Calgary Papers in Linguistics

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ISSN 0823-0579

Calgary Papers in Linguistics is an annual journal which includes papers by faculty and students in Linguistics and related disciplines, both at the University of Calgary and elsewhere.

Contact Information

Department of Linguistics
The University Of Calgary
Social Sciences Bldg. Room 820
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4

phone: 1-403-220-5469
fax: 1-403-282-3880
e-mail: or

How to order

To request back issues or to receive information on the contents of back issues, please send a self-addressed stamped (Canadian) envelope to the above address. If requesting this information outside of Canada please include $2.00 (Canadian) to cover postage. For those who have access to e-mail, any inquiries may be made to the above e-mail address, thus eliminating the postal costs and ensuring a speedy response to your request.