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BUCLD 21: Proceedings of the 21st annual
Boston University Conference on Language Development

edited by Elizabeth Hughes, Mary Hughes, and Annabel Greenhill
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Front cover image   x + 739 pages (2-volume set)
publication date: March 1997

ISBN 978-1-57473-022-7 paperback, $60.00
ISBN 978-1-57473-122-4 library binding, $125.00


The Proceedings of the 21st annual Boston University Conference on Language Development contain 65 papers from the November 1996 conference.

Volume 1

The Acquisition of Communicative Competence:
The Use of Basque Vernacular/Standard in 8 and 10 Year Olds
    Estibaliz Amorrortu          1

Children and Reflexivity
    Sergey Avrutin and Jennifer Cunningham          13

Features and Projections: Arguments for
the Full Competence Hypothesis
    Hagit Borer and Bernhard Rohrbacher          24

Quantification of Solid and Nonsolid Entities:
The Role of Perceived Arbitrariness of Structure
    Jane Burger and Sandeep Prasada          36

The Role of the Determiner in the Semantic
Interpretation of NP-Type Nouns
    Tracey Burns and Nancy Soja          45

Null Objects in Bilingual Andean Spanish
    Jose Camacho, Liliana Paredes, and Liliana Sanchez          56

Psych Predicates and Binding in Second Language Acquisition
    Dongdong Chen          67

Can Young Bilingual Children Identify their Language Choice
as a Cause of Breakdown in Communication?
    Liane Comeau, Fred Genesee,
    Elena Nicoladis, and Georgia Vrakas          79

Linguistic and Cultural Aspects of Simplicity
and Complexity in Inuktitut Child Directed Speech
    Martha B. Crago and Shanley E.M. Allen          91

Syntactic Development in Children
with Hemispherectomy: The Infl-System
    Susan Curtiss and Jeannette Schaeffer          103

Developmental Language Impairment (DLI)
and Diminuitive Formation in Greek
    J. Dalalakis          115

Language Impairment in Zulu
    Katherine Demuth and Susan Suzman          124

Complementing Cognition:
The Relationship Between Language and Theory of Mind
    Jill de Villiers and Jennie Pyers          136

A Psycholinguistic Investigation of Clitic
Placement in Second Language Acquisition
    Nigel Duffield, Philippe Prevost, and Lydia White          148

Acquiring Verb Morphology: German Past Participles
    Hilke Elsen          160

On Assessing the Distinctive Properties of Child Grammar:
The Case of Relative Clause Production in French
    Cathy Fragman          170

Syllable Omission in the Acquisition of Spanish
    Sylvia Gennari and Katherine Demuth          182

Artificial Grammar Learning in One-year-olds:
Evidence for Generalization to New Structure
    Rebecca L. Gomez and LouAnn Gerken          194

The French 'Delay of Principle B' Effect
    Cornelia Hamann, Odette Kowalski, and William Philip          205

Subject Omission in Child Danish
    Cornelia Hamann and Kim Plunkett          220

Logophoric Binding and Condition A in Adult L2A
    Robert Hamilton          233

L2 Acquisition by a Turkish-Speaking Child:
Evidence for L1 Influence
    Belma Haznedar          245

Are There Optional Infinitives in Child L2 Acquisition?
    Belma Haznedar and Bonnie Schwartz          257

The Acquisition of Negative Concord in Non-Standard English
    Alison Henry, Rose Maclaren,
    John Wilson, and Cathy Finlay          269

Parametric Variation in L2 French Speakers
    Julia Herschensohn          281

The Underspecification of Number and
the Licensing of Root Infinitives
    Teun Hoekstra, Nina Hyams, and Misha Becker          293

English Reading Achievement and ASL Skills in Deaf Students
    Robert Hoffmeister, Peter A. de Villiers,
    Elizabeth Engen, and Deborah Topol          307

Relating Interlanguage to Codeswitching:
The Composite Matrix Language
    Janice L. Jake and Carol Myers-Scotton          319

The Case of Subject and Object Omissions in French and German
    Celia Jakubowicz, Natascha Mueller,
    Beate Riemer, and Catherine Rigaut          331

Volume 2

The Acquisition of the "What's X Doing Y?" Construction
    Christopher Johnson          343

The Sensitive Periods for the Acquisition of
L2 Lexico-Semantic and Syntactic Systems
    Eun Joo Kim          354

On the Transfer of Morphological
Parameter Values in L2 Acquisition
    Donna Lardiere          366

