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BUCLD 36: Proceedings of the 36th annual
Boston University Conference on Language Development

edited by Alia K. Biller, Esther Y. Chung, and Amelia E. Kimball
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Front cover image   ix + 697 pages (2-volume set)
publication date: April 2012

ISBN 978-1-57473-075-3 paperback, $60.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-175-0 library binding, $125.00


The 36th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development was held November 4-6, 2011, in Boston, MA. The proceedings contains 55 of the papers from the conference, including the plenary address by Cornelia Hamann.

All 3-day registrants for BUCLD 36 receive the paperback proceedings as part of registration. The cost of the proceedings for students is generously covered by grants from the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health.

The posters from the conference are not included in the printed proceedings. Many of the posters are available in an on-line proceedings supplement from BU.


Volume 1

Bilingual Development and Language Assessment
    Cornelia Hamann    1-28

Prosodic Boundaries and Null Arguments in L2 Korean
    Hyunah Ahn    29-41

Prosodic Influence in Bilingual Phonological Development: Evidence from a Portuguese-French First Language Learner
    Letícia Almeida, Yvan Rose, and M. João Freitas    42-52

How Do Sequential Bilingual Children Perform on Nonword Repetition Tasks?
    Sharon Armon-Lotem and Shula Chiat    53-62

Can Adverbs Call Attention to Manner of Motion for 2-Year-Olds Learning Verbs?
    Sudha Arunachalam, Kristen Syrett, and Sandra R. Waxman    63-73

Performance Factors Trump Representational Deficits: Perception and Production of English Inflections by L1 Mandarin Speakers
    Timothy E. Bonner and Gita Martohardjono    74-86

Experience and Processing of Relative Clauses in German
    Silke Brandt, Sanjo Nitschke, and Evan Kidd    87-100

Information Packaging for Causative Events: Implications for Crosslinguistic Production and Attention
    Ann Bunger, John C. Trueswell, and Anna Papafragou    101-113

Impaired Inflectional Morphology in Children with Developmental Dyslexia: Converging Evidence from Behavioral and Electrophysiological Measures
    Chiara Cantiani, Maria Teresa Guasti, Paolo Perego, and Maria Luisa Lorusso    114-125

Generalizing without Encoding Specifics: Infants Infer Phonotactic Patterns on Sound Classes
    Alejandrina Cristia and Sharon Peperkamp    126-138

Statistical Learning Constrained by Syntactic Biases in an Artificial Language Learning Task
    Jennifer Culbertson, Paul Smolensky, and Géraldine Legendre    139-151

Tense and Truth in Children's Question Answering
    Jill de Villiers, Tom Roeper, Ellen Harrington, and Elizabeth Gadilauskas    152-163

Generating Inflected Word Forms in Real Time: Evaluating the Role of Age, Frequency, and Working Memory
    Elisabeth Fleischhauer and Harald Clahsen    164-176

Word and Sound Processing in Bilingual Preschoolers
    Melinda Fricke    177-189

Pitch First, Stress Next? Prosodic Effects on Word Learning in an Intonation Language
    Sónia Frota, Joseph Butler, Susana Correia, Cátia Severino, and Marina Vigário    190-201

Phonological Feature Constraints on the Acquisition of Phonological Dependencies
    Nayeli Gonzalez-Gomez and Thierry Nazzi    202-212

Interpreting Object Clitics in Real Time: Eye-Tracking Evidence from 4-Year-Old and Adult Speakers of Spanish
    Theres Grüter, Nereyda Hurtado, and Anne Fernald    213-225

The On-line Integration of Inflection in L2 Processing: Predictive Processing of German Gender
    Holger Hopp    226-245

Factors Affecting Talker Recognition in Preschoolers and Adults
    Sofia R. Jiménez and Sarah C. Creel    246-257

The Acquisition of Quantification across Languages: Some Predictions
    Napoleon Katsos, Maria-José Ezeizabarrena, Anna Gavarró, Jelena Kuvac Kraljevic, Gordana Hrzica, Kleanthes Grohmann,
    Athina Skordi, Kristine Jensen de López, Lone Sundahl, Angeliek van Hout, Bart Hollebrandse, Jessica Overweg, Myrthe
    Faber, Margreet van Koert, Chris Cummins, Nafsika Smith, Maigi Vija, Sirli Parm, Sari Kunnari, Tiffany Morisseau, Manana
    Rusieshvili, Kazuko Yatsushiro, Anja Hubert, Spyridoula Varlokosta, Katerina Konstantzou, Shira Farby, Maria Teresa Guasti,
    Mirta Vernice, Ingrida Balciuniene, Jurate Ruzaite, Helen Grech, Daniela Gatt, Arve Asbjørnsen, Janne von Koss Torkildsen,
    Ewa Haman, Aneta Miekisz, Natalia Gagarina, Julia Puzanova, Darinka Andjelkovic, Maja Savic, Smiljana Jošic, Daniela
    Slancová, Svetlana Kapalková, Tania Barberán Recalde, Duygu Özge, Saima Hassan, Heather van der Lely, Uli Sauerland,
    and Ira Noveck    258-268

Raising Is Birds, Control Is Penguins: Solving the Learnability Paradox
    Susannah Kirby    269-280

Verb Islands in Child and Adult Language
    Alix Kowalski and Charles Yang    281-289

