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BUCLD 23: Proceedings of the 23rd annual
Boston University Conference on Language Development

edited by Annabel Greenhill, Heather Littlefield, and Cheryl Tano
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Front cover image   x + 775 pages (2-volume set)
publication date: March 1999

ISBN 978-1-57473-042-5 paperback, $60.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-142-2 library binding, $125.00


The Proceedings of the 23rd annual Boston University Conference on Language Development contain 68 papers from the November 1998 conference, including the keynote address by Peter Jusczyk.

Volume 1

Word Segmentation Abilities and 
Their Contribution to Language Acquisition
    Peter Jusczyk       1-19

The Role of Classifiers in Predicting 
English Literacy among Deaf Adults
    Michelle Anthony       20-31

The Role of the Clitic-Full Pronoun Distinction 
in the Acquisition of Pronominal Coreference
    Sergio Baauw       32-43

An Argument for Adjuncts: 
Evidence from a Phonologically Disordered System
    Jessica A. Barlow       44-55

On the Relationship between Root Infinitives 
and Imperatives in Early Child Russian
    Eva Bar-Shalom and William Snyder       56-67

Abstract Features in L2 Competence: Be-Prefixation in German
    Maria-Luise Beck and Lynn Eubank       68-79

Syntactic and Metric Constraints 
on Children's Function Morphemes
    Misha Becker       80-92

Acquisition of Binding in Arabic
    Naomi Bolotin       93-102

Disentangling Multiple Sources 
of Stress in Infant-Directed Speech
    Heather Bortfeld and James Morgan       103-111

Adult SLA of Se Constructions in Spanish: 
Evidence against Pattern Learning
    Joyce L.S. Bruhn de Garavito       112-119

Aspect and Its Temporal Interpretation 
during the Optional Infinitive Stage in Russian
    Dina Brun, Sergey Avrutin, and Maria Babyonyshev       120-131

Perspectives on Pragmatic Socialization
    Judith Becker Bryant       132-137

Bilingual Children's Repairs of Communication Breakdowns
    Liane Comeau, Morton J. Mendelson, and Fred Genesee       138-149

Neurobiological Mechanisms of Language Acquisition 
in Sturge Weber Syndrome
    Stella de Bode and Susan Curtiss       150-161

Semantics, Pragmatics and Second Language Acquisition: 
The Case of Combien Extractions
    Laurent Dekydtspotter, Rex A. Sprouse, 
    Kimberly A. Swanson, and Rachel Thyre       162-171

Variation and Emerging Faithfulness 
in Phonological Acquisition
    Daniel A. Dinnsen and Laura W. McGarrity       172-183

Weak Quantification, Plausible Dissent, and the 
Development of Children's Pragmatic Competence
    Kenneth F. Drozd and Erik van Loosbroek       184-195

Learning and the Representation of Complex Onsets
    Judith A. Gierut and Annette Hust Champion       196-203

Cognitive Prerequisites for Modal Verb Acquisition
    Joanna Gonsalves and Rachel Joffe Falmagne       204-215

When an Island Is Not an Island: 
Long-Distance Questions in Singapore Malay
    Gabriella Hermon and Norhaida Aman       216-227

The Second Language Acquisition 
of Spanish Word Order for Unaccusative Verbs
    Tammy Jandrey Hertel and Ana Teresa Perez-Leroux       228-239

The Eventivity Constraint and Modal Reference Effects 
in Root Infinitives
    Teun Hoekstra and Nina Hyams       240-252

Past Time Reference in Chinese Children's Speech
    Chiung-chih Huang       253-264

Creolization: Could Adults Really Have Done It All?
    Carla L. Hudson and Elissa L. Newport       265-276

Word Learning without Aid from Syntax: How Do 
Japanese Children Learn Proper Nouns and Common Nouns?
    Mutsumi Imai and Etsuko Haryu       277-288

Inflection and Past Tense Morphology in French SLI
    Celia Jakubowicz, Lea Nash, and Marlies van der Velde       289-300

Age Differences in Second Language Acquisition: 
The Dominant Language Switch and Maintenance Hypothesis
    Gisela Jia and Doris Aaronson       301-312

Non-Finite Root Clauses in Swedish Child Language
    Gunlog Josefsson       313-324

A Look at Interlanguage Development: The Case of Acquiring 
Topic-Prominence by English L2 Learners of Korean
    Euen Hyuk (Sarah) Jung       325-336

Cross-Linguistic Differences 
in Children's Syntax for Locative Verbs
    Meesook Kim, Barbara Landau, and Colin Phillips       337-348

Optionality in English Non-Native Grammars: 
Differences between L1 and L2 Acquisition
    Elaine C. Klein and Monica Casco       349-360

