatures: Evidence from the Mandarin lian...dou Construction
    Pengfei Li
    451-464 (complete pdf)

The Perception of Discontinuous Dependencies by 18-Month-Olds: On the Process of Acquiring Verbal Passives
    João Claudio de Lima Júnior and Letícia Maria Sicuro Corrêa
    465-478 (complete pdf)

Children's and Adults' Processing of Variable Agreement Patterns: Agreement Neutralization in English
    Cynthia Lukyanenko and Karen Miller
    479-492 (complete pdf)

Comprehension of Relative Clauses vs. Control Structures in SLI and ASD Children
    Alexandrina Martins, Ana Lúcia Santos, and Inês Duarte
    493-506 (complete pdf)

The Relationship between Sensitivity to Morphosyntactic Violations and Morphosyntactic Anticipation in L2 Comprehension
    Crystal Marull and Michele Goldin
    507-517 (complete pdf)

Phrasal Prosody and Syntactic Knowledge in Infants below Two Years of Age
    Sarah Massicotte-Laforge and Rushen Shi
    518-531 (complete pdf)

Intervention Effects in Early Grammar: Evidence from Sluicing
    Victoria E. Mateu, Nina Hyams, and Lauren Winans
    532-545 (complete pdf)

Cross-linguistic Influence in the Use of Referring Expressions in School-Age Japanese-English Bilinguals
    Satomi Mishina-Mori, Yuki Nagai, and Yuri Jody Yujobo
    546-557 (complete pdf)

Children Ages 3-5 Years Use Language to Identify Talkers
    Reina Mizrahi and Sarah C. Creel
    558-571 (complete pdf)

Lexical and Syntactic Influences on Children's Acquisition of Verb Argument Structure: Comparing Typical Children and Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Letitia R. Naigles and Julie Piskin
    572-585 (complete pdf)

Developmental Changes in Spatial Semantic Categories in English
    Bhuvana Narasimhan, Norielle Adricula, Jayne Williamson-Lee, Caroline Good, and Lukas Goetz-Weiss
    586-597 (complete pdf)

It's Hard to Extend: A Unified Account of Raising-Past-Experiencers and Passives in Child English
    Emma Nguyen and William Snyder
    598-604 (complete pdf)

The Structure of Sluicing and the Availability of Strict and Sloppy Readings in Child Japanese
    Akari Ohba, Hiroyuki Shimada, and Kyoko Yamakoshi
    605-617 (complete pdf)

Cross-linguistic Structural Priming in Heritage Spanish Speakers: The Effects of Exposure to English on the Processing of Preposition Stranding in Spanish
    Ian Phillips
    618-631 (complete pdf)

Second-Order False Beliefs and Recursive Complements in Children with ASD
    Irina Polyanskaya, Torben Braüner, and Patrick Blackburn
    632-643 (complete pdf)

Impermeability of L1 Syntax: Spanish Variable Clitic Placement in Bilingual Children
    Pablo E. Requena and Melisa Dracos
    644-658 (complete pdf)

Learning Allophones: What Input Is Necessary?
    Caitlin Richter
    659-672 (complete pdf)

Simple Sentences Aren't All the Same: Variation in Input and Acquisition
    Matthew Rispoli, Pamela Hadley, and Hannah Simmons
    673-686 (complete pdf)

The Acquisition of Parametric Variation in Count Noun Modification Using Numerals: Comparing Japanese and English
    Tetsuya Sano
    687-693 (complete pdf)

A Longitudinal Comparison of Object Clitic Production in the Spontaneous Language of L2 Children and Children with SLI
    Maureen Scheidnes
    694-707 (complete pdf)

Assessing Truth and Speaker Knowledge When Utterances Are Not Maximally True
    Laura Simon-Pearson and Kristen Syrett
    708-721 (complete pdf)

Acquisition of Adjectival Agreement in German: Sensitivity to Grammar is Reflected in 3-Year-Olds' Pupil Dilation
    Assunta Süss, Petra Hendriks, Tom Fritzsche, and Barbara Höhle
    722-735 (complete pdf)

SES Differences in the Communicative Functions of Variation Sets
    Shira Tal and Inbal Arnon
    736-749 (complete pdf)

Investigating Relative Clause Island Effects in Native and Nonnative Adult Speakers of Japanese
    Nozomi Tanaka and Bonnie D. Schwartz
    750-763 (complete pdf)

Elicited Production of Past Tense Affirmative and Negative Sentences in Young Children
    Rosalind Thornton, Elena D'Onofrio, and Kelly Rombough
    764-776 (complete pdf)

Negative Questions in Children with Specific Language Impairment
    Rosalind Thornton, Kelly Rombough, Jasmine Martin, and Linda Orton
    777-789 (complete pdf)

Is clean the Same as not dirty? On the Understanding of Absolute Gradable Adjectives
    Merle Weicker and Petra Schulz
    790-802 (complete pdf)

L1 Influence on L2 English Telicity Judgments
    Mien-Jen Wu
    803-813 (complete pdf)

A Filled Gap Stage in German Relative Clause Acquisition
    Kazuko Yatsushiro and Uli Sauerland
    814-827 (complete pdf)

The Person Asymmetry in Agreement in "Wh-phrase BE...?" Questions in English
    Rong Yin
    828-835 (complete pdf)

The Impact of Argument-Omitted Sentences in Learning Japanese Direct Object Case-Markers
    Akiko Zhao, Yingyi Luo, and Hiromu Sakai
    836-847 (complete pdf)

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