Modeling Morphological Competence in a Second Language: A Feature-Based Approach
    Donna Lardiere and Sun Hee Hwang    290-301

Bilingual Language Synthesis: Evidence from WH-Questions in Bimodal Bilinguals
    Diane Lillo-Martin, Helen Koulidobrova, Ronice Müller de Quadros, and Deborah Chen Pichler    302-314

Examining the Nature of Variability in Gender and Number Agreement in Native and Non-native Spanish
    Beatriz López Prego and Alison Gabriele    315-327

Developmental Differences in Object-Noun and Action-Verb Identification: An ERP Study
    Mandy J. Maguire, Diane A. Ogiela, Grant Magnon, B. Delarosa, and Lynda Sides    328-338

Volume 2

Sociolinguistic Variation in Brown's Sarah Corpus
    Karen Miller    339-348

Semantic and Pragmatic Meaning of the Existential Quantifier some in Second Language Acquisition
    Utako Minai and Naoko Takami    349-360

The Use of Facial Cues for Speech Segmentation
    Aaron D. Mitchel and Daniel J. Weiss    361-373

'Experiencing' a Slight Delay: Intervening Arguments and the Acquisition of Subject-to-Subject Raising
    Robyn Orfitelli    374-386

The Acquisition of Distributivity in Pluralities
    Elena Pagliarini, Gaetano Fiorin, and Jakub Dotlacil    387-399

Distributional Learning of L2 Phonological Categories by Listeners with Different Language Backgrounds
    Bozena Pajak and Roger Levy    400-413

L1-Korean L2ers' Sensitivity to Givenness in the English Dative Alternation
    Kyae-Sung Park and Bonnie D. Schwartz    414-426

Semantic Bootstrapping and the Role of Meta-cognition
    Neil Parr and Richard Breheny    427-436

Applying the Interface Hypothesis to Heritage Speaker Acquisition: Evidence from Spanish Mood
    Diego Pascual y Cabo, Anne Lingwall, and Jason Rothman    437-448

The Acquisition of NP Recursion in English-Speaking Children
    Ana T. Pérez-Leroux, Susana Bejar, Diane Massam, and Anny Castilla-Earls    449-460

Clitic Production across Tasks in Young French-Speaking Children
    Mihaela Pirvulescu, Ana T. Pérez-Leroux, Yves Roberge, and Nelleke Strik    461-473

Context, Mutual Exclusivity, and the Challenge of Multiple Mappings in Word Learning
    Tim Poepsel, Chip Gerfen, and Daniel J. Weiss    474-486

What's in a Rise? Effects of Language Experience on Interpretation of Lexical Tone
    Carolyn Quam and Sarah C. Creel    487-499

The Devil in the Details: Underspecification in Infants' and Adults' Lexical Representations
    Jie Ren and James L. Morgan    500-511

An Investigation of the Role of Gender in the Resolution of Pronouns in L2 French
    Claire Renaud    512-524

Abstract CP/IP Configuration in Child Japanese
    Tetsuya Sano    525-535

Mayan and U.S. Caregivers Simplify Speech to Children
    Laura Shneidman and Susan Goldin-Meadow    536-544

How Children Learn Different Spatial Metaphors for Time
    Lauren Jamieson Stites and Seyda Özçaliskan    545-554

A Constraint on Argument Ellipsis in Child Japanese
    Koji Sugisaki    555-567

Development of Locative Expressions by Turkish Deaf and Hearing Children: Are There Modality Effects?
    Beyza Sümer, Inge Zwitserlood, Pamela Perniss, and Asli Özyürek    568-580

Parsing for Principle C at 30 Months
    Megan Sutton, Michael Fetters, and Jeffrey Lidz    581-593

Electrophysiological Markers of Interference and Structural Facilitation in Native and Nonnative Agreement Processing
    Darren Tanner, Janet Nicol, Julia Herschensohn, and Lee Osterhout    594-606

Crosslinguistic Differences in Autistic Children's Comprehension of Pronouns: English vs. Greek
    Arhonto Terzi, Theodoros Marinis, Konstantinos Francis, and Angeliki Kotsopoulou    607-619

Development of Parsing Abilities Interacts with Grammar Learning: Evidence from Tagalog and Kannada
    John C. Trueswell, Daniel Kaufman, Alon Hafri, and Jeffrey Lidz    620-632

Testing for Crosslinguistic Influence and Exposure Effects in the Bilingual Acquisition of Specific Indefinite Objects
    Sharon Unsworth    633-645

Processing of Gender in Turkish-Dutch and Turkish-Greek Child L2 Learners
    Nada Vasic, Vasiliki Chondrogianni, Theodoros Marinis, and Elma Blom    646-659

Voice More, Front Less: On the Development of Knowledge of Voicing and Vowel Alternations in German Nouns by 5 Year-Olds, 7 Year-Olds and Adults
    Ruben van de Vijver and Dinah Baer-Henney    660-672

Task Demands and 'Depth' of L2 Processing of Subject-Verb Number Agreement
    Zhijun Wen and Bonnie D. Schwartz    673-685

Electrophysiological Correlates of Picture-Word Processing in Three-to-Seven Year Old Non-verbal Children with Autism
    Yan H. Yu, Naseem Choudhury, Chiara Cantiani, Valerie L. Shafer, Michelle MacRoy-Higgins, Richard G. Schwartz, and April A. Benasich    686-697

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