Syntactic Cues to Word Meaning: 
Initial Expectations and the Development of Flexibility 
    Raquel Stote Klibanoff and Sandra Waxman       361-372

Volume 2

The Role of L1 and of Teaching in the Acquisition 
of English Sounds by Francophones 
    Darlene LaCharite and Philippe Prevost       373-385

Suppletive Agreement in Second Language Acquisition
    Donna Lardiere       386-396

Gender Assignment to German Nonsense Nouns: What Does 
the Native Speaker Know That the Non-Native Speaker Doesn't? 
    Glenn S. Levine       397-406

Prosodic Constraints on the Emergence 
of Grammatical Morphemes: Crosslinguistic 
Evidence from Germanic and Romance Languages 
    Conxita Lleo and Katherine Demuth       407-418

Incomplete L1 Acquisition: The Morphosyntax of Kaspar Hauser 
    Mark L. Louden       419-430

The Acquisition of Sequence of Tense in Japanese 
    Ayumi Matsuo and Bart Hollebrandse       431-442

Case-Dropping and Unaccusatives in Japanese Acquisition 
    Edson T. Miyamoto, Kenneth Wexler, 
    Takako Aikawa, and Shigeru Miyagawa       443-452

Compounds and Complex Predicates: 
Japanese Evidence for a "Global" Parameter 
    Nobohiro Miyoshi       453-461

The L2 Acquisition of Agentive Verbs 
of Directed Motion in English 
    Silvina Montrul       462-473

Comparatives and Superlatives: Lexical before Functional
    Deanna Moore       474-481

Object Omissions in Bilingual Children: 
Evidence for Crosslinguistic Influence
    Natascha Mueller, Aafke Hulk, and Celia Jakubowicz       482-494

What Every Child Doesn't Know 
    Julien Musolino       495-506

The Acquisition of Formal and Informal Language 
by Japanese Preschool Children 
    Keiko Nakamura       507-518

Five-Month-Old Infants' Discrimination of Languages 
    Thierry Nazzi and Peter W. Jusczyk       519-528

Innateness and the Acquisition 
of Grammatical Aspect via Lexical Aspect 
    Mari Broman Olsen and Amy Weinberg       529-540

Learning How to Search For the Frog: Expression 
of Manner of Motion in English, Spanish, and Turkish 
    Seyda Ozcaliskan and Dan I. Slobin       541-552

A Feature Checking Approach to Null Arguments in SLA 
    Hyeson Park       553-564

Narrative Development without Submersion in a Native Language 
    Sarah B. van Deusen Phillips, 
    Susan Goldin-Meadow, and Peggy Miller       565-574

Finiteness and Variability in SLA: 
More Evidence for Missing Surface Inflection
    Philippe Prevost and Lydia White       575-586

Developmental Observations on the Auxiliary Do 
and the Optional Infinitive Hypothesis 
    Tetsuya Sano       587-598

Definiteness and Children's Interpretation 
of the Locative Anaphor There 
    Robin J. Schafer       599-610

The Acquisition of Verb Placement in Swiss German 
    Manuela Schoenenberger       611-622

Two for One: Learning to Count Visitors Differently from Persons 
    Dean Sharpe       623-629

Root Infinitives and Null Subjects in Early Icelandic 
    Sigridur Sigurjonsdottir       630-641

The Complex-Predicate / N-N Compounding Connection 
in L2 Acquisition 
    Roumyana Slabakova       642-653

The Successes and Failures of Word-to-World Mapping 
    Jesse Snedeker, Lila Gleitman, and Michael Brent       654-665

Initial States, End-States, 
and Residual Optionality in L2 Acquisition 
    Antonella Sorace       666-674

Children's Use of Syntactic, Pragmatic, and 
Semantic Information in Learning Proper Names 
    Cristina M. Sorrentino       675-686

Stages in the Development of Grammatical Space 
    Esthela Trevino and Antoinette Hawayek       687-696

Evidence for Early Convergence from 
Child Catalan and Child Russian Imperatives
    Veronique van Gelderen, John Grinstead, and Teun Hoekstra       697-707

Acquiring Tense in Form and Meaning
    Laura Wagner       708-719

The Acquisition of Wh-Questions: Wh-Drop in Child Swedish, 
Dutch, German, English, French, Spanish and Japanese
    Kyoko Yamakoshi       720-731

Subject-Object Asymmetries and 
Children's Left Branch Violations
    Maki Yamane, Deborah Chen Pichler, and William Snyder       732-740

The Acquisition of Nouns and Verbs in Young Japanese 
Children: Why Do Verbal Nouns Emerge Early?
    Yoshie Yamashita       741-752

Preliterate Children's Syllabification of Intervocalic Consonants
    Tania S. Zamuner and Diane K. Ohala       753-763

Targeting Complex Structure in French Questions
    Bernadette Plunkett       764-775

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