The "New Passive" in Icelandic
    Joan Maling and Sigridur Sigurjonsdottir          378

Children's Acquisition of Reciprocal Sentences
with Active and Stative Predicates
    Ayumi Matsuo          390

A Test of Assumptions of Some Recent Accounts
of Specific Language Impairment
    Carol A. Miller and Laurence B. Leonard          402

Level-Ordering and Dual-Mechanisms
as Explanations of L2 Grammars
    Victoria A. Murphy          410

The Role of Parental Input and Language Dominance
in Bilingual Children's Code-Mixing
    Elena Nicoladis and Fred Genesee          422

Lexical Familiarity Effects on Children's
Weak Syllable Omissions
    Diane Ohala and LouAnn Gerken          433

Word Truncation in French-Speaking Two Year Olds
    Johanne Paradis, Sophie Petitclerc, and Fred Genesee          441

Truncation and Root Infinitives
in Second Language Acquisition of French
    Philippe Prevost          453

The Default Case for Subjects in the Optional Infinitive Stage
    Matthew Rispoli          465

Acquisition and Creolization of Condition C "Violations"
in Kadiweu and Portuguese
    Filomena Sandalo and Peter Gordon          476

Learning a System of Mappings: The Acquisition of Color Terms
    Catherine Sandhofer and Linda B. Smith          487

7.5-month-old Infants' Segmentation
of Multisyllabic Words in Fluent Speech
    Lynn Santelmann, Derek Houston, and Peter Jusczyk          495

What Discontinuous Dependencies Reveal
about the Size of the Learner's Processing Window
    Lynn Santelmann and Peter Jusczyk          506

The Longer-Term Affects of Corrective Input:
An Experimental Approach
    Matthew Saxton, Bella Kulcsar,
    Greer Marshall, and Mandeep Rupra          515

Object Scrambling, Object (-Clitic) Placement
and Nominal Specificity in Dutch Child Language
    Jeannette Schaeffer          527

Object Placement and Early German Grammar
    Manuela Schoenenberger, Zvi Penner,
    and Juergen Weissenborn          539

Argument Structure in Nicaraugan Sign Language:
The Emergence of Grammatical Devices
    Ann Senghas, Marie Coppola,
    Elissa L. Newport, and Ted Supalla          550

Acquiring the Logic of Natural Language Negation:
Structured Objects and Dimensional Predicates
    Dean Sharpe, Dan Purdy, and Elisabeth Christie          562

L2 Acquistion of the Null Telic
Morpheme -- A Psycholinguistic Investigation
    Roumyana Slabakova          574

Agreement Morphology and the Acquisition
of Noun-Drop in Spanish
    William Snyder and Ann Senghas          584

It's the Thought that Counts: The Influence
of Mental State Attribution on Young Children's
Inductions of Proper Noun Reference
    Cristina Sorrentino          592

Phonological Constraints and Morphological Development
    Joseph Paul Stemberger and Barbara Bernhardt          603

An Iterative Strategy for Learning Metrical Stress
in Optimality Theory
    Bruce Tesar          615

Why Second Language Acquisition Theory Has
No Sense of Its Own History, Why We Should
Do Something About It, and What We Should Do
    Margaret Thomas          627

Resumptive Strategies and L2A: A Minimalist Account
    Ianthi Maria Tsimpli          639

American Infant Discrimination of Dutch and French Word Lists
    Michael L. Tucker, Ann Marie Jusczyk,
    and Peter W. Jusczyk          656

Is Language Needed for Constructing Sortal Concepts?
A Study with Nonhuman Primates
    Claudia Uller, Fei Xu, Susan Carey, and Marc Hauser          665

Learning Telicity: Acquiring Argument Structure and
the Syntax-Semantics of Direct Objects in Dutch
    Angeliek van Hout          678

Children's Comprehension of Viewpoint Aspect
    Laura Wagner          689

L2 Psych Verbs, Zero Morphology and the T/SM Restriction
    Lydia White, Silvina Montrul,
    Dongdong Chen, and Joyce Bruhn-Garavito          695

On the Lexicalization of Causal Events
    Phillip Wolff and Dedre Gentner          707

What is the Mechanism Underlying Infants' Construction
of Sortal Concepts Between 10 and 12 Months of Age?
    Fei Xu          719

Lexical Patterns in the Expression of Motion Events
in a Self-Styled Gesture System
    Ming-yu Zheng and Susan Goldin-Meadow          730

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